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Submitted by Pozzle 503d ago | article

Chinese gamers overwhelmingly prefer PS4 to Xbox One

Microsoft is getting ready to launch the Xbox One in China, but if an online poll at Netease Games is any indication, China’s gamers may be more interested in Sony’s offerings. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Ninver  +   503d ago | Well said
the uphill battle continues. according to some M$ extremists the X1 will be so popular in china half the population will buy the system lol.
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Xsilver  +   503d ago
lmaooooo sooo true I guess they should stop expecting the Xone to beat the PS4 because of China but that's not my business this PS4 Tho.
Septic  +   503d ago
Forget China, Xbox need to try and win on their own home turf first.
uptownsoul  +   503d ago
Well to be fair he did say he found a poll with Sony in the headline which may attract more Sony fans. BUT!!! ---- He did go on to say, "But other polls and comment threads on the Chinese web that I’ve come across suggest the same thing: China’s more excited for the PS4 than it is for the Xbox One" And 57% compared to 10% is a huge margin (even adjusted, the PS4 would probably still be atop the comparison poll)
Mikelarry  +   503d ago
That kermit meme stil cracks me up.

OT: I guess Microsoft approach is if at first you don't succeed with Japan more power to them. but personally it would be more effective if they concentrated on the markets that actually wants their console
UltimateMaster  +   503d ago
If the PS4 is winning in the US and the Xbox never made a dent in Asia.
What kind of hope do they have in making them buy the system?

Also, does Microsoft even care if they get China or not? Because they never cared about Asian countries even when they tried hard to get exclusives it still flopped hard.

I saw an article that wanted to ban Microsoft Windows because it was a monopoly. I don't think there's a good relationship in the first place.
It's a very very step uphill battle with lots of flop and fall.

57.8% PS4
10.4% Xbox One
6.4% PS Vita

Without much knowledge of the remote play, it could be the reason why it's so low. Nonetheless, it truly shows how poor the demand is for Xbox over there.
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medman  +   503d ago
"Chinese gamers overwhelmingly prefer PS4 to Xbox One"....well yeah, they're not stupid.
b163o1  +   503d ago
Well whoever wins China is going to win this war. Its a untapped market baby, a huge one at that. Keep it going Sony cause your starting to really hitting on full strides now....
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Sevir  +   503d ago
They seem to think XB is gonna dominate Japan. even where the PS4 is having a rough time. LOL outta launch in their tier 2 markets and step up their image in NA and everywhere They've already launched. Because even with this Price cut they still have yet to outsell the PS4.
sonarus  +   503d ago
Microsoft needs to focus on where they are good before stepping outside. Xbox wasnt successful but the 360 was huge success in UK and in US but not in Japan. Ms has never been successful in Japan and putting more money there doesn't seem wise. MS needs to focus on getting all the 360 owners to switch to the Xbox one. They need to be doing everything possible to succeed in US and UK before they should even consider Japan. Just dumping more money down the drain imo.

China is different though since consoles have always been banned there. Will be interesting to see if all these claims of 57% want ps4 turn out to be true.
truefan1  +   503d ago
In academics a survey is only valid if the population is random. If the survey was posted in a ps4 article, the data is already skewed as the population would be be heavily weighted in favor of ps4. Of course the n4g fans will take this survey as golden.

@Septic X1 will be fine in the US, Halo MCC will be the highest selling game this year on any one console. X1 at $100 more outsold the ps4 last holiday, even price+Halo = No Contest. Also football season is coming up, I'm holding out hope for NFL Sunday ticket.
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ZodTheRipper  +   503d ago
I can't believe what I just read, what are you even blabbering about? Your mind is full of mush and false hopes.
LordMaim  +   503d ago
Alternately, you could say that any PS4 article would also draw trolls who prefer the Xbox One who would skew the results in the opposite direction. They do seem to come out of the woodwork at times like these.
UltraNova  +   503d ago
I hope you are still around when Driveclub (a racing game)sells as many if not more units than the Halo collection.
stuna1  +   503d ago
You sure do give a new meaning to the name truefan! But to give more absolute clarity to your preference, perhaps you should put Xbox in front of the 1!?

