Everybody" at Crytek UK wants to work on TimeSplitters

There's been plenty of negative press about Crytek of late, so here's a ray of sunshine to balance things out - according to Crytek UK animator Mark Jackson, the studio remains absolutely nuts about the long-absent TimeSplitters series. Alas, today isn't the day for any concrete talk about a sequel.

'You would not believe the amount of times people ask for Timesplitters," Jackson told me at Develop a few moments ago during a discussion of the company's present project, Homefront: The Revolution. "I couldn't really comment, but there's a lot of love for it at the studio. I can't really say much more than that

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Dark_Overlord1616d ago

Everybody (Well everybody I know) wants everybody at Crytek UK to work on Timesplitters :)

Most fun I've had with an FPS :)

christian hour1616d ago

Would love another time splitters, but I wonder how many of the original goldeneye/perfectdark/pandemic studios team are still at crytek UK? If the answer is zero, then I don't want a timesplitters coming from Crytek UK.

Timesplitter141616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

"So here at Crytek we've done a complete dark and gritty reboot of the Timesplitters franchise-"

I swear to god if this happens I will kamikaze into the sun, and for some reason I've got a feeling it will happen

pompombrum1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

^^^I don't want a dark gritty reboot of Timesplitters.. we have enough dark and gritty action games being made, let Timesplitters be Timesplitters.

Hanuman1616d ago

Are we still getting wet over Timesplitters? My god,..

brave27heart1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Becauase Timesplitters was one of the most fun FPS games ever made. Im guessing you're about 12 though and have never played one. I feel for you.

Personally I dont want Crytek to make Timesplitters 4, they'll turn it into a very pretty game thats dull and boring. Id rather they sold the license to someone with a better history of making fun games

Granted that includes pretty much every developer past present and future. Heck even Hanuman, who's 12 and has never played a Timesplitters game could make a more fun version than Crytek.

Hanuman1616d ago

Lol, I was in my early twenties when I played Timesplitters!

BitbyDeath1616d ago

I don't mind if they make it but not sure if Cryengine is the best to use for it.

3-4-51616d ago

OMG Yes Please!

Timesplitters 2 is one of THE funnest FPS games I've ever had the chance to play.

I STILL own it for Gamecube.

* Tons of unique looking characters, ALL with different stats. Like 100 characters to choose from.

* That Turret defense Base capture mode was really unique for it's time and some of those maps were just amazing to play on.

Can't remember the name but the map with the waterfall in between and the hill with the two based with the cameras and turrets on each, was by far one of the 20 best multiplayer maps I've ever played on.

* That plus all the challenges to earn stuff.

This was the last time shooters were just fun shooters and didn't have to be Realistic.

Activemessiah1616d ago

And everybody who loves games wants Timesplitters too... you'd think it all makes sense but due to the lack of common sense on this planet it's not really that surprising.

SCW19821616d ago

Everybody at Crytek UK wants to work for money.

1616d ago
lemoncake1616d ago

Everybody thats left, which is probably non atm.

dillhole1616d ago

I'd welcome the return of humour and fun to the FPS genre.

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