The 10 Levels We’re All Going To Create In Mario Maker

First rumoured days before Nintendo’s Digital Event, Mario Maker was eventually revealed to show off what was essentially a level editor for Super Mario Bros. It is something that has been a long time coming; fans have requested this for years, but have settled for online flash modifications and level editors that felt glitchy and, well, unofficial. However, thanks to the Wii U GamePad, editing levels just became easier.

The game resembles Super Nintendo’s Mario Paint and there’s no shame in the developer admitting that’s where the majority of the inspiration came from. A neat little trick is currently being able to switch from 1985′s original Super Mario Bros. to 2013′s New Super Mario Bros. U and there are more variations in the works as well. It is scheduled for release in 2015, but we’ve surely decided what we’re going to do once we get our hands on it. Here's ten different levels we're all likely to create in Mario Maker.

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Gh05t1533d ago

Im more looking forward to seeing cross game levels. I don't know how much space you will have to create but seeing levels from games other than Mario re-imagined in a Mario universe could be fun.

Geekman1533d ago

It'd be cool if they included sprites from Sonic, Megaman, and other games as DLC or something.

randomass1711533d ago

Someone should recreate Mario Forever from the Mario Frustration video! :D

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1533d ago

Mario Forever got ridiculously hard in the latter parts I would love to play it again though lol. Geeze I remember playing it ages ago.

TheGrimReaper00111533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

There will also be the dick level that appears in any level creator ever made ever.

Mark my words, people will make dicks out of bricks, position coins like a dick and even the enemies positioned like a dick. It will be call Dicktopia.

I really wouldn't care for such a level, but let's be honest. It's going to happen. Humans can be immature when given the freedom to make what they want :p

randomass1711533d ago

Not unless Nintendo implements submission filtration like Sony did with Little Big Planet. :P

FanOfRootBeer1533d ago

I don't care, someone make Kaizo Mario.

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The story is too old to be commented.