Naughty Dog's Unannounced Game Is AAA; Departed Character Artist Worked on Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake

Naughty Dog is working on a new game besides the new Uncharted, and today it's revealed that it's an AAA title, while the departed Lead Character Artist was working on Uncharted 4's Nathan Drake.

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GarrusVakarian1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Savage Starlight.

If it's not, then whatever they are making will undoubtedly be pure gold.

But i really do hope it's Savage Starlight, a Sci-Fi ND game would be a dream come true.

vishmarx1590d ago

theyre making another AAA?
tlou re
this game and who knows a very likely tlou sequel.
overworked much?

Abriael1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Well, they have over 200 people, and TLOU remastered's finished basically.

GarrusVakarian1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

They're not overworked if they choose to work long hours. That's called dedication and passion. They aren't slaves, lol.

Plus, now that TLOUR is finished, they can afford to move onto something else. I for one can not wait to see what it is they're working on. I'd give my left nut for a tour of their studio and a peek at their next game.

Evilsnuggle1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I'm hoping 4 the Last Of Us 2 or maybe a pre sequel would love to know why Tommy and Joel fell out. Would love to see Joel as a Hunter and Tommy as a firefly in conflict with each other , Also would love to play as Ish as the main character loner, turn hero, then his fall.

bouzebbal1590d ago

i am hoping for some Jak and Daxter now that TLoU Remaster is almost out.

Sevir1590d ago

Pretty sure that They've walked away from JAK and Daxter. This more than likely is The Last of Us 2, but with how I feel anything else within that universe wouldn't really have the same impact, Joel and Ellie's Story was such an amazing one. I just don't see how that could continue. With uncharted its very much possible. but it would be weird to not see Joel or Ellie return in a sequel. They are just that freaking GOOD of charaters.

I'll Take a New IP, a new Uncharted, hell I'll take anything from ND, they are GOLD!!!!

sonarus1590d ago

This is probably TLOU2. Even if most of us agree the game doesn't need a sequel, with the success of the first one will be too tempting for sony not to try to push naughty dog towards that oh so common trilogy path

tinynuggins1589d ago

They usually have 2 games in development at once. One in full production, the other in early pre production.

Sheikh Yerbouti1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )


Yes! Just throw those codemonkeys a banana and they'll work, chained to their keyboards, on AAA titles for us 16 hours a day with big grins on their mugs, while we get to enjoy the product of their hard labor.

For relz! These cats and their families need to get something for their sacrifice...DQ every third Tuesday or something.

Nintendo4Life851589d ago

@Lukas_Japonicus: Don't be greedy give ND your right nut too.

UltraNova1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Ok as Sevir said too TLoU is too tricky to was that good indeed. they should give it a couple years before they go at it I mean we are having our TLoU fix in 15 days after all. We dont need another one in a year!

I for one would like to see ND do something like Mass Effect with some Witcher blended in! Now that would be awesome!

Another idea is for them to make an open world game, I can only imagine at this point.

I'm sure about one thing though I would hate for them to end up like some other developers who are forced to milk the same couple IPs year on year!

If their first try into a new IP after 10 years ended up being the most critically acclaimed game of all time and one of the most loved games ever then hell I'd have them make new IPs every day of the week! Lets not forget they made Uncharted 7 years ago too!

I can imagine if a Sony shareholder read this comment he would go "This guy is high as kite if he thinks we wont milk them to death hahahah, new IP? hahahaahah"

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Dark111590d ago

Savage Starlight? i hope so
but TLOU 2 is more likely.

GarrusVakarian1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Remember, they are a pretty huge studio. I wouldn't be surprised if they make a TLOU sequel/prequel AND a new game/IP at the same time.

I don't think they;re just gonna stick to TLOU and UC4 (although i wouldn't complain), i think the are gonna throw another franchise into the mix.

JoGam1590d ago

What is this Savage Starlight? If its unannounced why is people saying Savage Starlight? But what is it anyway?

equal_youth1590d ago

It was a comic in the TLOU. You could find them for elli ;9

XiSasukeUchiha1590d ago

Lukas bro, I'm hyped for ND's UC4, and the new IP.

Plus pretty interesting information.

MightyNoX1590d ago

Please be scifi~please be scifi~oh
Please please be scifi.

Beastforlifenoob1590d ago

Why does everything have to be scifi these days?! omg I dont see people's appeal yeah sure its cool but ive seen it getting so abused recently people have been asking for scifi versions of gta, uncharted, etc, etc. Why? I dont understand, as I said its sorta cool but please people lets not abuse it and milk it like the vampire genre in movies.

GarrusVakarian1590d ago


Because it's a genre that ND have never done. Imagine a story driven Sci-Fi game from ND, with their talent when it comes to believable and likeable characters. Not to mentions the visuals. It would be epic.

Bathyj1590d ago

I feel like slapping the people that whine about Last of Us being remastered. "I would rather a brand new game".

Just how much can Naughty Dog give before they stop feeling entitled?

GarrusVakarian1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I guess that's just what happens when you're the top dogs (lol). Their games are higher quality than most, thus expectations are higher, and so is the hate/criticism.

