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15 Amazing Graphical Effects That Were Possible Only Due To PS4 And Xbox One

"Yes, ultimately, how engaging or compelling a game is comes down to how well it plays, but looking great never hurts its chances. And while focusing only on graphics, like so many people do these days, is a bit misguided, appreciating great graphics in games that we know are already good (or will be good, simply judging by precedence) doesn't hurt much either." (inFamous: Second Son, PS4, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Watch Dogs, Xbox One)

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Future_2015   454d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(8)
TurboGamer  +   454d ago
"15 Amazing Graphical Effects That Were Possible On PC Long Before PS4 And Xbox One Existed, But Wasn't Used Because The PS3 And Xbox 360 Could Not Do Them."

There, I fixed the title.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   454d ago
Please tell me a PC game that look as good as Uncharted. 4 which was all in engine footage and Naughty Dog trying to make the game looks better than that. Please tell me a PC game that looks as good as The Order 1886. Please tell me a PC game that looks as good as Killzone Shadow Fall. Please tell me a PC game that even looks as good as TLOU or Beyond on PS3. I swear you Pc guys worry about consoles way more than you even play your PC.
Genova84  +   454d ago
Crysis 3 and as long as we're including unreleased games, The Witcher 3.

Hitman Absolution is a very pretty game as well. Not to mention all the Skyrim mods ...
ravensly  +   454d ago
those games havent been released and crysis 3 kills all the games above interms of graphics or any modded gta 4, skyrim etc...
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sinspirit  +   454d ago


Crysis 3 does NOT look better than those. It hardly looks better than Crysis 1. Basically the faces and tessellation make it look better. Everywhere else it looks worse than Crysis 1.

A lot of PS3 exclusives rivaled even some of the best looking games on PC. If you actually saw the Uncharted 4 trailer clearly this wouldn't be a debate right now. It looks better than just about every game, and that is when they haven't put in all the new facial animations and the graphics are extremely early build.
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Dirtnapstor  +   454d ago
I agree with you Prince... I've seen plenty of high-end PC's strut their stuff. Yes the games look great, but oh so sterile.
PCers need to let it go and admit consoles are capable of great things also.
Future_2015  +   454d ago
hold up how is uncharted 4 only possible on ps4 lol what are you talking about?
UltimateMaster  +   454d ago
How the resolution of Uncharted 4 on PC?

I don't get why there needs to be hatred between owning a console and/or PC.
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AndrewLB  +   454d ago
This video definitively proves without any question that Crysis 3 on PC completely DESTROYS Killzone Shadowfall on PS4.


Anyone who watches that video and claims Killzone looks better is either flat out lying, is named "Ray Charles", or belongs in a mental institution.
sinspirit  +   454d ago | Well said

A poor recording of the pre-release ShadowFall footage? That's just an unfair comparison.








Here are proper comparisons.

Both games look amazing. I think ShadowFall has better lighting and more detail on the little objects in the environment. I think Crysis 3 has more foliage, but had it actually taken advantage of tessellation in the full release the bricks, trees, rocks, etcetera would look so much better, and even lighting potentially.

I conclude by saying I think regardless of technicalities that ShadowFall simply has a more beautiful game with better artistic choice and more passion put into the designs.
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TheDevKit  +   454d ago
"Please tell me a PC game that look as good as Uncharted 4."

The game isn't released yet.

"Please tell me a PC game that looks as good as The Order 1886."

Again, not released.

"Please tell me a PC game that looks as good as Killzone Shadow Fall."

I could name a few that run at native 1080p and 60 fps.

"Please tell me a PC game that even looks as good as TLOU or Beyond on PS3."

Yeah, this isn't that hard.

If you're skeptical, take a look at this:


That also has the potential to run at 1080p and 60 FPS, unlike many of the games you listed.
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christian hour  +   454d ago

There aren't, because pc gamings been held back by the multi-platform constraints of ps3 and 360 for many years now, which is why I've been calling for a new gen since as early as 2009, (and because I was used to my 5 year console gen cycles).

Give it a year, once the 360 and ps3 are severed from the multiplat cycle, you'll see games on PC jump leaps and bounds ahead of consoles, as they always do.

This is a cycle that rinses and repeats at the dawn of every console generation. Sadly pc exclusives with a lot of time and money behind them are no longer as common place as they once were, I believe Crysis was the last truly great pc exclusive to take advantage of hardware, and still looks good to todays standards if not better.
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TheBurger29  +   454d ago
All those exclusives would look way better on pc, but they are not on pc so brag all you want.
fullmetal297  +   454d ago

Witcher 2 with ubersampling turned on (beast of a game to play BTW), Crysis 3 Ultra settings (the gline showcase the particle effects from explosions quite well), Crysis 1 with mods (first game to implement HBAO for character reflection), Metro 2033: Last Light showcase an excellent display for tessellation on the models, Batman: Arkham City gave games with volumetric fog and paper drag effects.

