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Submitted by ValKilmer 576d ago | rumor

DmC: Devil May Cry Ultimate Coming to PS4, Xbox One?

Due to negative fan reception and middling sales, it seemed unclear if we'd ever see more of Ninja Theory's interpretation of the hit series. However, it seems DmC might be receiving a remake. (DmC: Devil May Cry Ultimate, PS4, Xbox One)

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ValKilmer  +   576d ago
Wow, that would be so awesome. The first is one of my favorite games -- I hope Ninja Theory keeps on helming the series.
ValKilmer  +   576d ago
Totally serious. That game is awesome and people just hate it because they changed Dante.

Ninja Theory makes the best hack n slash games period. Enslaved, DmC and Heavenly Sword are all some of the best action games last gen.
levian  +   576d ago | Funny
DnC: Do Not Care
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Blacktric  +   576d ago | Well said
"and people just hate it because they changed Dante."

Find the nearest window and throw yourself out of it. It's been 2 years of this debate and you're still regurgitating the same shitty; "your're are're hatingz it cause his hair is white!" fallacy.
Dudebro90  +   576d ago

if you think DMC was a good hack and slash you really need to play better games. Pick up Bayonetta or DMC3 or DMC4. THe combat is so much better and requires much more skill and has a greater reward.

The character changes were just the start of the problems with that game.

They took a game that required real skill to beat and dumbed it down far too much. Even the hardest mode was far too easy.

DmC was the prime example of developers trying to take a franchise and get new fans by dumbing everything down so anyone could pick it up and play. That is not a good strategy at all because you are going to create so much hate and bad press that not even the hardcore fans of the series would touch it.
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-Foxtrot  +   576d ago

Was just going to say that

When the game was shown off for the first time it was about the hair (and the design) but as they revealed more and we even saw gameplay the problems piled onto one another

The hair is the tip of the iceberg.
XisThatKid  +   575d ago
The hate is so strong, I'm so glad if this is true I'll buy this day 1.
abzdiine  +   575d ago
Despite the shit look of the new Dante, i invite everyone to play DmC it's a very good surprise!
PeteyMcPickle  +   575d ago
@ValKilmer Really? *cough* Platinum *cough cough* Metal Gear Rising Revengeance *COUGH* Bayonetta
ABizzel1  +   575d ago

I was with you about DmC being a good game, and people overly hating it. It wasn't the best to me, but it was enjoyable (8/10 range).

But you lost me with the Ninja Theory making the best hack n slash comment.

Those honors belong to Platinum and Sony Santa Monica (Team Ninja has jumped off a cliff). I will say that overall production such as Story, Characters, graphics, gameplay, etc... that Ninja Theory is pretty much up there with those 2, but they're still not on their level.

Gameplay Platinum takes the cake, Everything else goes to SSM hands down (Presentation, Characters, Graphics, Story, etc...).
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UltimateMaster  +   575d ago
Kill it! Kill it with Fire!
UltimateMaster  +   575d ago

You must not play hack n slash games a lot.
DMC is a blunt down copy and paste game mechanics from previous Devil May Cry games, except the others were much better in every conceivable way except 2.

Dante is a complete douche. No Bad-ass to be found
Vergil is a sadistic psychopath. No Honor what-so-ever
Combo mechanics are extremely basic. Seems like DMC 2 all over again, until you get a few redeeming extras.
Complete fuck you in the face of all true Devil May Cry fans with in-game mockery of the old Dante.

Everything about the game is a colossal disappointment.

Then Capcom is wondering why the hell they are going bankrupt?
Easy, supply/demand, there's no demand for abysmal games like DMC.
Your job, as a game maker, is to make games gamers want. If they don't want it, they won't buy it and you fail as a company.
DragonKnight  +   575d ago
God I hope not. This game is a cancerous tumor on the Devil May Cry franchise and needs to be chemo'ed out immediately.

Given the fan reaction, which hasn't changed, and the poor sales this game received, I would think Capcom wouldn't be stupid enough to remake a game from a developer they kind of insulted after the game's poor performance. They can't expect that it would do any better than it already hasn't done.