On topic: Why some would think the Xbox1 would be preferred over the PS4 in china is beyond me. The past conflicts between China and Japan has nothing to do with commercialism or, the economy as many would suggest. To be honest in this point in time the conflicts between the USA and China is bigger and more pronounced at this point in time! Also people seem to think that the people of China don't possess Televisions or, access to news media, so they can't possibly know what issues the Xbox1 has experienced this past year.

It would surprise me if China was only letting outside consoles in to reverse engineer them for their own purposes.
GhostTurtle  +   503d ago
Your entire post is full of crack smokery. From top to bottom. You must be high, son.
poor_cus_of_games  +   503d ago
I usually don't reply to trolls but I have to this time. Even if the x1 did outsell the ps4 last season that is because Sony ran out of ps4's while you could still x1 launch day editions months later. It's easy to beat your competitor if they have ran out.
Qrphe  +   503d ago
>X1 at $100 more outsold the ps4 last holiday

Your comment should've started with this so as to have saved me the trouble of reading the rest.
ravinash  +   503d ago
@ truefan1.

I don't thing the Chinese were surveyed on N4G, so you comment makes no sense.
mhunterjr  +   503d ago
I think what you are getting at is that in statistics, poll results are only considered scientific if the sample population is truly random and of sufficient size (in general, a polling size of 1000 truly random participants is considered reliable) You are right about that, and these internet surveys are rarely scientific as the surveyors often incite bias, but they often can truly shed some insight into trends, none the less. I'm not sure why your comment garnered so many disagrees, though, at least not the first half of it.

As a side note, online opt-in polls are among the worst in terms of reliability, as mob mentality can easily derail a poorly designed poll. Take for example how EA has won worst company in the US several times, despite the fact that the majority off the US probably doesn't know what EA is, let alone care how they treat gamers.
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r2oB  +   503d ago
@ truefan1

In life a comment is only valid if it makes sense. Unfortunately for you, yours never do. TMCC will absolutely NOT be the best selling game "on any one console" (as you put it). Even if every Xbox One gamer bought a copy (highly unlikely), that would not be enough to outsell CoD. How you fail to think of such obvious things before you post is beyond me.

EDIT: When I mentioned CoD I was referring to last gen versions that will sell 10+ million per console. Heck, even current gen versions of CoD will most likely outsell TMCC.
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URNightmare   503d ago | Offensive
PS4isKing_82  +   503d ago
It only "barely" outsold it in December because Sony had the majority of units held back for the European launch.

If Sony didn't launch in Europe last December, Sony would have sold another mil or 2 easily beating xbone's us holiday numbers. Don't expect that to happen this time. The white destiny ps4 bundle alone will kill any chances the xbone has the holiday.
Magicite  +   503d ago
Destiny(PS4) will easily outsell anything on X1.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   503d ago
Surprising though!
MightyNoX  +   503d ago
They live in a bubble. Just smile, nod, say "China will save The Bone." and turn around and run.

On-topic: Sony's actually pushing for the creation of an SCEC (Sony Computer Entertainment China) as opposed to Microsoft simply dumping the Bone and let f***-all sort it out.

Not to mention f2p games on both consoles, one has a paywall (X1) the other does not (PS4) and it's pretty easy to guess which console will be more popular.
Evilsnuggle  +   503d ago
The types of games that are developed in Asia like Japan , South Korea and China are the types of games that Asia's gamers enjoy . Xbone has western type games of American gamers . Even Europeans prefer less Americanized games expect U.K . Gamers. The only way xbone can out sale PS4 is to get Asian game developers to make games for the xbone. Kingdom under fire 2 and Deep Down will be hugely successful in Japan , South Korea and China because these are games that fit the Asian gamers taste for games .
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Kidmyst  +   503d ago
No Chinese gamers will buy the knockoff OneBoxX for half the price instead.
lfc_4eva  +   502d ago
Come on dude, the guy says it himself. He found this in a Sony article. Its bound to be skewed in favour of PS4.