I can name more games but I don't wanna bore you, plus you seem the type person who don't like listening to reason so I'll stop here.
GordonKnight  +   454d ago
Consoles have their benefits, just like PC has it's benefits.
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combatcash  +   454d ago
I'll wait to see actual gameplay of uncharted 4 before I give it a crown. Crysis 3 is gorgeous and completely demolishes killzone shadowfall if you can max it out. TLOU really? Pick up a pc with decent hardware and you'll find more than a handful of games that destroy TLOU on ps3 and with no jaggies
BitbyDeath  +   454d ago
Crysis 3 and Killzone SF are pretty much on par.
Some of KZ looks better than Crysis 3 and vice versa.

PC doesn't have anything comparable to Beyond so it is hard to judge. I disagree about TLOU looking better than PC games but the PS4 remaster may be a different story.

Uncharted 4, The Order and inFamous SS have/are setting new graphical standards though.
LonDonE  +   453d ago
Dude the video you linked is not a £350 pc FACT!! please your giving us pc gamers a bad name! i own and game on all platforms and trust me when i tell you any pc fan boy who says a £350 pc with ALL THE SAME FEATURES and tech as a PS4, which can out perform a PS4 is delusional and a liar!!

And dont do a stupid move and just pull pc specs out of thin air which dont include EVERYTHING A PS4 HAS! a blue ray player, a Ethernet port, a blue tooth receiver, a cpu, a gpu, 8gb of GDDR5 ram etc i mean everything!

No way a pc with all the same or equivalent components to a PS4 prices at £350 can perform better then a PS4! this is a fallacy!

Please if you dont like consoles fine but all these pc fan boys and console fan boys need to just stop.
all platforms have their pros and cons!
I just hate the PC elitist losers who rag on consoles and console gamers because they hate the fact that gaming revolves around console gaming due to the masses who choose consoles over pc!! GET OVER IT!!
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Savsky  +   453d ago
That footage of KZ was handicapped. They obviously slowed down the FPS for Killzone's footage, plus that was pre-launch. You are so blind.
UltimateMaster  +   453d ago
Are PC gamers jealous of next-gen consoles?
If not, why are you here arguing on something that's off-topic?
These are amazing graphical enhancements for next gen. If you got a good enough PC, then you might get it too.
Why are you complaining about someone else's experience?
Dasteru  +   453d ago

Crysis 3 does look better than those. By far.

Crysis 2 looked worse than Crysis 1 but 3 took it to a whole new level on PC. It is twice as impressive as UC4 in every way.

I have Oblivion on the PC looking nearly as good as UC4 with over 20GB of texture/mesh packs, tessellation, parralax, enb, etc.

Also fyi, realtime and in-engine does not equal in-game. It is alot easier to render a pre-set tech demo with the camera only panning to specific spots than it is to have free control of the camera in an open environment with other objects/physics. The UC4 demo was in-engine, not in-game. And even for that it didn't show much beyond drakes face which is easy as sin to render. The environment will take up massively more render time. It was also being demo'd on a PC as with all other games that are still in early development. People need to remember that console games are developed on Windows. A console devkit is basically just a compact windows based PC with the console hardware in it which is all based on low end PC parts anyway. So yeah, i have seen something as good as UC4 on PC... UC4. Crysis 3, Metro:LL, PCars, Star citizen, Witcher 3, all look better than anything for the PS4 and the list goes on and on.
bsmith61  +   453d ago
Do you seriously think consoles are capable of better visuals than PC? Are you actually serious? The 780ti is over 4 times more powerful than the gpu in the ps4. PC has always been ahead.
zero_gamer  +   453d ago
I have a GTX 690, any game I've thrown at it runs at max settings and many of them look way better than anything I've seen on console.

Because of this, I don't waste time caring about graphics on console. I only play them for certain games.
eXclurel  +   453d ago
Metro: Last Light.

Aside from that PC's are more expensive than a console. That's a fact. No need to sugarcoat it. But there is another truth and that is the consoles holding back new advancements in graphics. You can see that in the recent Watch_Dogs fiasco. They downgraded the graphics so much that you couldn't even see the shadow of a pedestrian cast by your car's headlights.