This game needs to fade into obscurity so that it can never taint the good name of Devil May Cry ever again. This game makes DMC2 look good.
thunderbear  +   575d ago
@Valkilmer I agree with you and so did the critics. Very good scores and really fun game, certainly on par with the other DMCs. The battle mechanics were fantastic. People really did get hung up on the looks of the new Dante, some of which I agreed with but I still enjoyed the game quite a bit.
UltraNova  +   575d ago
Havent played this yet. I wasnt going to nor will I play it if they still release a pretty version of what I like to call as the DMC of sissies!

Yeah I said it, I bought DMC games to play them in Nightmare Mode. The latest was a Japanese hack and slash made for Westerners who love kill-streaks in COD.

Better fix the gameplay make it true to formula and then we talk Ninja Theory.
crxss  +   575d ago
People need to stop saying capcom is going bankrupt. If you did any worthwhile research you would see they have plenty of money.

I liked DMC3 the best but DmC wasn't bad at all. I'd get this game just for the console 60 fps experience. Hope it's cheap though, wouldn't get it for $60
DragonKnight  +   575d ago
@crxss: "If you did any worthwhile research you would see they have plenty of money."

No they don't. They have about $150 million.

pick a site, they all say the same thing.
Dudebro90  +   576d ago
I really hope you are joking. DMC was a decent game with a terrible story.
Legacy212  +   575d ago
Loved it. It was my favorite hack and slash of the gen.
Dan_scruggs  +   575d ago
Wait. Which Devil May Cry game had a good story?
crxss  +   575d ago
No dmc game has had a good story. It's known for it's gameplay. Ninja theory's attempt is probably the most worthwhile but still not that great.
randomass171  +   575d ago
Devil May Cry 3 and 4 at least had characters that were likable. The characters in DmC were just complete A-holes. It was like their idea of cool was taking a baby's candy and then smacking them in the face with it. Not my cup of tea and I hope this news is false.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   575d ago
story was 50/50 for me, but gameplay and feel was a big step back from dmc4. only japan can make a worthy dmc game.
By far the best in the series, and also the most hated. Weird, it's like they took a very average franchise and made it interesting and everyone hates them for it. But I guess I have different taste than most people.
Yeah, that's why it is the worst seller in the franchise, because it's just THAT much better than the previous games... /s

Get a grip, the game is hated for a reason. DmC is the textbook definition of a mediocre title that got a free pass because the media is just in love with the developer.

I am curious though, as to what exactly was DmC's contribution to make the franchise interesting. Was it the unresponsive controls, the atrocious art direction or the lame dialog with more f-bombs per minute than a Martin Scorsese movie?
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DragonKnight  +   575d ago
"By far the best in the series."

These few words alone smack of more ignorance than I've ever seen in my life.
Ultimax  +   575d ago
"By far the best in the series"
Better Than DMC3 !????????
Are you freaking Kidding me sir ᕙ(ಠ益ಠ)ᕗ
You have 0% sense of nostalgia , your taste is awful just smh at your logic
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DanteVFenris666  +   575d ago
No the problem is that they took a really great franchise and made it average. The only new thing they did was rework the controls. How could you think it was better when there was no style system(ext trickster, gunslinger)?

Abilities were worst, gameplay was worst. Story was worse(that's sad). They turned good characters and made them all complete dushes and dull. Like Dante was so badass before, the new one he was just a cocky punk. Main villain was crap, like oh I'm so scared, your idea of evil is turning the world into debt.
MasterCornholio  +   575d ago
Trust me DMC3 was much better.
eXclurel  +   575d ago
Best in the series?

did you play DMC3? If "making it interesting" means "making gameplay so easier even a baby would beat Vergil on the first try" then you are right.
ThanatosDMC  +   575d ago
Casuals love shitty games and tout that they played what was suppose to be a hardcore game so they can brag about it. The whole game was on Easy Automatic. If you dont know what "easy automatic" means then you are part of the problem that's kiling my favorite franchise.
HacSawJimThugin  +   575d ago
While I do like Ninja Theory, I have to say Platinum Games makes the best hack and slash. Bayonetta IMHO still has the best combat in that arena.
DCfan  +   575d ago
None of these 2 studios combined can do what Itagaki did with the Ninja Gaiden series (NG3 was a good game, but nothing near NG2)
HacSawJimThugin  +   575d ago
@DCfan I can't argue with you there. While I'm more partial to Bayonetta, I have nothing but the utmost respect for the brutal savageness of Mr. Ryu Hayabusa.
Sevir  +   575d ago
I'm right there with you Valkilmer. I'm in the minority who actually LOVED the game and its Cohesive if not straight forward story , which was more than we can say for all the DMC games in that's.

