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Bungie “Loves Europe:” PS4 Beta Still on Track; Would Like to Send Buzz Aldrin to Destiny’s Moon

With the platform choice for European gamers that pre-ordered Destiny on PS4 still unavailable, many are getting restless, wondering if they’ll really manage to be ready in time for the start of the beta on the 17th. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

-Foxtrot  +   230d ago
Yet you make the UK pay £149.99 for the collectors edition...hmmmm
Nitrowolf2  +   230d ago
Bungie isn't, Activision is. They are the publishers, meaning they set the prices of the game that they are distributing
-Foxtrot  +   230d ago
They could of said something though, I mean Activision are lucky to have Bungie.
Vurczi  +   230d ago
True that it isn't Bungie who set the price, but it's neither Activision. Actually, the UK price was set by the only retailer that will be seeling the Edition, GAME.co.uk...
Whitefeather  +   230d ago
There is also other reasons the price is so high like taxes and other things.
Geoff900  +   230d ago

Bungie/Activision set the price, Bungie has sway of the price since they are the IP holders, and Activision can sell the game at a lower price.

However they usually want high profits so they sell the game at a higher price than usual. It's why Activision games are often £45+ even online.
mmc-007  +   230d ago
atleast people in the UK pay less for normal games, I still pay 60-65 euro's for a game which equals to 82-88 dollars while in America they just pay $60.
sashimi  +   230d ago
we do have sales tax you know, for me its usually $65ish after tax but still a lot less than the $82-88.
SpitFireAce85  +   230d ago
I pay 48.99+ Tax so $52.19 with gamersclub
unlocked from BestBuy sorry man i feel ur pain.
Hk85karlsson  +   230d ago
I pay 90-100 USD for a standard AAA game.
COD/FIFA is like 600-700 here (Digital) which translates to around a hundred bucks.

Sweden is one of the best places on earth (economically/socially etc) but its fucking expensive.
joab777  +   230d ago
Sweden is one of the best places economically...but its really expensive. I dont know enough about it, u hav actually piqued my interest. But, if games cost that much, unless ur minimum wage is 15 USD, something is out of whack.
joab777  +   230d ago
Its crazy how one of the biggest games of the Summer is a beta...the other last year's GotY.

To b honest, u could say two of the biggest events of the yr so far are releasing in July...wow!
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