It's ok for me to use dated hardware because it forces the studios to focus on gameplay more than the graphics at some point a.k.a. the Nintendo approach. But it is ridiculous to downgrade the graphics on PC because "everyone needs to get the same experience". Keep the gameplay same but give us the option to select better graphic options. We pay a lot more to see better graphics on our PCs so why are they keeping us from that? That is the part PC gamers are angry about.
Razputin  +   453d ago
While those games look fantastic, if they were released on PC they would look even better.

Hell even Uncharted 1-3 and The Last of Us look beautiful, I even dare to say that Lair was pretty great.

The fact stands that these games would look better on PC.

The debate of graphics can't be denied that PC will always win it has more power. But again, it still stands that the PS3 and PS4 do have the better looking games for console.
Maxor  +   453d ago
You would have better luck convincing people that the Xbox One have better looking games than to go up against the PC. Not going to happen.
rocketpanda  +   453d ago
As much as I enjoy console gaming, but you fail to understand how well and versatile PCs are compared to their console counterparts. If you are talking about visuals, PCs will almost always outperform consoles. There are reasons why people spend more money on PCs to get better visuals and performance over consoles. Whilst the fickle console war continues regarding 30fps vs 60fps, 1080p vs sub 1080p, PC gaming has that as a set standard with other games running at 120, whilst still looking good, and resolutions running at higher resolutions.

...and you are forgetting during gaming exhibitions how many great looking console games have been demoed on PCs.

And whilst console versions of Watch Dogs was downgraded, PC users were able to unlock it's full visual potential as when Ubisoft first unveiled the game. You could say, consoles held the full potential of the game back because they almost didn't want it to look better on the PC...you need to ask the question why, because the code was found and unlocked within the game on PC.

Yes high end PC gaming costs more, but that is the trade off and something PC gamers don't mind because they don't have to bicker about resolutions and fps nonsense, only when the game is poorly ported from console versions.
Azzanation  +   453d ago
PC hardware can do Uncharted 4 and do it at 4k. Only reason it doesn't is because Sony keeps it exclusive. Uncharted 4/Halo 5/The Order/Gears 4 and any other game released on XB1 and PS4 can be done on PC and can do it much better. Limited Hardware compared to Unlimited Hardware. Like Comparing Superman to Batman. 1 has limits and the other doesn't, but 1 relies on tricks and strategies to achieve goals where the other just pure horse power.
GeraltofRivia  +   453d ago
The first Crysis on PC maxed out back in 2007. Also so many more PC games that if I typed them all my hands would break.
IC3_DEMON  +   453d ago
@ Princeofallsaiyans

"Please tell me a PC game that look as good as Uncharted 4 or Order 1886"

First of all the game isn't even out yet and seeing the recent news, downgrading an ingame trailer is turning into a bad habit, but a habit useful for marketing. They're just trailers made for E3. Developers even admit that they polish their trailers and gameplay footage for this special event.

Another fact -> Console performance is atleast 2 years behind PC performance. Comparing a game from "next gen" (nice marketing scheme slogan) to the pc version, if the game has been ported very well (unlike watchdogs), you would see that graphics on console never meet the ultra settings on pc and that the recent wish for better frame rate has already been achieved a long time ago on pc, not to mention 1920 x 1080 with ease.
-> for example i can play BF4 Ultra 90 - 110 fps 1080p on my rig with cpu temperatures not exceeding 40 degrees celsius.

The reason why technology in gaming is so far behind and why we pc gamers are mostly concerned with consoles, is because the gaming industry is getting bigger every year. It is now a billion dollar industry. An industry with a goal of not making all gamers happy, but making a profit from all the blinded sheep that fall for their manipulation and other gimicks. Having the majority of people buy "outdated" technology for a most reasonable price and manufacuring games set on that performance level, does not push the gaming experience/performance further than we'd like to have it or it was intended to be. Because console gaming is the way to go (way to go people -.-) we pc gamers with good to enthusiatic builds have to subordinate ourselves to the console market. Hence our obsession.
PlayableGamez  +   453d ago
@LonDonE An Ethernet port is not something to brag about lol.
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spence52490  +   453d ago
I honestly can't believe you just made this statement. As a borderline PS4 fan boy and exclusive console player who owns a gaming PC but doesn't use it, this is the most asinine thing I have ever read on here.
pixelsword  +   453d ago
Well, you get more bang for your buck for a console, and nowadays, the more expensive PCs will look better, but not so much that you'll be blown away like in the PS2 and before era; and oftentimes, devs focus so much on graphics, they have a pretty looking, but un-fun game to play. Crysis looked great, but it wasn't fun. Crysis 3 looked much "worse", but the multiplayer was very fun.

