Six Most Gut-Wrenching Scenes From the Mass Effect Trilogy

Muaz from Twinfinite writes: "It’s an established fact that every single Twinfinite employee loves the Mass Effect trilogy and consider them some of the greatest games of all time. BioWare did such an amazing job of making gamers feel as if they were Shepard and they were the ones leaping across the galaxy trying to stop the Reapers, that it’s hard not to feel devastated when the game hits you with a hard decision that results in tragedy."

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jnemesh1101d ago

Biggest "gut wrenching" moment? When I opened the package and realized I accidentally purchased an EA game!

Matt6661100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

I think Activision is a lot worse then EA, at least EA put a lot of detail into there game even if they do release it full of bugs at times.

All the Mass effect games are amazing, I don't know why people complained about the ending of number 3, because there was no actual proof that commander Shepard was still alive when you played the story, for all we know it could just of been some one telling the facts of the past events.

Ghost_Nappa1101d ago

"It had to be me, someone else might've gotten it wrong"

Mr Pumblechook1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Stupid article - you have to click to next page to read about each of the six scenes.

Muazimus-Prime1097d ago

My eyes were leaking as I was watching that video

Legacy2121101d ago

Garrus is perhaps the best bro in a game in the history of gaming. When I played through the trilogy I made sure to always have him on my team. There has yet to be a partner I legit cared about in a video game. Clementine from the walking dead season one is close.

Ghost_Nappa1101d ago

"My name is Garrus Vakarian, and I'm the best shot on the Citadel."

Vantage1101d ago

Playing the entire series is gut-wrenching. Watching all that potential burn on screen is simply heartbreaking.

Hire new writers, BioWare.

Godmars2901101d ago

Listen to the writers. Since apparently the original plot, the original reason the Reapers did what they did, was tossed out. Supposedly for being leaked.

Then there's the lead directors taking and making changes to ME's ending without vetting it through any editing process.

Volkama1101d ago

Yes, the over-arching story takes a massive nose dive somewhere between Mass Effect 1 and that infamous ending. The man-reaper of the 2nd game was a fairly low point as well imo.

Still, brilliant games even if they did waste some of the initial premise.

karlowma1101d ago

Mass Effect 2 title screen.

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