granted I still think DMC3 was the best in the franchise on pure game play alone, BUT, I LOVE DmC and I'm praying to God that Capcom and NT are slaving away at this for PS4. I wonder what extras are coming to it. Virgil's DF was pretty good, and the Main game is stellar. Please be real please be real please be REAL.
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sourav93  +   575d ago
I miss DMC4 :'(
360ICE  +   575d ago
Agree! Loved that game, and I really like the old ones too. To be fair, people do hate it for more reasons than the new Dante, though. Lower fps on consoles and entirely different dialogue and overall feel being some of the reason.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   575d ago
Imagine if Itagaki took over Uncharted.

Did you really imagine that? Good, now you know why not many want DmC from western studios again. It is meaningless.
Azzanation  +   575d ago
Just get it on PC, looks amazing and its cheaper.
showtimefolks  +   575d ago
this game is awesome which was hated by a lot of butt hurt DMC fanboys. The only thing this game was missing was the 60FPS(hopefully next gen version will be 60FPS)

a lot of these butt hurt fanboys never got over the fact that the developers change the look of dante,

NT went to capcom with similar look for this reboot and capcom denied it asking for a new look. So don't blame NT, it was capcom's choice

but please keep saying negative things about it, y'all are missing out on a great DMC game
DanteVFenris666  +   575d ago
It's not just the look dude. Its about talking the most baddass character and turning him into a pussy. The souls of dmc isn't their. It's like if they did a remake of Star Wars and making luke a sith, and then having him talk about how big his dick is the entire time and turning him into a sex addict

And then they made darth vader not his father but his brother. And darth vader had a meth addiction. And instead of enemies he is actually allied with luke.

Would you like that? Even if you would imagine the outrage. Not hard to imagine that one.
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eXclurel  +   575d ago
It wasn't just changing the look. It's that the new look of Dante screamed "we will dumb the game down so much you will beat Vergil with just mashing buttons".
Blacktric  +   575d ago
"a lot of these butt hurt fanboys never got over the fact that the developers change the look of dante"

It's 2014 and we still have people like this commenting as if they're on YouTube. Keep calling people who don't like a mediocre game that shat on the Devil May Cry's legacy "butthurt". You're proving everyone, who thinks that people who like DmC are edgy kids, right.
ZombieKiller  +   575d ago
....and it will still be 30FPS. Lol no thanks.
geddesmond  +   575d ago
You serious?

DMC used to be great and it wasn't because they changed dantes appearance that made the reboot suck. It was the story, repetitiveness and crappy combat compared to the other games in the series.

I understand the Tombraider remaster. I understand TLOU remaster, I really want a GTA5 remastered which is coming yay. But a remaster of the new DMC ROFLMAO and after the ultimate version we will probably see an ultimate, hyper and remix version from crapcom lol.
ZombieKiller  +   575d ago
That's the thing.... people that haven't played the originals seem to be the ones that say this game is cool.
This game is FAR from anything good compared to the old ones and anything remotely cool about this game straight up stole it from the old series. The Rainstorm, Arial Rave, Double Down, Helm Breaker....etc etc. The only thing I can think of giving NT credit for are the Demon Pull and tether (which was the "snatch" from DMC4) Since they focused on traversial gameplay I'll give em' credit for that. Nothing new and exciting though.
We sacrificed 60FPS and a whole lot more than "white hair"
I played it, beat the game, shook my head and deleted it. That was the free PS+ copy too. Call me a fanboy, I could care less. This isn't about me, but rather the fact that Devil May Cry (not DmC) was amongst my favorite new IP's on the PS2 since the demo of DMC1, and now it's not even worth 5.5GB on my PS HDD as I don't want to even waste the space. White hair or not.
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HumanatPlay  +   575d ago
Its awesome to play a game and have it stashed alongside your other good time memories. This game was not able to do that for me. Sure it was very accessible and not at all frustrating though it wasn't the Devil May Cry fans of the franchise where looking for. I think Capcom undid a great deal of its success by trying to expand their market audience beyond DMCs loyal fan base with "new-age-pop-angsty" characters like Nero, the new Dante and worst of all Virgil. It wasn't necessary just like a remastered version of the recent DMC.
1Victor  +   575d ago
Is it April fools already ? What fool thought that a game that fail last gen (due to the radical changes to a stablished IP and the we make it you like it mentality of the developers) would sale in the next gen .
kingtroy  +   576d ago
So many ports and remakes. But i rather them do a sequel instead
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Majin-vegeta  +   576d ago
Lol please no.This game is garbage.
crazysammy  +   575d ago
If you don't like the game thats valid, but to say its "garbage" is inaccurate. It may not have been as good as it could have been, or what you would have liked it to be, but many people worked really hard on the game and its very playable and very fun. Not garbage by any stretch.
showtimefolks  +   575d ago

