Watch Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth Gameplay Debut, New Trailer

MP1st - Tomorrow marks the arrival of Battlefield 4‘s fourth multiplayer expansion for Premium subscribers across all platforms and the first original Battlefield 4 add-on from developers at DICE LA. Catch the full-length trailer.

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3-4-51373d ago

Wow, these maps look awesome. Like, best Battlefield maps ever type of awesome.

Infantry focus is the way to go. Vehicles should be the accent or bonus, not the focus.

* Also, does anybody else think these maps would be PERFECT for Skate 4 ?

Detoxx1374d ago

The maps look really cool, can't wait for this.

boing11374d ago

Not tomorrow. It's already available on PS4.

DoomeDx1374d ago

The article was submitted yesterday. Bare in mind that N4G articles are always a bit later

DoomeDx1374d ago

I have to admit..I hate battlefield but that was a great trailer!

GearSkiN1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

A debut trailer, maps comes out the next day... Smh.