There Should Have Been A Better Way To Counter The Blue Shell In Mario Kart 8 I wish while Nintendo was borrowing ideas from other kart racers, they’d have borrowed one that could really have added to the Mario Kart experience and finally given players a way to use their skills as a driver to achieve the holy grail: avoiding the blue shell.

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iamnsuperman1223d ago

See I disagree. It makes the race unpredictable as the leader could easily loose. Too me Mario Kart has never really been about skill which is why it is enjoyable to many. Nintendo just has to make sure that the blue shell appearance isn't too much to annoy people or too little that it isn't a threat.

randomass1711223d ago

Blue shell is pretty rare in MK8 and the Super Horn is pretty dangerous to other players as is. I don't see much need to complain about it.

lilbroRx1223d ago

I don't like the idea of being able to destroy the blue shell to begin with. I's supposed to be the ultimate unstoppable weapon that keeps the tension flowing.

When people see that someone has a blue shell in a local multiplayer game, they often start slowing, where I'm from, in order to get behind someone else. Its a weapon that invoked strong emotion and though in everyone.

I say they need to make an even stronger item that nothing can destroy.

admiralvic1222d ago

:I don't like the idea of being able to destroy the blue shell to begin with. I's supposed to be the ultimate unstoppable weapon that keeps the tension flowing."

I couldn't disagree more. For starters, getting rid of a blue shell generally requires a bit of skill and luck to accomplish. This is something you won't always be able to accomplish, but having that potential (like knowing that next ? box might save your butt) adds a certain amount of thrill that would be missing if they made it an absolute. By removing that you just make the blue shell an annoying item that you have to deal with and thats no fun.

Who would want to play a game where you're given no options and your fate is sealed? Imagine how annoying it would be getting hit with this item you have no control over at the end of the race and you come in third simply because someone willed it? Needless to say, it would not only remove the thrill of the blue shell (an event you probably won't prevent, but that doesn't mean you won't!) and replace it with an annoying item that serves no purpose beyond annoying people.

Chrischi19881222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

For me, the blue shell is the most hated item, but I also dont want it to be something like a banana in Mario Kart N64, where the item loses its use, because everyone would ditch it easily.

They gave a way to counter the Blue Shell, it is not an easy one, but I think it is best this way. No horn, no ditching the blue shell, that is OK with me. It shouldnt be easy, it should be hard as hell, but there should be the posibility. The horn has all those things in it.

tinkypop1222d ago

Being 1st till last lap then ending up 10th, makes you loes your mind sometimes, but makes the game more enjoyable than winning every race.
its not the blue shells that pee me off. that award goes to the green shells.
Oh green!!
You do like to pop up from no where, with no warning.

Michiel19891222d ago

I know man, green shells are my bane in this MK.....

Jdoki1222d ago

The number of times I have been leading in a close race, heard the Blue Shell approach, slammed on the brakes and let an opponent take the hit... I wouldn't change a thing about the Blue Shell. :)

People who complain about Blue Shell tend to be those (in my opinion) who expect to be able to get out front and just win. Mario Kart is a great balance of skill and luck. Outright skill won't allow you to win every time.

Michiel19891222d ago

Skill allows you to win most races or end top 3, but far from all. I don't want people to turn a party game (cause thats what mk basically is) into a much too serious game.

just have to say this: the music is really the best in this MK! I pick my tracks mostly based on the soundtrack.

Chrischi19881222d ago

I would say skill is enough, but people think racing game skill is enough, but you gotta have Mario Kart Skill and that also means, the right choice at the right time, using a weapon, when it does the most harm, shooting the last green shell to the back when winning, to have a tiny bit of influence of the outcome, after you won, being hit by a green shell right after a turbo, so driving backwards to get the turbo again and actually saving time and such things.