i don't think you know what a garbage game looks/plays like. if you don't like it its fine but to say this game isn't excellent is nothing but being a negative troll

the only thing this game was missing was the 60FPS, which this next gen version will most likely achieve
lelo  +   576d ago
"DmC: Devil May Cry Ultimate Coming to PS4, Xbox One?"

This gen is remake after remake. So many remakes... another one wouldn't surprise me.

As for DmC, it's a good game. I normally like Ninja Theory's games.
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MrSwankSinatra  +   575d ago
Why do you care? You're not forced to buy any of them.
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SpiralTear  +   575d ago
But we're forced to see them on store shelves while playing two consoles that don't have backwards compatibility with the same games we've already bought.
Sevir  +   575d ago
correction games you've already bought! some of us actually skipped or missed out on them for reasons of our own and seeing them running at higher resolutions and double the frame rate with all the past content is fine. its easier to take PC code and port it to next gen consoles and pad out their fiscal year catalogs until their fully next gen developed new ip games and engines take center stage.

I'm fine with it.

I passed on Tomb Raider on PS3 and totally LOVED TR::DE on PS4.. I passed on Metro 2033 and Last light and I'm diving into Metro:Redux on PS4. AND I Played and LOVED TLOU on PS3 but i'm totally jumping back in on the PS4 Remaster in 18 days. GTAV I could careless for since I never played it on PS3 and I'm not a fan of GTA games.

Nothing wrong with rereleases not everyone has played them and with the Paltry first year offerings for both Next gen consoles, these are a welcome. :)

DmC at 60fps and 1080p and 4x the texture quality and better AA. Count me in.
DragonKnight  +   575d ago
"Why do you care? You're not forced to buy any of them."

This is literally a non-argument parroted by gullible gamers with more money than sense.
showtimefolks  +   575d ago

get use to it man, gamers now a days do nothing but complain.


so what if its on store shelf, is someone forcing you to buy the damn game?
TXIDarkAvenger  +   575d ago
Yeah but its a waste of dev time. They could be coming up with something new rather than remaking games that aren't even that old.
-Foxtrot  +   576d ago
Hopefully not

The people who, with one game, put the final coffin in DMC

They have no respect for the franchise and are such arrogant arseholes with their take on it.

I still can't believe it got good reviews when the game was a downgrade in everyway. When a game has something to live up to and fails to do that then it dosen't deserve good scores...I'm sorry but it dosen't. Your awarding failure.

To this day I still believe something went on behind closed doors (grabs tin foil hat) because it's strange how sites never defended the game for the 2 years it was ripped to bits while in development then all of a sudden a month before it came out (December) we got a shit load of defence articles on the game, some which basically said the exact same things with different wording. Even the reviews when it came out said similar things, it's the only time I've seen such similarities in tons of reviews from the big sites.
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Blank  +   575d ago
I totally agree about the whole similar review point you I honestly thought my tinfoil was getting too tight for my head. But it was so weird how major sites came out in full defense for this game while smaller less known sites rated for what it was. Lastly its refreshing how you brought the points on the downgrades from the character attitudes to the simplified combat rating system the new gamers like it because of the accessibilty no wonder they bag on the old games saying it was "cheezy" well DmC was straight up immature and trying to be cool.
wheresmymonkey  +   575d ago
It got good reviews, because it was good. Capcom had already destroyed the franchise with DMC4 which, as so many fans seem to conveniently forget, was complete and utter garbage. not quite as bad as two, but balls compared to 1 or 3.

