10 Gaming Heroes You Didn’t Realise Are Murderous Psychopaths

WC: Despite having kill counts that reach genocidal numbers, these characters are still treated as the “good guys”, because they act cute in their dialogue, which can be plain creepy if you think about it. Sure, they might save the world or even the galaxy a few times over, but at what cost?

These may not be bad characters, but they are certainly bad people, and as much as we love them, we love poking fun at their murderous tendencies even more.

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Derekvinyard131408d ago

You can put almost any shooter hero on this list, one game not mentioned that made me feel like a complete psycho was manhunt great game

Magicite1408d ago

ANY gaming hero that takes countless shots in his or her belly. Or kicks, punches, burns, any other damaging moves.

Clown131407d ago

Love me some Manhunt. They need to make a new one so I can decapitate people in HD.

iamnsuperman1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

I think the misunderstanding of what makes a person a "murderous psycopath" is best summed up by this

"Even if you decide to walk the nice guy route, you’ll still end up killing roughly the same amount of mercenaries, aliens and soldiers".

in the Commander Shepherd bit. That doesn't make a person a murderous psychopath. It is a misunderstanding that some people share with soldiers. They are in a war. War means you have to kill the enemy to survive. It is instinct not murder.

This is the same with Far Cry 3, Lara Croft and Drake. They are in specific situations where killing is a necessity to survive. A murderous psychopath kills indiscriminately or kills for fun/enjoyment. Their psychopathic tendency actually lie elsewhere

Thatguy-3101408d ago

Exactly they simply kill to not be killed. Heck anyone would do the same if they were in their shoes. Like you said it's simply survival instincts. You do what you got to do to stay alive.

Imalwaysright1408d ago

I don't remember seeing Lara and Jason making jokes and laughing with their buddies after shooting 20 guys in the head. I understand Naughty Dog's goal but it seems that for the Drake killing someone is like eating an ice cream and it does make him look like a psycho.

sourav931407d ago

I guess you haven't played the old Tomb Raider games then. Because killing was just as easy for the old Lara Croft as it is for Nathan Drake. Jason and the New Lara were killing for the first time, so they were traumatised. If there was an Uncharted game that took us back to Drake's treasure hunting origins, excluding the 2nd chapter of U3, then we'd see that he wouldn't be all fun and games after killing someone for the first time.

Imalwaysright1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

You didn't understand my point at all -_-

Lara doesn't go making jokes with her buddies after killing 20 guys as if nothing had happen. She is always dead serious. Also if you played the original TR you would know that killing Larson (the 1st time she killed an human) had an impact on her.

What I'm saying is that Uncharted's gameplay which basically consists of pulling headshot after headshot doesn't suit the happy go lucky personality of the Drake and because it, it makes him look like a psycho.

TricksterArrow1407d ago

Lara does crack some jokes. Specially when she gets her grende launcher. :)

skulz71408d ago

Technically all gamers are psychopaths then as we get enjoyment out of killing people in the games lol

pop_tarts1407d ago

Lol I sure do love killing in Gran Turismo!

MrSwankSinatra1408d ago

The Lone Wanderer was never meant to be villain or a hero, but a survivor. The world that encompasses fallout is that of survival, it's killed or be killed.

Mr Marvel1408d ago

Top 15,000 N4G articles you slapped yourself for clicking on.

Yup, this is just another article to add to the BS pile.

Tedakin1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Nathan Drake is definitely messed up. My friends and I discussed this. He's this super nice, charming, goofy guy. Then suddenly he's violently breaking dozens of necks and killing men by the hundreds. Nathan Drake would be known all over the world, and most wanted for the amount of death he's brought. Max Payne is up there with him as top heroes who've killed the most men. Master Chief, Marcus Fenix, Dante, etc, don't kill men, they kill aliens and demons and shit, so they don't count.

Bathyj1408d ago

The wives and children of aliens and demons might disagree. Nobody ever thinks of them.

Ghost_Nappa1408d ago

I found your profile pic to be highly disturbing (hides under bed).

Bathyj1408d ago

C'mon, that's a smile you can trust.

Snakefist301407d ago

Is that Full metal Jacket?

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