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'Bring back Crash Bandicoot? Wouldn't close the door on that' says Sony Computer Entertainment CEO

Speaking to The Telegraph, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House said there's a possibility for Sony to revisit older IPs like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon.

"This is very dangerous ground," Mr House laughs. "In concept, it is something we've been thinking about and discussing, and this is a shift for us. We've started to say that maybe there isn't anything wrong with going back and looking at characters that people still talk about, that were a big part of either their childhood or their youth. I definitely wouldn't close the door on that."

While Activision now owns both of series, Crash and Spyro acted as mascot for Sony's PlayStation during the late 90s. Maybe this is a job for Sony's Third Party Productions group? (Andrew House, Crash Bandicoot, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP, Spyro the Dragon)

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kingtroy  +   501d ago
Make it happen Sony
XiSasukeUchiha  +   500d ago
Please make it happen Sony!
HonestDragon  +   500d ago
One can hope, kingtroy. One can hope. Add Crash returning to Sony with Banjo-Kazooie returning to Nintendo. It's not like Microsoft is doing anything with that license either.
-Foxtrot  +   501d ago
Wouldn't it just be selfish now for Activison to hold onto them

Skylanders doesn't use Spyro anymore, it's just called Skylanders

While Crash Bandicoot hasn't been used by Activison for ages

I don't see why they would give us a huge hint in the PS4 launch trailer if they don't plan on getting Crash back. I mean you would just have a silhouette of Crash on the sign...that's it but they went a step further to make a hint looking like Crash is back at Sony. Why do that?
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Foraoise  +   501d ago
Because he's obviously on his way back to us. Acti took down any information about Crash from their site around the time that ad showed, too. So it's a fairly safe assumption he'll return or 'has' returned already. I expect him to be in the inevitable playstation all stars sequel. Loved that game.
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-Foxtrot  +   501d ago
I was think that but the recent news of ND not allowing Crash in their 30th anniversary contest makes me think they don't have the rights at all.

If you had the rights you would at least let ND use Crash...I mean it's not like that proves to us that Sony have the rights back, they could of just turned around and said "Activision were nice enough to let us use him since no profit will be made off their license"
Foraoise  +   501d ago
Yeah I just read that too. Huh. Maybe He's "coming" back, but isn't back yet? Hell I've still got hope, haha!
brightlight  +   501d ago
Unless Sony is in an exclusive partnership with Activision regarding new games of Crash Bandicoot. The may not let Sony own the right but they can let them exploit it.
360ICE  +   501d ago
They still use Spyro, though. He's a character in Skylanders. He's also one of the best-selling ones. Crash however...
Master-H  +   501d ago
Imagine a Crash ps4 collection that has Crash 1,2,3 , Crash Bash, and CTR all remastered in 1080p 60fps with split screen and online play !
Too good to be true, but let me dream..
Kurisu  +   501d ago
I'd be all over that pre order like a rash if that were ever to happen! xD
NBT91  +   501d ago
How would a PS1 game look remastered in HD though?
They'd have to completely remake it from scratch like Oddworld New N Tasty.
In which case though, I'd settle for just a Crash 3 remake.
ArtificiallyYours  +   501d ago
This would be an amazing way to bring it back. Crash 2 has to be my absolute favorite of the series.
LKHGFDSA  +   501d ago
Nah I think a reboot would be the better choice.
SaintAlpha101  +   501d ago
I bought a PS4 in hope that cartoony platformers like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro would return to the system and would be the console this generation to have those kinds of games.

Make it happen, Sony, I'd buy both games in a heartbeat.
ThichQuangDuck  +   501d ago
I am listening. Bring back all the franchises. War of The Monsters(Just for me)
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   501d ago
Make it happen.
user7402931  +   501d ago
bring my furry little orange friend back
christian hour  +   501d ago
I eagerly await the day Crash triumphantly returns to us, but I don't see that happening with Activision at the helm.
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RichardDawkins  +   501d ago
Well..Activision won't even let ND use Crash for Fan Art... what's the probability of it coming back?
Whatever4Ever  +   501d ago
Let's start a petition, memory's. Bring Back Crash!!!
1nsomniac  +   501d ago
IMO It's silly that this keeps getting repeated. Sony already let it slip on their Facebook page about 6 months ago that they've bought the licence for Crash & he will be coming to PS4 before 2016.