If you want a new DMC in the old mold go and get Bayonetta 2 when it hits. That's the reason DmC is so different. Platinum did such a great job that Cpacom saw that it would be bloody idiotic to even try and create a game in the same mold. Thus the reboot.
LordMe  +   575d ago
Bayo doesn't play like DMC, similar but not quite.

DMC4 had the best game play, most hated the recycled areas and bosses, but loved the game play.

DmC was supposed to be more mature and darker, but came off as juvenile and immature. Game play was choppy and not as smooth, difficulty was nonexistent.
Sevir  +   575d ago
DMC4 wasn't garbage. It reviewed just as well as DmC actually, which is saying something. what was bad about DMC4 wasn't its game play, but that fans HATED Nero, They HATED the backtracking and they HATED the story and refighting the bosses with Dante...

with the exception of the Devil Bringer... DMC4 was a complete carbon copy of DMC3. what got DMC4 to be well received critically was its gameplay. DmC reviewed well because it was solid and similar and its Story was BETTER than the past.

If NT and Capcom do a DmC2 and I pray that they do, then they outta tighten up the core mechanics and pull it closer to DMC3/4. I cant wait.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   575d ago
They rebooted it , like Square did with TR , in order to appeal to wider audience, thats what destroyed most of games. They don't seem to realize you can't please everyone, sequels should be made with existing fans in mind and not completely destroyed to appeal to every kid in the world , because "fuck the fans, we need more money".
-Foxtrot  +   575d ago
The sad thing about this is sometimes these reboots work and are crtically acclaimed despite the franchise loosing touch with what the franchise is about

Take the Tomb Raider reboot. Review it as a Tomb Raider game and it wouldn't get good marks. If you play the old games and then think of the reboot you'll feel so disappointed to see whats happened to the franchise. From a well thought out, difficult puzzle game with third person shooter elements to an over the top third person shooter game.

Those sales and reviews mean they'll never learn. Don't get me wrong as a game they are good but when you have something to live up to, the franchises name, then you have to review it on that aswell.

As for dmc, it was a total step back.
Tedakin  +   576d ago
That last DMC was the best DMC. Even with black haired Dante.
Legacy212  +   575d ago
The ending was soooo epic! Bring on DMC2
Dudebro90  +   575d ago
How was the ending epic???

If you have played DMC3 you literally knew the end of the game before it even started. Not to mention Virgil was a freaking cake walk. He literally walked around and waited for you to hit him.
vergilxx3  +   575d ago
Duderbro I'd like to see you making better game than dmc3
this game was epic from start to the end
Legacy212  +   575d ago
The ending was epic I thought maybe they wouldn't go down devil may cry 3 route but they did and after dante got his white hair. Too bad ass
Sevir  +   575d ago
The ending wasn't epic but it was great that they melded DMC1 and DMC3's plots a bit. I hope to GOD they are tapped for DmC2 NT wrote a great story and the action was pretty great. solid combat and NT's Best action game to date!
DragonKnight  +   575d ago
Such low standards. Apparently "epic" can just be thrown about all willy nilly these days with not a single care given to what it actually entails.
ThanatosDMC  +   575d ago
Really really low standards. They must find Lego games amazing too.
Legacy212  +   574d ago
Peoples animosity for this game is ridiculous. People like this game deal with it. And it has the best dmc story up there with dmc 1. If anyone can even tell me what the hell happened in dmc 4 and their coherent story I will retract my statement.
Dudebro90  +   576d ago
IF this happens i will legit cry. I know some people liked DmC, but as a fan of the series since the original it made me puke a little in my mouth.

The combat was ok. A somewhat dumbed down version that had some depth, not the end of the world, but it was no where as good or as in depth as DMC3 or DMC4.

But what Ninja Theory did to the story and characters was absolutely unforgivable. They thought by cramming sex and "mature" themes into a story about punk a** kids who think they are hip and hipster would somehow capture people and make them think it was better.