Just the same as when I go to the Liverpool FC website, I don't expect to see loads of praise for Man U.
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SaveFerris  +   503d ago
The advantage will go to the platform with the content that best caters to the Chinese gamers.
DanielGearSolid  +   503d ago
China loves f2p, Sony loves f2p

China loves MMO's Sony loves mmos
danny818  +   503d ago
war thunder... goty
TimeSkipLuffy  +   503d ago
Sometimes it is not all about content. There are many different things to consider. If you have friends who are just pro PS because PS was a part of their video gaming life since their childhood they will try to convince you. And if you want to play with them you get the same system. There are many different reason. Some want specific games, some just like the brand, some love sony, some are fanbooys, some want to save money, some like the design, some like the hardware, etc...

I love PS because PS1 & PS2 are one of the best consoles ever made. Also because I love their exclusive games so far (I'm a huuuuuuuuge One Piece fan)
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KinjoTakemura  +   503d ago
People have different tastes, even in China. Will Chinese gamers choose the console with games cut from the same co-op/multiplayer mold or will they choose the console with a wide selection of games from every genre? My guess is that one console will continue the trend it's been setting since November 15th 2013.
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LAWSON72  +   503d ago
It kills me people are still saying this, the Xbone has just as wide a selection of games as PS4. Even last gen the PS3 hardly had a better selection (IMO the greats are 3rd party games by JP which the 360 even has 3 of).
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zeuanimals  +   503d ago
Gears, Halo, Forza, Fable. Dat wide selection. Of course, I'm forgetting the games from earlier in its life like Viva Pinata and Crackdown, but there's still no way you can say that with a straight face unless you're simply arrogant to the fact the 360 didn't push variety like the PS3 did.

And 3 JP games? Is that supposed to be impressive? It had Lost Odyssey though, but the PS3 had Demon's Souls (arguably the best Souls), MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles, and a ton of Tales games, as well as 3 localized Yakuza games, and then a ton more. You can't really compare the two and even trying to do so just puts the 360 in a bad light, so I don't understand why you bothered.
LAWSON72  +   503d ago
Here you go a list of exclusives with out the main entries you mentioned.
Viva Pinata
Alan Wake
Banjo N&B (great game just not what people wanted)
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Tales Of Vesperia (west)
Dance Central (not my kind of game but successful)
Forza Horizon (yes it is Forza but a far different approach)
Shadow Complex
Geometry Wars
Left 4 Dead
Prey (ancient but still good for its time)
Saints Row (first entry)
Splosion Man
State of Decay
Toy Soldiers
Trials HD
Dead or Alive 4
Witcher 2
World of Tanks

A lot of these are mostly good games because I used quality control when I made the list. A number of these have exclusive sequels aswell. The system is much more than just coop online games and lacking variety. There may not be as many but there is a wide variety and I think it is a load of crap to think the system is the bro shooter system just because it did it better than PS3. I gamed on the system exclusively until 2009 and had plenty of great games to choose from. Sadly it lost the momentum but so did the PS3 unless you like JP games which a lot of people could not care less about (not me). Also nice exaggeration of Tales of games there are only like 2 exclusive on the platform and 2 more in the future, but yeah let's call that 12.

As for Xbone there are many games with SP experiences and new experiences, and there is plenty of variety comparable to the PS4. As always you fanboys want to overexagerrate and provably judge a system you have extreme bias against.
Picnic  +   503d ago
In Japan, though, the Xbox One is the first Xbox console that is doing quite well. Early on it might even have sold more than the PS4 there. Once all the Xbox die-hards have got their console and once the PS4 gets some more exclusives out, this might change of course. Deep Down might do the trick as it's of Japanese tastes. But otherwise the games have tended to be Western and even the fact that the PS4 is PC-like means that the Japanese public have not responded as enthusiastically as they might have so far.
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SaveFerris  +   503d ago
How can the XBox One be doing well in Japan if it is still yet to launch there?
Picnic  +   503d ago
Yes it launches on 9th September 2014 there but it's topped some charts for pre-orders:

However it doesn't mention what the figures are in comparison to what PS4 pre-orders once were and it might seem unusual if the Xbox One didn't top the chart for at least 1 month when preorders are opened.