So yes, very expensive PCs will probably always have the best graphics in games; but PCs in general don't always have the best games.
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pixelsword  +   453d ago
Well, you get more bang for your buck for a console, and nowadays, the more expensive PCs will look better, but not so much that you'll be blown away like in the PS2 and before era; and oftentimes, devs focus so much on graphics, they have a pretty looking, but un-fun game to play. Crysis looked great, but it wasn't fun. Crysis 3 looked much "worse", but the multiplayer was very fun.

So yes, very expensive PCs will probably always have the best graphics in games; but PCs in general don't always have the best games.
Hanuman  +   454d ago
Without consoles, the industry would be sh*t!
ravensly  +   454d ago
without pc there would be no games on consoles or "the consoles"
lemoncake  +   454d ago
Many of the popular games today have old PC games to thank, without them gaming today would be very different.
GordonKnight  +   454d ago
Without Nintendo the industry would be in the arcade and at your home.
UltimateMaster  +   453d ago
Not 100% true.
You do need dev kits and the software to make the game.
It technically doesn't have to run on "PC", it can run on MAC, iOS, Android, Linux.
Dasteru  +   453d ago
Without PCs, it would be impossible to make console games.
Maxor  +   453d ago
The PS4 is a proprietary PC.
ShinMaster  +   453d ago
Consoles and Arcade games existed before Windows/DOS.
FanboyKilla  +   454d ago
@turbo sooooo what you are saying is no one really cares about pc gaming. Sounds like pc is the red headed step child of gaming, if the indusrty puts it to the back like you say. Its ironic in your pc defense statement, you admit that the industry puts consoles first. When people talk or think about a game, pc is usually the farthest thing from their mind.
Utalkin2me  +   453d ago
Funny these PC kids are clamoring to "Console games are made on the PC". Grasping at straws just shows desperation and jealousy.


Do you think PC is the sole reason for console gaming. Maybe you need to brush up on history. But "PC" is a easy platform to develop for now. But it is not needed. This is so funny, roflmao.


Far as video games are concerned, consoles was first. Sure PC was 2 years prior. But actually video games was console. So you can thank consoles for giving PC games video games, if you want to be honest about it.
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BVFTW  +   453d ago
You're out of your mind @Utalkin2me, the very first video games were made by researchers, students and thesists in centers of computer research so "the first video gamers were students" and the FIRST COMMERCIAL GAMES to reach the mainstream market were hybrid (electronic and mechanical) ARCADE GAMES, the first micro computers were released as prebuilt or "DIY" kits in 1971, one year before the first "arguably" video game console (the Magnavox Odyssey) the first PC gamers interchanged pages of written code with their games and among the first PC games sold was "Microchess" that only required a 6502 microprocessor and 1 kb of memory (released on tape as well as written nonetheless) 1976 PREDATING the ATARI "VCS" but "almost" a month after the Fairchild "VES" or later known as "Channel F", consoles charged money for games first by some weeks, the "market" was born almost at the same time but something I'm sure is that you can thank PCs for your console games!

History is fun!! XD
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zero_gamer  +   453d ago
In the world of consoles, these graphical effects were only possible on PS4/Xbox ONE. I don't think PC was on his mind as it's a whole different ball park. That's what I am assuming anyway.
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Sharius  +   453d ago
no one care about PC, so sad
oasdada  +   453d ago
i think other way to look at it is that
"all potential and possible graphics effects that wud now be seen in most mainstream games that were previously being held back due to 360 and ps3"


lets face it... most pc games only carried effects that were put on top of degraded gfx framework (if thats a thing) like sprinkles but were not opted from the ground up like crysis or metro... but now those days are gone... for now
oasdada  +   453d ago
cant delete damn
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ShinMaster  +   453d ago
"Effects That Were Possible On PC"
But rarely any games, if ever, took advantage of.

"Wasn't Used Because The PS3 And Xbox 360"
Ok so what are PC fans bragging about again? lol
Tzuno  +   453d ago
Hahahahah nailed it. Console babies gonna hate though :)
thorstein  +   454d ago
Why do some people think that it is impossible to own a PC and a console at the same time? And, why can't these people imagine a world wherein gamers enjoy playing on both platforms?