Spoiler alert: It was freaking awful.
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KonsoruMasuta  +   576d ago
Yeah, Ninja Theory murdered the franchise.

Good thing about it is DMC: Devil May Cry performed pretty badly compared to Capcom's expectations. It's debut was worse than DmC 4 and Capcom had to cut their sales expectations by half.

I say that was a win for Devil May Cry fans. Now Capcom will think twice before they let an outside studio butcher a well liked franchise.
#7.1 (Edited 576d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
crazysammy  +   575d ago
You are wrong to place the blame on Ninja Theory. That studios original vision I believe was a game most of us would have liked, however its well documented that Capcom kept rejecting early concepts that weren't far off enough. NT wanted to make a game closer to the franchise and Capcom wanted the reboot.
Vantage  +   576d ago
In fact, they should re-make every game ever made for next gen systems. Call it "Video Games: The Definitive Edition"
Master-H  +   576d ago
I know you're being sarcastic but playing the old Tenchu games with next gen graphics would be epic for me, plus there are bunch of legendary ps1-ps2 games that i've missed, wouldn't be too mad if they did this now that i think about it lol.
Summons75  +   575d ago
YES! I have always hoped for an HD tenchu game even though I won't hold my breathe I would still love for an HD or a good modern one.
Legacy212  +   575d ago
Tenchu 3 wrath of heaven on next gen consoles. Man what happened to that series!!
LAWSON72  +   575d ago
Most of these rereleases not remakes take little effort. I see nothing wrong with a small team porting a last gen title to a new and more relevant console, though I wish instead PS4 and Xbone just had something like PS classics, virtual console, and Xbox originals. Sure some could use small touch ups but still most are still okay looking games that hold up well so why waste the resources. At this point these consoles are not bloated with great software so I have zero problem with some rereleases of older games that take a small amount of time to port. Do to the drought in games, some gems of last gen may get a chance to shine like Metro

As for actual remakes, it depends for example I would love a remake (not a reboot)of classic RE games (I cannot get used to the dated gameplay) and FFs (not 7, just ones that could be epic redone in 3d like 6).

What I do not see the point of (other than obvious reasons like sales numbers and zero risk), are full on reboots, if a classic franchise is so great why the hell reimagine it? For example imagine Crystal Dynamics tackled a new female lead (or whatever I really dont care it would be interesting either way hell make it an alien lol) character instead of using some old IP. They would have far more creative freedom and far less limitations on what they could do. They would have zero expectations from TB fans and start a fresh new franchise, but of course you got to slap an already established IP name on it to guarantee those 6M+ sales.
#8.2 (Edited 575d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Master-H  +   576d ago
Meh no thank you, if you have to remake something instead of making a new game, at least remake/remaster something critically acclaimed or fan favorite. And the more games you include on disc the better.
ThichQuangDuck  +   576d ago
This reminds me that I still need to play this game. The continuing of remasters to get more people to play the game during a slow period is good
SpiralTear  +   575d ago
Or you could play it on PS+ for free on Instant Game Collection, rather than pay more for a slightly prettier version of the game.
ThichQuangDuck  +   575d ago
Will play on steam sale. No rush,but I agree it is not about resolution upgrade
SugarSoSweet  +   575d ago
This game sucks and so does Dante's gay ass looking redesign
BlackPrince 42  +   575d ago
Well hopefully this version runs at 60fps, but that's not going to change how awful the writing is or the fact that the combat was dumbed down.
47  +   575d ago
Good lord I hope so. I played through the 360 version a few times and I'll gladly jump back in with an xb1 or ps4 version. If this is true, maybe means a sequel isn't too far behind
Summons75  +   575d ago
God help us all if it does....

If they do that then they should at least bring up the DMC HD collection so people who play that awful failure can see what a real Devil May Cry game actually plays like.
One of the best games of last gen getting a PS4 port? Sounds good to me.
Revolt13  +   575d ago
Iv always loved your name :)
Heavenly King  +   575d ago
It was a good action game, but a bad Devil May Cry game.
Revolt13  +   575d ago
Oh please be true!!
XtraTrstrL  +   575d ago
I haven't played much of DmC since the first 1 or 2. Until the free PS+ one on PS3 a few months ago, that I only got 1 or 2 bosses in on. I'm all for it if they actually try to optimize and upgrade it to fully utilize next gen consoles power.

