The Pokémon Company Makes $1.5 Billion Annually

The Pokémon Company International makes $1.5 billion a year from the sale of games, trading cards, movies, and toys, according to a License Global! report.

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cleft51163d ago

This is why Nintendo will never be in financial danger. They own a lot of crazy profitable IPs.

bmf73641163d ago

Remember when they're stock plummitted earlier this year? They did a literal last minute announcement of 3rd gen remakes and everyone lost their shit. E3 2013, Smash 4, everyone lost their shit. Nintendo still has over $10 billion banked and can survive on a $250 million loss for 40 years. Nintendo is here to stay, and they're the biggest fuck-you to the PC Master Race and their retarded investors because no matter what happens, Nintendo is here and has the power to do whatever they want.

MightyNoX1163d ago

Understatement of the century.

mikel10151163d ago

They are literally a treasure chest that spawns its own gold for Nintendo

-Foxtrot1163d ago

Maybe they can put some of that money toward a Pokemon Wii U RPG game

Ripsta7th1163d ago

I wish... GF stated main Pokemon will stay on handhelds though so i wouldnt expect it anytime soon sadly

Blackleg-sanji1163d ago

At least give me a pokemon snapU or an colleseum type game then

Blackleg-sanji1163d ago

Was just about to say thay!!! Only good can come from it (if they do it right)

Trunkz Jr1163d ago

I think if the Super Smash Wii U + 3DS works well, maybe in the future they will try a Pokemon Wii U + 3DS game - same game only far better graphic and options on the Wii U version.

TheFutureIsBlue1163d ago

That much money and they just now made a 3D Pokemon game? O.o. Seriously they should be able to make a console Pokemon game EASILY. It would sell and they have the $$$ to do it.

TekoIie1163d ago

They should make a new style of Pokemon game for the Wii U.

It can be an RPG but don't give it the handhelds combat system. I would prefer it to be more of a single player experience.

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TomahawkX1163d ago

and this is why I get a good laugh at people thinking that Nintendo is doomed

YoungKingDoran1163d ago

Damn.... Spare some change there mate? I won't use it for alcohol, I swear

marloc_x1163d ago

Read the article, it is not pertaining to Sony's debt..

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The story is too old to be commented.