But obviously, whilst the Xbox360 is seen as a niche console in Japan, it has its fans who want to buy it early. And for new buyers it's the first time that Microsoft have made an Xbox that hasn't had any major reported hardware problems (aside from not hitting 1080p of course) yet in comparison to the competition.

So don't give me thumbs down when pre-orders are important to some extent in knowing the interest in a console.
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Naga  +   503d ago
Shhhhh... No facts. Just feelings.
Perjoss  +   503d ago
deleted, not meant to be a reply...
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EinRobot  +   503d ago
@picnic, are you from the future? Xbox one has yet to launch in Japan.
joeorc  +   503d ago

Nothing wrong with him showing some vocal support for Microsofts xboxone or any gamer showing support for any of the consoles, the big problem.

In china both the xboxone and ps4 are over $700.00 USD there!

Im supportive of the consoles as the next guy or gal, but that price point is going to be a problem to gain a large in numbers market share.

But with the ps3,xboxone, nintendo Wii and WiiU, along with the 3DS and Sony now launching the Playstation Tv a micro-Game Console for the living room with a base entry price point of $100.00.

There will be many choices in china for new console buying this fall season in the market in china.

I my self do not think the ps4, or the xboxone will have that large in numbers sell through there due to price points they have. But we will see.
Picnic  +   503d ago
Why have you conveniently ignored my link showing that I am referring to preorders?
godofboobees  +   503d ago
Nigga you just went full retard
1Victor  +   503d ago
Doesn't Looks Like MS Will Have A Picnic Under The Cherry Blossoms In China Or Japan More Like A Picnic In A Toxic Waste Plant. HopefullyThey'll Mutate Into Something Like In Picnic Fantasies
KinjoTakemura  +   503d ago

You made that entire statement up.
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Picnic  +   503d ago
How can I make up a link to a website that works that tells you I am talking about preorders (for which you often, if not always, have to give payments details in advance)?

And what is wrong, for example, with the following statements:

'it has its fans who want to buy it early'

'whilst the Xbox360 is seen as a niche console in Japan'

I can't work out whether you people are particularly mean or particularly stupid in wanting to disagree with everything I said.

You're acting as if I said that the XboxOne is going to end up selling more than the PS4 in Japan over the course of the entire generation. You're acting as if that would personally offend you. The Sony love is showing itself to often be nothing more than inverted hate to whoever is regarded as the 'mean corporation'.
And I say that as someone who loved the PS3.
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KinjoTakemura  +   503d ago
It would have been easier for you to just admit your mistake instead of trying to delude yourself.
corroios   503d ago | Off topic | show
2cents  +   503d ago
At least they HAVE a choice.
Perjoss  +   503d ago
The only way the Xbox can succeed in Japan is if they manage to get exclusive deals for franchises like Monster Hunter, Persona, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Resident Evil and Dynasty Warriors. And even if they somehow pulled this off they would also have to release a portable console because Japan is all about portable gaming right now.

Any idiot with even minor gaming knowledge could have advised Microsoft to skip Japan and concentrate on the rest of the world, but they somehow thought this would be a good idea, again. I'm not complaining, watching Microsoft making so many dumb choices is very entertaining.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   503d ago
Or they buy Nintendo and release MArio, Zelda & Pokemon games for the X1 :D
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Volkama  +   503d ago
China. This article is about China. That is where Chinese people are from.
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ThanatosDMC  +   503d ago
Yeah, what I was thinking. The F are we talking about Japan when everything was about China?
castillo  +   503d ago
That's alright wars are not won overnight and Marathon are not won in sprints. All they need do is approach this with the right attitude and the can change minds and win over the new consumers. Looking forward to seeing how it goes, hopefully in their favor.
castillo  +   503d ago
Amazing Disagrees for being opened minded and wanting to see a company do well in a new territory. Just amazing.
zeuanimals  +   503d ago
There's wanting it to do well and then there's wanting it to win and have it be "in their favor".

