The best games of the first half of 2014 (GamesBeat staff picks)

Venture Beat: No one really does much to commemorate the halfway mark of a year. Well, we’re going to change that. See, everyone loves picking their favorite games at the end of a year. We decided to get an early start.

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gamer11381438d ago

I'm still loving Titanfall. The recent updates like Marked For Death have really freshened things up. Nothing quite beats the free running and double jumping in it. This is what I will miss the most when I start playing Destiny and Halo Master Chief edition this winter.

BillmadeAGate1437d ago

Eww seen titanfall an was completely turned off.. Dark Souls 2 or Infamous Second Son Are Epic games to pick up if you already haven't..

desertpunk861437d ago

thank you for not picking watch dogs.

alb18991437d ago

TITANFALL without hesitation!

Spotie1437d ago

You should probably hesitate, at least a little.

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