I love how there's no mention of Capcom anywhere at all. It's like they know it'll bring negativity to even mention the name.
LordMe  +   575d ago
No. Please no, the game bombed entirely, let it die, or go back to the Japanese.

But this doesn't leave much hope for a DMC5...
#19 (Edited 575d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
jeremyj2913  +   575d ago
Took all the words right out of my mouth.
Edvin1984  +   575d ago
I gave it try with the PS3 plus deal, but I got to say the game is sharp looking just was boring. I was maybe visually overwhelmed and really just did not find my self enjoying it. I have friends that swear by this game, and I guess ill give it a try from redbox if anything. I loved DMC3 that is by far my favorite 3rd person action game to date.
PeteyMcPickle  +   575d ago
Really? I'd sooner see a remake of Devil May Cry 2 over this garbage. Ninja Theory should never be let near the franchise ever again.
HumanAfterAll  +   575d ago
I think it would be sweet to bring the whole collection DMC 1-4 and the the new DMC in one box.

Now that would be awesome! I'd buy this though. I actually loved it despite all its hate.
Dlacy13g  +   575d ago
Yeah, Sounds like more HD remakes! :-/
ginsunuva  +   575d ago
RIP this generation and its fans.
RAAMzilla  +   575d ago
DmC is the best in the series.
MegaRay  +   575d ago
Devil may Cry 3 IS IMO
InTheLab  +   575d ago
If DMC5 drops I'd buy it day 1. If Capcom screws up and makes another DMC Devil May Cry, I'm done with the franchise.

I get that theres a growing segment of gamers who's first DMC experience was NT's game. It's not their fualt they don't know what was stripped from the franchise. Can't even blame them.

But there's more of US than THEM. DMC sold 1.5m copies on 2 platforms and DMC4 sold 4 million on 2. Capcom would be stupid to cater to the smaller fanbase or try to make some bastard child of both games and alienate everyone.
Swiggins  +   575d ago
Okay these remakes are getting a little phouqing silly.
HacSawJimThugin  +   575d ago
I have the game still play it love the combat. Would I pay for this remake? Um no. I rather Capcom give me Viewtiful Joe.
metaltales49  +   575d ago
I would love another Viewtiful Joe game too but to bad that series is long been dead in Capcom eyes.
HacSawJimThugin  +   575d ago
They should at least commission a HD remake. That game was a true gem.
Twiggy  +   575d ago
DmC Dante, everything wrong with the music, fashion, and video-games industry rolled into one horribly modern Dante.

Him aside, the gameplay was terrific. Wouldn't buy it but I would certainly borrow it.
metaltales49  +   575d ago
I'm curious about this. When people say DmC is the best Devil May Cry in the series have most of them ever played older Devil May Cries. I've played all of them and DmC is clearly not the best in the series.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   575d ago
Thank you was gonna say the same thing.
Legendary-Status  +   575d ago
DMC3 is the Best in the Series...& I like DMC4 but DmC is not the best in the series by a long shot
kenshiro100  +   575d ago
DMC1, 3 and 4 were good. THIS game? No. If they do a remake, they better return Dante back to the way he was before.
#29.3 (Edited 575d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
RAAMzilla  +   575d ago
I've S-ranked every mission in every game (except 2 because it's garbage) and yet I find the rebooted character, game world, and combat to be superior to the classic.

I mean, if you want to hate on a DMC, hate on 2. Easily the worst of them all.
metaltales49  +   575d ago
Well good for you but I've found the rebooted characters to be awful,the game world to be less interesting then the original,and the combat was way to easy.But that question wasn't to towards you it was towards the people that were and is are praising DmC as the best in the series but it seem like they have only played DmC and to be honest it probably a lot of them.Also yes Devil May Cry 2 is a bad game but that doesn't automatically make DmC a good game it like say I got Hepatitis after sex but at least I did get Gonorrhea.
LightDiego  +   575d ago
Looks like the gamers loved or hated DmC.
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