If you wanted to be open minded, you could have said that you hope both will do well and that it's in both of their favors, but you chose a side. In the literal sense, people are disagreeing with you about MS "winning" because the odds are stacked against them. That's kind of what disagreeing means, to not agree with something said or done.
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ThanatosDMC  +   503d ago
It is a marathon but we always see only one company who keeps running and churning out new games while the other is gasping for air dying on the sidewalk.
BillmadeAGate  +   503d ago
PS4 (IMO) is for anti-social gamers lol no offense. PlayStation has great Story based game for exclusive as Xbox One is a community based console, Microsoft exclusives usually have co-op/multiplayer aspects to it 99% of the time.. When your on PS4 very rarely will u find a lobby with full mics as opposed to Xbox which is rare not to hear small kids screaming at smaller kids. I use my systems like this, PS4 are for single player campaigns Xbox one for Multiplayer (COD,TitanFall,KI). Wii U =Zelda
MonstaTruk  +   503d ago
That's fine that you feel that way about the Playstation 4. 9 million people in 8 months disagree with you. I'm one of 'em. And now we're adding China to the Take care! :-D
Flamingweazel  +   503d ago
???? Ps4 had streaming and more social features day 1 then x1, there is no diff playing MP on PS4 then x1...get a new troll argument. ps4 is better MP or SP.
BillmadeAGate  +   503d ago
lol its ok to not agree, an I didn't say anything about streaming , I said in a lobby you barley ever see ppl talk or anything. if im playing a multiplayer game its to interact with others an Make friends. We clearly must be playing ro completely different systems if you say ps4 is better MP or SP. To be honest sounds like a fanboy comment. I like each system for different reasons I dont pretend that the system I prefer is the master race. Each company shines for different reasons an it just so happens multiplayer is what makes Xbox shine. Graphics an Exclusives make PS4 shine. Im no troll just saying what I experienced playing each console.. Im a True Gamer not some artificial Sony Pony, Or XBot
ThanatosDMC  +   503d ago
Party chat turns off mic in lobby and random matches. Guess you have 0 gaming friends?
zerog  +   503d ago
Imo I'd rather there be no mics then listen to kids screaming at each other. As an adult I wouldn't call a day care center a top social experiance. I mute kids and aholes that play music through their mics. You must not even have a ps4 if you really believe any of that anyway and what does any of that have to do with china? Xb has never been a big deal in china.
Tito08  +   503d ago
You're saying you're not a fanboy, that's very funny considering your username is done after Bill Gates, and I rather be a part of an anti-social community than simply be a part of a community made of whining cry babies, and you reflect that very evidently, and this poll was about which console the chinese preffers, and you came out of nowhere talking about PS4 users being anti-social, you just seem to want to twist things around in your favor, I do believe you're a XBOx fanboy, like it or not.
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Dlacy13g  +   503d ago
China is going to be an interesting market to watch.
Ginesis  +   503d ago
The survey was around 6,500 people...and China has how many people again?? In any other industry this wouldn't even be usable data due to the small sample.
#11 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Volkama  +   503d ago
About 4,000? I call BS on this whole thing, some people are clearly filling in multiple surveys!
#11.1 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
NiteX  +   503d ago
I never expected China to take a liking to an American product.
JBSleek  +   503d ago
That is a silly statement...
LAWSON72  +   503d ago
Yeah Chinese people literally only buy iPhones and love Apple. Apple is an American company.
#12.1.1 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
WeAreLegion  +   503d ago
General Motors
Procter & Gamble

These are all insanely popular in China, despite piracy.
Swiggins  +   503d ago
Quite the opposite really, American products do quite well in China and Japanese products are hitherto unseen, a lot of that has to do with the animosity between Japan and China.