Since then this same story about "will Crash ever return to PS4" seems to come up every 3-4 weeks. I believe there's going to be a crash out possibly in 2015 but it's going to be Crash Racing which I don't think will do all that well so depends if they want to risk damaging the franchise.
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NBT91  +   501d ago
It's because for every time it is hinted that Crash is returning, there seems to be something else hinting that it isn't happening.
Like just recently ND asked for Crash to be allowed in their new fan art contest and were apparently told no by Activision. Doesn't sound like something that would happen if Sony had the IP does it?

Sony need to just confirm or deny it. Or Activision, I'd respect them more if they were honest and just confirmed they are selfishly holding on to the license in case they want to use it in the future and there are no plans to change that.
But instead Sony just keep teasing it when it seems like they are no closer to bringing the series back than they ever were.

Like The Last Guardian, wish they would just be honest about it rather than keep hinting away and then revealing nothing.
"coming soon" I didn't know soon was at least three years away...
1nsomniac  +   500d ago
My guess is Activision worked in some publisher clause when selling the licence to Sony & as ND fan art contest doesn't involve any return in financial income Activision said no they weren't interested.

There was obviously some upset when they let it slip on Facebook so maybe Activision didn't want it to slip again that it was coming soon & want it kept under wraps until they can start making some money from it.
dafegamer  +   501d ago
semi confirmed?
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   501d ago
All talk no action, you've said that for the longest. Their creator just tried to use them in a painting or whatever and was denied. I doubt we'll every see Crash again.
Tesal  +   501d ago
Time for a petition at Activation to give up back Crash/spyro or sell them back at logical/decent cost =/
mezati99  +   501d ago
please sony for the love of god this is every ps4 owner's wish
NBT91  +   501d ago
I own a PS4, it is not my wish.
Legendary-Status  +   501d ago
It's my Wish this game alone would boost sells's threw the roof this was Ps Mascot he need's to return never ever should of left
desertpunk86  +   501d ago
all i got to say is where is your beloved socom 2 remake........ yea crash is not happening.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   501d ago
No need now. We got SOF Studios making H Hour. Seth Luisi would have his greasy hands somewhere in the remake and screw it up anyway.

While I'd love the chance to jump back in a proper remake without fear of exploits I've given up hope until h hour.
LightDiego  +   501d ago
I really hope so, idiots of Activision, sell it!
TRD4L1fe  +   501d ago
I would buy a ps4 for crash
Legendary-Status  +   501d ago
who you telling lol too much fun
Soldierone  +   501d ago
Vita needs games. Vita can't make "realistic" games. Vita also supports PSTV. See where I'm going here?

Need a spark in Vita sales? Crash Bandicoot may be your answer.
gokuking  +   501d ago
Sony can't even get the PSone/PSP games on the North American Vita store. : /
Soldierone  +   500d ago
Yeah, seems they've given up. If they want to prove that wrong, then something like this is what is needed.

Vita needs something that makes it special and Crash Bandicoot would make it special. Crash would do so much more for them on Vita than on PS4. "Revisiting childhood games" would be perfect for Vita.

It's probably not as big, but comparable to Pokemon being on 3DS.
stripe814  +   501d ago
make this happen Sony, Activision isnt doing anything for Crash and Spyro..buy them back and treat them well..
sk8ofmnd  +   501d ago
Can you guys imagine an e3 where at the end crash walks on stage with that big cone thing. EPIC. like they did with twisted metal. Omg! Head explodes!
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Agent_hitman  +   501d ago
Oh yes, Sony please buy Crash IP to Acti since they're no longer developing any sequels for that game..
PunkXIV  +   501d ago
Also bring back Ape Escape while you're at it.
Legendary-Status  +   501d ago
sony know's this will be HUGE!!!! Crash is so much Fun & Spyro Ill let ND develop them
tigertron  +   500d ago
Andrew, if you knew what was good for you, Sony and gamers you would buy Crash Bandicoot off those retards at Activision.
Killzoner99  +   500d ago
It's a done deal. Crash is heading home to Sony. The insiders have been saying this for months.Sony actually listens to their fans.

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