HollowedSoul141589d ago

well now that uncharted 4 is the last uncharted game they have an opening for their second studio. IMO i hope after the last of us remastered releases they use the knowledge they got from porting to ps4 then go balls deep into developing the last of us 2 for ps4 with that ending they have too really. would crash bandicoot be considered an AAA? other than that naughty dogs other studio game could be anything.

GarrusVakarian1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I'm thinking soon after the release of TLOR, they will be starting on a new project, then, after UC4 has shipped, they will start on another project. Seeing as UC4 will most likely be the last in the series, 'project 2' will take it's spot (probably a new IP). Then the other team will rotate between making TLOU sequels/prequels throughout the generation, and other games (crash?).

-Foxtrot1589d ago

You mean a game LIKE Savage Starlight

I don't see why you would want an actual SS game

A game based off a comic within a game....sorry that's just too weird for me and it would bug me too much. I always feel it would relate to the Last of Us universe when it's a totally different universe.

So hopefully it's a game like Savage Starlight...not actually SS it's self.

tigertron1589d ago

We first found out about The Last Of Us through a newspaper in Uncharted 3. No reason to suggest that Naughty Dog isn't working on Savage Starlight.



-Foxtrot1589d ago

A newspaper as an easter egg is a little bit better then a full blown established comic which the characters talk about.

It's not like Drake and Sully comment on the newspaper article.

extermin8or1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I think savage starlight is GG's new rpg... thats meant to be sci fi too. Edit: ignore me ofc savage starlight was the comic series in the last of us-wasnt that an actual comic series they asked permission to use though?

Chrischi19881589d ago

I love it, how the industry lures dumb customers with stuff like AAA or 60fps and 1080p. Not that 1080p and 60fps is a bad thing, but there is so much more, to make graphics look beautiful and I somehow believe, just so that a game has 60fps and 1080p, that Antialiasing and so on suffers from it, then the game looks actually worse, but hey, dumb customer thinks it is the best as it can get.

GarrusVakarian1589d ago

Lmao, dat superiority complex.

Chrischi19881589d ago

No, I dont feel superior, it is more like, I feel offended by the industry, because why do they pull this crap all the time? Obviously, because they truly think their customers must be really dumb.

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sam_job1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

nothing new here, naughty dog president confirmed this a long time ago that they have something more AAA thing in development apart from The Last of Us Remastered and Uncharted 4

Abriael1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

It's ok if you don't read an article, but at least make an effort to read and understand the headline.

Abriael1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Oh, and nice attempt to a ninja Edit. They never once said it was AAA.

"something more AAA thing" lol. At least try to ninja edit in English.

HollowedSoul141589d ago

Spoiler :

hope its the last of us 2 considering the ending and the fact that its even more popular than uncharted and that game could its fair share of sequels. I want to see 16 year old ellie cause joel problems when she finds out the truth and runs away.

Kavorklestein1589d ago

Interesting, yes.
But What exactly makes this worthy of being the top article on N4G?
The obvious fact that new games are coming out for these consoles?
Or just the fact that people get way too excited about a lead artist doing art, even though we don't know what he's doing next?
Or is it JUST because it's Naughty Dog?
That last question was rhetorical.

I mean, yeah, we all have favorite developers, but the amount of people infatuated with the non-definitive hinting about diameter, length, and circumference of bowel movements in the corporate office restrooms st Naughty Dog is ridiculous.

This is not top story material in the slightest.

Bonkerz1590d ago

With Uncharted 4 being the main title they are working on, and TLOU just got finished, they are most likely just going through ideas to get the creative muscles moving. Dont forget Uncharted most likely isnt gonna release until late next year so dont get to far ahead of yourselves and think that this other game is like in full production or anything.

Spotie1590d ago

Who's even doing that? Where do these stupid assumptions come from?

extermin8or1589d ago

A) they said a cpuple of months ago it was in production but only just so the team working ob it was significant but no bigger than like 30-50 people. They also said because of their unique structure people will do stuff for say tlou remastered or this for a week orntwo then help with something on uncharted for a few days then switch back etc. They have an awful lot of freedom andbi suspect thats why the games theh make end up so good andbat such a high level of quality. Also Uncharted seems far more likely to get a may/june release like the last of us did what with GG new ip heavily rumoured to hit next fall sonynwill want to gove that some breathing space im sure and a game like uncharted doesnt fit a september launch. Butbas the las blockbuster before the summer gaming drought? We've already seen that allows games to sell exceptionally well, not get buried under other high profile releases And get good wordnof mouth coverage see: red dead redemption, the last of us and Watch_dogs sales... next summer I reckon rockstars nee game (likely red dead , uncharted and if its finished and ubisoft are smart the division will all release april, may, june or may, june and july.)

mrmack001590d ago

What is this 'Savage Starlight' you speak of? If it's Sci-Fi, I'm in. Actually, I'm probably in, regardless since it's Naughty

LordMaim1590d ago

They were a series of collectibles in The Last of Us; comics that you would pick up for Elly, with a strong space opera theme. Very Buck Rogers in style.

Rob_Ko1590d ago

wow, that would be really cool if they actually put that kind of hint in TLoU.