If the PS4 really can be the overwhelmingly preferred console in China over the XB1, it's a major victory and a major change in trend.
Software_Lover  +   503d ago
.............. and here come the N4g Analyst!!!
patrik23  +   503d ago
and PS4 continues raping xbox one in every country
SonyMontana  +   503d ago
I see a trend developing...
Fishermenofwar  +   503d ago
The only pole I like are the ones scantily clad women swing from...BAZINGA!!!
True_Samurai  +   503d ago
Based on a survey of over 4000 of a population over 1 billion?
DuneBuggy  +   503d ago
No its worse than that. Once I read in the article it was a online poll, it became a non story. The science can be questioned in any poll...but one like this has none lol.
IIFloodyII  +   503d ago
I still think Nintendo will dominate China when it comes to the consoles. Isn't there really strict rules on what games can be sold too?

Nintendo are also developing a cheaper console(s) for China which I think is a very smart move on their part, the average Chinese family isn't exactly rich.
#18 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
zeuanimals  +   503d ago
The average Chinese family isn't rich but F2P is the biggest thing in China, not sure if people would buy a console for F2P games when they can just go to an internet cafe and play there, but these companies should still push F2P if they want to sell in China. The Chinese have a weird thing about paying for software, in that most Chinese people don't pay for software. They will, however, completely comply with microtransactions in the bad F2P games like Crossfire.

F2P games also don't require a sale. Not sure if it's a loophole in the rules but a ton of Chinese F2P games are not very family friendly.
#18.1 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
RichardDawkins  +   503d ago
I want september 9th to come already. It's going to be fun to watch the hopes and dreams get crushed of Xbox diehards when their box gets outsold in the 29 extra countries. This will only mean the gap will slowly get bigger instead of rapidly.
ThanatosDMC  +   503d ago
Truefan will still stand strong. Truefan is strongest there is! Well, compared to Green and whoever anyway.
Inception  +   503d ago
I'm not surprise with the poll. Sony already penetrated chinese market for video game console long before microsoft plan to officially release X1 on chinese market.

One example is sony localized a lot of their games and 3rd party games, mostly japanese games, in asia with english, mandarin, and korean language. You can check demon's souls, eiyuu densetsu, soul sacrifice, infamous, gran turismo, etc with mandarin language on google.

So it's normal if a lot of chinese gamer prefer PS4 over X1, because they knew they will get a lot of PS4 games with their language. But that's just one of the reason why chinese gamer choose PS4 over X1.
joeorc  +   503d ago
Bingo, the free trade center is where these consoles are starting out the distribution out in the regional government release of these new game console's and sony has been in the free trade center with manufacturing plants. And among the other companies in that Center also offering jobs for Chinese people and have been doing so with investments all the while since 1980's

Microsoft was barely even starting its OS entry point even than. So Sony has been working and investing into china before Microsoft was even founded as a company.

To also bring home the point sony is already setting up playstation manufacturing and software development studios in china with a starting investment over 200 million+ To start SCEC!
#20.1 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheBoy  +   503d ago
I don't see any of the consoles selling well in China, majority of gamers in China are PC gamers. Everyone assumed the PS4 would sellout in Japan but it's a complete flop and I expect the same for the Wii U, XB1 and PS4 in China.
Spotie  +   503d ago
They're PC gamers because there were no consoles....
johny5  +   503d ago
Microsoft, expecting China's large population to sort them out of this mess...
chikane  +   503d ago
I love china now and more when the ps4 is selling half a million units a montn. In we all know that china has the population to do so.
Big-finger  +   503d ago
I have stated this before, that chinese gamers like me prefer ps4 to the xbox one because of the jrpg selection it will have.

I always have a good laugh when the xbox camp says Chinese gamers would not buy the p4 because of their hate for the Japanese government. The reality is most chinese gamers simply want a console that has interesting games, not one that says "hey I am not Japanese, buy me!"
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   503d ago
5,000 online poll is so miniscule that it's not even worth mentioning considering what the population is. China has over a billion people.
snookiegamer  +   503d ago
You clearly have zero idea about how 'Polls' and the data extracted from, actually work. Polls do not require the total population of any Country to reflect trends/opinions. Not even 0.01%.