Related image(s)
christian hour  +   454d ago
I know right? It baffles me, PC gaming is a powerhouse but there are so many unique experiences exclusive to the consoles that you'd be an idiot of a gamer to pass on. Anyone who counts themselves as part of the PC "Master Race" is not a real "gamer" imo, they're cutting themselves off from a lot of fantastic games that just don't have an equivalent on PC.
Vegamyster  +   453d ago
I have both consoles & PC but I'd say console only guys are missing out on more unique experiences because of the many genres that are either non existent (Moba, MMO) or just don't work well on a console (Strategy ect) plus the ability to mod which can transform a game into something new or just add extra content, Both Morrowind and Oblivion are being remade on the Skyrim engine, Falskaar is a mod that's bigger than the official DLC and is fully voiced https://www.youtube.com/wat...
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UltimateMaster  +   453d ago
These next-gen games look incredible.
christian hour  +   453d ago

Hey now, Fat Princess was a MOBA on consoles :P

I've never been a MOBA fan though, too much tug of war stale mate for my liking, feels like it's a test of patience/endurance than an enjoyable game, but that's jsut me, I tend to shy away from anything solely competitive in nature.

Thankfully you can pick up a cheap pc for 200 or less and play most pc MMO's and strategy games on low spec and I urge any console only gamer with enough spare cash to go out and do so, and if you're fotrunate enough to have a few grand to spare, then by all means buy a beast gaming rig so you can experience those PC exclusives to their fullest.

I don't have the greatest PC in the world (low end AMD cpu/gpu chipset based), and up until a year ago I only had a 10 year old POS that wasn't even low-end when I originally got it. I mostly use my pc to play 4X games, usually space sims like Endless Space or the recent X Com remake/reboot/thingy (NOT the Bureau :P) or the occassional stint with an MMO (LOTR:Online stole most of my 2013) and every now and then I load up Skyrim now that I'm blessed with a pc that can run it on ultra low settings :D
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BVFTW  +   453d ago
I feel you @thorstein, gaming is to be enjoyed without the constrictions of one platform neither held back by the stupefying trend of brand loyalty
JBSleek  +   454d ago
Or we could just ignore PC as if it isn't even a platform...

Consoles finally hit the Full HD era about five years too late.
sinspirit  +   454d ago
"Full HD" is a marketing term. It doesn't actually define 1080p. If something is HD then it is HD. That's it. There is no "sub-HD" just because something isn't as high resolution as something else. 720p is HD. "4K" coming out doesn't make 1080p "sub-HD". Obviously, the pixel clarity is less on lower resolutions.

PC is a whole other platform. Many articles ignore it because it is about the evolution in console technology, and it is common sense that PC is more capable.
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AndrewLB  +   454d ago
Just because you're so arrogant, I'm going to have to give you the slap down again... because the technical name for 1080p is Full HD (1920x1080). This is not marketing, or any other BS. The technical name for 720p (aka 1280x720) is WXGA, or Wide Extended Graphics Array and when used on a home hdtv, it's simply called HD.

All of these resolutions have both technical names and mainstream names (if it's a mainstream product) which are decided on by the Digital Cinema Initiatives consortium when it's time to create a new standard. They were the ones who picked 1080p as being the industry standard for High Definition and named it Full HD. The same goes for 4k, which actually got a name change a few years ago to UHD or Ultra High Definition.

I thought they should have stuck with 4k.

edgeofsins  +   454d ago

Wrong and you ignorantly used information from the source you provided.

You just explained how it is meant to be marketing. They call it that to push an industry standard and so non-technical users know what to look for. Simple terms used for a vast amount of products to simply include them in a certain market. "WXGA" was the same for monitors. "Full HD" is the same for TV's.

And the technical term for 1080p? Is definitely NOT "Full HD". That is the marketing term. "Full HD" is supposed to make them think it's the best image you can get. How does the name even make sense when other images surpass what is "full" HD? "1920x1080/30" for example is the technical term. In this case it represents a progressive image, the same as "full HD", and is running at 30hz. Technical terms are supposed to tell you exactly what it is.

By your logic the Apple retina display is the technical term, when it is the marketing term just to basically inform people that it is really high resolution.

Read this article...


4K and UHD are NOT the same thing. As you can see. You fell for the marketing terms.

Yea! Give him the "slap down again"! You post incorrect and misunderstood information so many times and try to act like you are some sort of expert and you don't stop to actually reflect upon any of it to actually attempt to become an expert rather than someone spouting wrong info all the time.
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JBSleek  +   453d ago
Okay would you like me to call it the 1080p era.
EXVirtual  +   454d ago
Yeah actually let's.
Lol, just joking. But on a serious note, the reason the title ignores the PC is because of the simple fact that no developer took advantage of that power. Too expensive at the time.

