In defense of video game rereleases

Max Parker of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette outlines the many rereleases of 2014 and says why they're good for video games.

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ArchangelMike1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Well there are pro's and cons.

Pro - It enable's devs to get to grips with new next gen hardware without significant risk or financial outlay.

Con - That time and resource however could be used to invest in a new 'exciting' IP.

Pro - It allows gamers the chance to play games they may have missed on last gen consoles at improved quality.

Con - Charging full price for remakes is viewed as a shameless cash grab.

Pro - It provides extra game options for the gamer at a time when there is a games drought.

Con - Gamers investing financially in Remasters means potentially less financial investment in the new IP's.

There are possibly more, but these are the main pro's and con's that I see.

Regarding if Remastered games should be considered for GOTY awards, my view is simple - if the Remastered game is still better than most of the games releasing the same year on the new platform - then why not? If it is not better than most of the games on the new platform, then no, it shouldn't be nominated for GOTY!

KinjoTakemura1406d ago

There's actually nothing to be for or against. Everyone has a choice. If you don't think that a particular remake is worth the price, DON'T BUY IT!!!