Son of world’s richest Chinese family causes Dota 2 commentator to cry

Games in Asia: "For Dota 2 fans in China, The International 2014 (TI4) is like their version of the FIFA World Cup. And we all know what it’s like staying up late to watch our favorite teams play, only to be met by horrible and completely inept commentators.

Now normally, we would just complain to ourselves. Some might even take it up on social media, but in the end nothing would happen. Well, that’s unless your name is Wang Sicong and your father is the richest person in China, in which case the commentator will end up crying and have to offer an apology on video."

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Magnus7011438d ago

After reading the story....I think the rich kid was in the right. In fact, it didn't even matter that he is the son of the richest man in China. The way the female broadcaster acted was wrong and the author of this story is trying to frame Wang Sicong as the bad guy when he really just wanted to hear more about the DotA matches. She crossed a line when she called him retarded on stream.

MegaRay1438d ago

Yup, when I was reading the story, I imagine a spoiled rich kid. But the comments he was saying, he really sound mature.
Whomever wrote the story is either dumb or clik seeker.

MotherLight1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

Did you guys even read the article? Probably not I assume like most people on N4G.

Again the person who wrote this story was not defending this girl or her boyfriend at all. They even pointed out that she was very wrong for what she did and even added that other gamers not just Wang Sicong felt the exact same way.

Maybe you should read the article again more thoroughly.

"when someone screws up as royally as Mik did"

That is pretty specific that they weren't siding with her. They even went as far to say she needs to learn to take criticism better.

"So there are two important lessons to be learned here: First, ignore what anybody says online and learn to take criticism, because you can’t be liked by everyone. Second, make sure your microphone is muted."

So I don't understand why you two keep blaming the author as if he tried to make Wang Sicong look bad or something, if anything this artcile makes Mik and her boyfriend look bad.

Magnus7011437d ago

@ MotherLight

I don't think you read the article very thoroughly. You also took your first quote out of context to further your point. Here is the full quote:

"And of course, when someone screws up as royally as Mik did, especially when the other side is money-incarnate, you can bet there’s going to be a public apology involved."

The author spent most of the article devaluing Wang Sicong as a person with the constant references to his father's wealth. Painting him as a spoiled rich boy that must always get his way. The author also made it a point to in the title and in the quote above to prove that his father's wealth and social status provide different responses from the Announcers. The fact that he is the son of the richest man in China has no real relevance to the story except for how the author wanted to prove that he could force his way in the situation.

Mik should have apologized for her actions regardless of wealth or social status of the person she belittled.

pwnsause_returns1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

As a beleiver of Esports, its good that he put her in her place. If Esports is something we need to take seriously, then such changes need to happen. Im not watching an Esports Stream just to hear a commentator talk crap on what they do with their everyday lives. Im watching it to see the matches, and see more info about the players and what they do to prepare for Esports matches. Similar to what they do in real sports. Not to mention listen in on the play by play by the commentators.

Christopher1438d ago

No, the rich kid isn't in the video at all. That's Mik and her boyfriend, the one the rich kid was talking about in regards to Mik talking too much about him (flirting) instead of commentating on the DOTA2 gameplay going on.

FamilyGuy1438d ago

Lmao this chick and her boyfriend should be fired, that's all there is to it. I see nothing wrong with someone telling a person to be profession and on topic while doing their job. Lots of people were complaining about their unprofessional, off-topic commentary.

Lmao at her getting caught calling him retarded.

Was there no other stream? A simple solution would've been to just find another one with better casters.

MotherLight1437d ago

The author? Are you talking about a different story or this specific article?

This articles story is not framing Wang Sicong at all, unless you're talking about another story. It actually says Mik was wrong the entire time and that she screwed up big time, even at the end they kind of make fun of her for it.

ATi_Elite1437d ago

Perfect example of NON-GAMERS wasting our time!

There are plenty of Hardcore eSport and Dota2 Announcers out there that should be doing this tournament.

Get those two idiots out of there. Wang Sicong stood up for Gamers and I salute you, i7

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OhReginald1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

wait wait wait a second. I see the title say son of world's richest blah blah blah cries...but Why am I only seeing the girl cry? Is that girl or boy a tranny?

GenericNameHere1438d ago

The girl in the pic is the girl who publicly apologized for being an idiot by flirting with her boyfriend instead of actually commentating on the game, and then calls China's richest man's son a R-tard. The rich son is a dude, hence the term "son".

Girl in pic crying - A girl, not a tranny
The term "son" - Boy

iNFAMOUZ11438d ago

and? i havent farted in 2 days so ?????????? is that news too?????

MexicanLegend221438d ago

I think you should see a doctor! lol

elhebbo161438d ago

go to if you want actual news.

elhebbo161438d ago

whats with the disagrees? it beats the fanboy articles and dated gaming news that get submitted on n4g thats for damn sure.

iMaim1438d ago

She deserved it for being so unprofessional.

Th3o1438d ago

Some subtitles would have been appreciated seeing as not all of us can understand the video.

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