Even now, very few of the recent titles have had vastly superior graphics on Pc as opposed to the PS4 and XBO aside from a few.
#4.2 (Edited 454d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
GordonKnight  +   454d ago
The reason PC is not a console is because most of them are built and then updated as time goes on. It's hard for Devs to take advantage of PC power when they don't know how many have a rig powerful enough to play the game. Maybe that's why you can adjust the graphics.

PC game Devs should only make games for the most powerful PC rig. You know the one that cost 15k to build.
#4.2.1 (Edited 454d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
Linwelin  +   453d ago
That is why you have graphical options lol struggling to run a game turn the settings down, resolution plays a bigger factor though, but you get what i mean.
ShinMaster  +   453d ago
This article is about consoles.
chrissx  +   454d ago
Towards the end of this gen only PC might manage to surpass Ps4s graphical fidelity,others will be spectators
#5 (Edited 454d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(30) | Report | Reply
Kivespussi  +   453d ago
PC already did it 5 years ago.
ravensly  +   454d ago
ps4 and xbox one < mid range gpu(gtx 660,AMD 7850...)

disagrees :) i see the butthurt but its the truth
#6 (Edited 454d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(22) | Report | Reply
Jaelin  +   454d ago
They're both AMD customized gpu's.
Applejack  +   454d ago
No one is saying that it isn't true, it's just irrelevant to the article and makes you look like a troll.
sinspirit  +   454d ago
The PS4 is equal to the 7850, actually a little better, in raw performance. And, due to an all around gaming designed architecture it will get better, and because of optimization it will get potentially substantially higher results.


John Carmack actually says you need a PC with twice the graphical performance to get the same results as what the PS4 can do. Because, the OS is substantially lighter weight, and the single specifications mean developers can actually design games for specific hardware and heavily optimize it.

Eh, sorry. It's common sense in the technology world that you're wrong, and we have an industry veteran/professional here also confirming that you're wrong.
Moncole  +   453d ago
A GTX 480 is more powerful than the PS4.
yewles1  +   454d ago
"Watch Dogs – Road Drying Up In Real Time"
"inFamous Second Son – Particle Effects"
Beyond: Two Souls or other late 7th Gen titles...
"DriveClub – Look At That Rain"
GT6 Cockpit or PGR4 altogether...
"Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Lighting"
Most late 7th Gen titles, PLUS TPP is cross-gen...
"Ryse: Son of Rome – Motion Capture"
...are you serious?
"Killzone Shadow Fall – Draw Distance"
...again, are you serious?
"PES 2015 – Realistic Character Models"
Previous two PES's...
"EA Sports UFC – Realistic Sweat"
NBA 2K series 7th Gen...
"Witcher 3 – Immersive Environments"
Skyri--you know what, you're just grasping at obvious things to say, I'm out.
DallasTrout  +   454d ago
I actually thought the explosions in Watch Dogs looked kinda weak but the water effects were incredible.
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Stoppokingme  +   454d ago
I've got 15 reasons why I shouldn't give a $h!t, but I'm not getting paid for my opinions so why should I even bother?

All games are derived from PC's in one way or another. Naughty dog didn't bang two rocks together and come up with TLOU- They used PC's to create it.
sinspirit  +   454d ago
This argument is so stupid. Nah, duh. We don't need to hear common sense. We aren't talking about the "making of" process.

Pfft, PC's didn't make it.. Graphics cards, processors, RAM, Hard Drives, etcetera made it! Not! Resistors, capacitors, solder, etcetera made it! Not! Silicon, aluminum, magnesium, copper, zinc, etcetera made it! Not! It's gotta be pixels. Can't see anything without looking at pixels! /s
SilentNegotiator  +   454d ago
Incoming whiny elitists.
D3athc3ll  +   454d ago
Wow the hate between pc gamers and console gamers.

I am both. Love my pc and ps4.

Pc's are capable of doing more, but they don't. Crysis 3 on max looks amazing, but not close to Uncharted 4 or even the Order.

There is no pc game out there that can make console games look like crap. Yes when they are created on both console and pc, the pc version does look the best. But who the fuck cares? Spending 1000 dOLLARS+ for that small upgrade? nope.

Uncharted 4 on PS4 will look the best for at least a while. No pc game showed so far can match that.

Sorry pc gamers, but consoles are dominating again. At least for the next few years.

Dota 2 on pc is by far my fav game of all time, but it doesnt have the best graphics. So graphics aint everything. Enjoy pc graphics, its behind but its still good. Will catch up in a few years no worries.

Btw most pc gamers got a mid range pc. So why the trolling?
starchild  +   454d ago
I'm sorry, you're comment sounds ignorant.

No, graphics aren't everything. A good game is a good game, but a good game with fantastic graphics is an even better game.

