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Submitted by Pozzle 502d ago | opinion piece

Top 8 Games I Can't Get Into

From Skyrim to BioShock: Infinite, and more, 411's Marc Morrison ranks the top 8 good games that he just can't get into. (BioShock: Infinite, Dishonored, PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

thorstein  +   503d ago
I "got into" most of those, but I do agree with Bioshock. I have no problem with the glowing reviews of the game, and I played quite a bit of it.

But there were some problems with the game at the beginning that hampered the game for me: 1) Forced baptism which was weird, I couldn't just walk past these people. 2) (SPOILER) I commandeered an airship wherein a religious zealot was standing behind me. I hit her with every weapon at my disposal: not a flinch. Okay, take off in airship and she immolates herself!?!! She was just nigh invulnerable and now she destroys my airship. Dumb, lazy narrative.
PinkEye  +   503d ago
I didn't quite like Bioshock Infinite either but your reasons sound like nitpicking.
thorstein  +   503d ago
Yeah? Maybe I didn't explain it well enough. The idea that I couldn't possibly harm this person I suspected would destroy the airship, then destroys the airship by harming herself ruined the narrative because in most of the game most people can be harmed by explosions, bullets etc.

Same with the MW2 "No Russian." You fail the mission by shooting Makrov!?!! You should receive a commendation for doing it.

I just found that narratively lazy. Unless they hid the woman and she comes out when I am piloting, that might have been a better way of handling it.

I am that way with sci fi too, if the science contradicts science (ie Signs) then it is ruined for me.
Hellsvacancy  +   503d ago
I couldn't get into Metro The Last Light, I even read two of the books hoping that may help, but it didn't

I found the game too boring, I like the atmosphere, it can get intense sometimes, but those moments are short-lived, all the mutant things were the same virtually through the whole game, you only really have one set path to follow, overall it was just abit meh

I feel as if they could of done so much more, I really tried to like it
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PinkEye  +   503d ago
I also didn't like Metro either. Metro, Bioshock 3, DMC are some well received games that I absolutely felt were a waste of time and money. Metro's story dragged on. Bioshock is just plain bizzarre and it's weapons fwlt like a bunch of teens got together and imagined what kind of guns they could make if pesky things like nature, common sense, gravity and physics didn't exist. Finally DMC had this bro-dude feel to it and the gameplay wasn't much when compared to better beat em ups like Bayonetta and Dragons Crown.
Relientk77  +   503d ago
Dishonored and Bioshock Infinite are both absolutely amazing games

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