Why do people insist on commenting on topics they clearly know nothing about? ...and the 'Sheeples' agree so blindly LMAO. The Human Race are as lost as a herd of sheep....baaaa!

That's why the majority allow Government to be their Sheperd. Have a mind of your own for ##%%% sake!
#25.1 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Ginesis  +   503d ago
Their sample is far less than 0.01%, at a certain point the information the poll is trying to convey renders itself useless simply because the sample size is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction, which this would be. If you presented this sample to a business they'd laugh you out of the building.
Swiggins  +   503d ago
You're both right and wrong...kinda. Polls often only look at a fraction of the population in regards to their sample and while 4,000 speaking for 1 Billion is a bit snooker loopy, it's not impossible.

As long as all the members of the survey were chosen completely at random and the survey population falls in line with certain margins of error, a small population can be useful for gauging a larger population.

That said, I don't think this data is entirely accurate, the fact that it's an online poll is obviously skewing the numbers. Add to this the fact that this bucks established Chinese consumer data and we've likely got a case of a biased sample.

I'd need pretty much all the data from the poll to rule it out completely though.

You know what they say, Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.
Big-finger  +   503d ago
I also like to add that the majority of chinese gamers prefer the ps4 to the one in many Chinese gaming sites as well. This is a clear indication that the ps4 will dominate the country.
SilentNegotiator  +   503d ago
"Bu but the Chinese hate the Japanese! (Unlike the Americans)"

A poll won't do much good if Ps4 doesn't release in China.
snookiegamer  +   503d ago
So much for WWII nonsense, and the idea that Chinese gamers would shun Japanese products.

Only the Senior Citizens, or those old enough to have experienced WWII within the Chinese population would harbour wartime grudges.
#28 (Edited 503d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Swiggins  +   503d ago
I'm sorry, but you're wrong.

The animosity between China and Japan is very palpable even to this day, hell they're in the middle of a major Naval stand off at this very moment.

The Chinese people aren't harboring a "wartime grudge" if China and Japan had simply gone to "war", I think bygones would be bygones. No, China is abrasive to Japan because Japan has committed war crimes on the level of the Nazi Holocaust on Chinese citizens.

I won't go into specifics but needless to say that "The Rape of Nanking" wasn't called that for dramatic flare.

Animosity towards Japan isn't something only the older generation do in China, it's very deeply ingrained.
mediate-this  +   502d ago
You are right, but its weird when it comes to chines consumerism compared to chinese politics.
joeorc  +   503d ago
And Sony is concentrating on the Playstation Tv as being the entry point living room console for china.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, explains that Sony hopes to use the Vita TV to penetrate the Chinese gaming market, where video game consoles have previously been prohibited. The Vita TV was released in five other Southeast Asian countries and the special region of Hong Kong on January 16, 2014. At E3 2014, the system was announced for North America and Europe, under the name PlayStation TV, for release in Q3 2014.


Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Sony (China) Co., Ltd. have agreed to jointly set up two companies to be responsible for hardware and software products and services.

The two companies that were formed for this very specific investment were Shanghai Oriental Pearl Solatube Culture Development Co., Ltd., a 51% percent investment from Shanghai Oriental Pearl (about 5.1 million RMB) and a 49% percent investment from Sony China (about 4.9 million RMB). Sony is also investing 70% percent capital into the second company (about 3,066 million RMB), which is being named Sony Computer Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., while Shanghai Oriental Pearl is chipping in the remaining 30% percent.

In total, the investments from Sony Corp. into everything totals to roughly 1318.9 million RMB, which equates about $211.5 million dollars. The entire operation is going to enlist the talents of local game developers within China so that they can get an edge with exclusive content on Playstation platforms within the country, and to help promote growth within the Chinese video game industry.
user7402931  +   503d ago
go ps4
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