I love my PS3 and PS4 and really enjoy a lot of the exclusives, but to act like the PC doesn't have better graphics is just dishonest. For example, I loved Uncharted 2 and thought it looked fantastic, but it wasn't the best graphics I saw last gen. There were quite a few PC games that looked better. I see no reason why the same thing won't be true this generation as far as Uncharted 4 and PC games are concerned.

I have no doubt that some of the top PS4 exclusives will have some of the best graphics around, but I also know that the PC will have better looking versions of every multiplatform game and the best looking games overall.
kingdom18  +   453d ago
", but to act like the PC doesn't have better graphics is just dishonest" Of course it is. But since consoles are locked, and can't be adjusted unlike PCs its is just silly to compare them to each other.
Kennytaur  +   454d ago
Do people not understand that this is in comparison to the last gen systems? You lot must be a blast at parties...
kingduqc  +   454d ago
those effects are years old on pc...
Ninjatogo  +   454d ago
Some of them, sure, but not the point here. This is a console generation comparison.
gamer7804  +   454d ago
i'd rather say these effects were possible due to the team behind the games, the programmers, graphic designers and engineers.
thief  +   454d ago
You might have monster trucks that have more horsepower than a Ferrari, but you don't see them brought up as a comparison when you talk about the best cars around

PCs are crap when it comes to gaming, irrespective of how strong they are. Inefficient because they have to run so many other program's unlike the sleek, efficient consoles. No standard setup unlike consoles, so too many variables to program for which means you always end up spending too much time making the game work with your graphics card, have a gaming library that is not even half as good as consoles.

Consoles are made for games, don't even brings stupid PCs in the discussion.
starchild  +   454d ago
You definitely haven't played on a decent PC, that much is clear.

I have a gaming PC with a GTX 770 and an old i5 2500k and it beats my PS4 in every multiplat I have played (e.g. Battlefield 4, AC4, Thief, Bound By Flame, etc.)

Also, the PC has the biggest gaming library of any platform. It gets 99% of the multiplatform games and it also gets a ton of games it shares with only the PS4 (H1Z1, Planetside 2, etc.) or only the XB1 (Project Spark, Titanfall, etc). Those are games that one or the other console simply misses out on. Then on top of that the PC also has many exclusives of its own.
D3athc3ll  +   453d ago
yes pc does look best on multiplats! That is clear. But they do not look best at the moment. Consoles have the best graphics currently.

When Uncharted 4 comes out, it will take a game like maybe Crysis 4 pc to beat it in terms of graphics.

People are telling me that consoles are holding pc back, when pc cant release a game better looking (or a lot better) than Crysis 1 around 2007??

Im am tired of pc gamers thinking pc is so far ahead of consoles in terms of visuals, when they currently can't even beat Old hardware Ps4 and Xbox 1.

Stop pretending that pc is so good. It is better, but not at this moment. Wait for games around late 2016 to start looking better than console exclusives!
MrGEE  +   454d ago
im shure it was posible 10 years ago on pc lol
D3athc3ll  +   453d ago
Yeah Half Life 2 (best gfx) back at 2004 looks better than Killzone Shadowfall, etc......

Nice try, but youre beloved Crysis 3 aint even beating Ps4!

Ive played the game on max at 1080p, (not 4k), and yes it looks good, but not as good as pc gamers make it sound. Ps4 games like Killzone Shadowfall looks close enough and games like the Order and Uncharted 4 makes Crysis 3 look like an average next gen (current gen ps4) game!

Hope Crysis 4 gets us back to the Jungle. This city shit is stupid...
Clunkyd  +   454d ago
All comes to optimization. Just look how the games look on ps3, for example, The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two souls.
What pc with ps3 specs will run that? No developer would put so much time optimizing for a PC game.
BitbyDeath  +   454d ago
Exactly, and that was with 512mb split ram.

Pc couldn't even achieve that with 1gb, would need at least 2gb if not more.
purp13m0nk3y  +   453d ago
With locked down highly specialised hardware, consoles will always out perform similar PC hardware.

Sure there is MUCH more powerful PC hardware out there. But the average PC gamer owns a PC with much lower specs than a PS4. The latest Steam hardware survey confirms this.

While top end PC hardware can brute force superior results to consoles, only a very small percentage of PC gamers actually own that sort of hardware.

