To Love-Ru Darkness - Trouble - Idol Revolution exhibition at Comiket 86

Gloops is going to reveal a special exhibition for the To Love-Ru Darkness - Trouble - Idol Revolution smartphone game in Japan at Comiket 86. Gamers will be able to get rare cards and original posters for the game.

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Magnus7011376d ago

Can the To Love-Ru just stop. It exploded for no reason and was just flat out bad after the first few episodes. But now is has sequels and spin-offs and a few games about it. I'd rather play Tanto Cuore.

dark-kyon1376d ago

the original to love-ru was bad but the ovas of motto and darkness was good,to love-ru is like the grand tefh auto of japan,they are league above in the harem manga,anime i remember the time what a guy was arrested for robbing a magazine comic,he tell what can not resist get the magazine for the sexies girls of to love-ru.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1376d ago

To Love Ru isn't for you then.

To me it a great series.

Magnus7011376d ago

Sigh.....the sign of getting older I guess. I've seen about 900 different anime series but now I just can't get into this one.

dark-kyon1376d ago

idols,idols everywhere.