Bang for buck. PS4 craps all over a similarly priced/spec'd PC. PS4 will be at the cutting edge of graphical fidelity for the foreseeable future. And for the price it's crazy good value as a gaming device!
e-p-ayeaH  +   454d ago
nerds..nerds everywhere
ion53  +   454d ago
Here's an idea, isntead of you PC trolls trolling a CONSOLE article, go play Crysis 3 in 4K and 480FPS MAX settings+

NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU PC GUYS. Go away. You seriosly have no life if you're trolling a console article
one2thr  +   454d ago
For one, the Pc(s) that are used to create the games that are on consoles, are to my knowledge vastly superior than the ones boasted on this site.

For two, the Pc platform doesnt really have a set "generation" like its console counterpart, for example Ps1, Ps2,ps3, ps4, xbox, xbox 360, xbox one, so it would make sense that it has the largest selection of games and on top of that its an open platform, its not as restricted as consoles so therefore anybody and all their mommas' can create a game on/it. Whereas the console have a strict Q&A process.

For three, the hardware of a pc is restricted to the amount of money any given person is willing to put into it, and even then thats if all the parts work on arrival, so the it becomes a time dependent process. Whereas the consoles come with whats need, all at one time and price point. And also not everyone is going to be dishing out the same amount of money for their pc(s) as the next person, heck there are pc's that are only capable of running "SIMs" at low settings, but those people are satistified with that setup, as compared with those who say "My pc is set to be overclocked at 4.9Ghz, while being supercooled with a liter of liquid nitrogen, with 3 titans churning out with awesome graphix" (not exactly that, but something close)

For four, you cant claim ones better than the other its a subjective topic, some people dislike mouse and key boards, some hate controllers, some claim to get carpal tunnels on a mouse and keyboard, others say "their hands cramp up on a controller" its never ending cycle, yeah you can use a controller on a pc, but it becomes annoying having to re-bind all the buttons over and over just because at some point the controller profile didnt save on either the game or the program to allow a user to do so.

For five, even with the arguments both consoles and pc's are needed to push the gaming industry further than what it is, no matter which "generation" it is, or will be.

If you dont think so, then you've been missing out on the big picture for decades...
#21 (Edited 454d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
one2thr  +   454d ago
Btw, my setup:

Cpu- I5-2500
Gpu-Gtx 560
Ram-16gb @1600Mhz
Case-Antec 500
storage-WD 1tb @ 7200
MB- Asrock
Display- 40inch Tv

And I still stood in line to get my ps4 at midnight
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andrewer  +   454d ago
This title simply makes no sense...If you mean it was only possible due to PS4 and Xbox One because consoles were holding PCs capabilities in multi-plataforms, then ok...Just being realistic here btw
clouds5  +   454d ago
Bullshit. These effects are possible because of PC (not even anything new) and because the ps4/xb1 are very similar to PCs.
OsirisBlack  +   453d ago
I have been a PC gamer for a long time but I also own a PS4,XB1 and a Wii U ..... I can play almost every game on Ultra on my pc at 60fps or better. All of that was said to point out that even as a PC gamer with a pretty hefty rig this is impressive.



aLiEnViSiToR  +   453d ago
"15 Amazing Graphical Effects That Were Possible in 2010 on PC but now they are on PS4 And Xbox One in 2014"

You know why ?! Because they made these new consoles more like PC architecture and by doing so it will benefit ALL with one downside for PC... sadly, not because architecture but because lazy greedy devs and company's, therefor PC specs will increase because poor optimization but this will change in about 2 years when consoles served their purpose and devs get of their lazy butts.

Don't blame the platforms or go to POINTLESS PC vs Consoles war... BLAME greedy Company's and Lazy Developers and DEMAND QUALITY SOFTWARE AT THE FAIR PRICE FOR ALL, YOU BLIND ENABLERS !!!
sebzhd  +   453d ago
Title error : due to PS4 only
sunginmew  +   453d ago
pop-voxuli  +   453d ago
Well, PS4 at least.
zod  +   453d ago
LOL Crysis 3 is miles ahead than PS4 or Xbone games released so far...On max settings it's untouchable right now...

Witcher 3 is easily the best looking nextgen game plus it's also a open world game..

As far as UC 4 is concerned then we have not seen the game running in realtime...I mean actual gameplay..UC cutscenes are usually in-engine but they are not rendered in realtime..So, i want to see actual gameplay and direct transition from cutscene graphics to gameplay like Order 1886, only then i will believe those graphics are actually from the game....

Plus you can't compare UC4 with W3 coz W3 is bigger and far more ambitious game than linear and scripted UC....
zod  +   453d ago
Please don't show me Corrine YU's or any ND devs tweets saying that game is in-engine or captured from PS4...I want to see actual gameplay and direct transition from cutscene graphics to gameplay in real time only then i will believe..
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