The Framerate Debate

Thirty frames per second; that is the the framerate per second (FPS) that console gamers are accustomed to. On the PC on the other hand, framerates that dip to or below 30 are deemed unacceptable. Having a 30 FPS on the previous generation was something that most people were ok with. However, now with the release of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, many gamers are feeling a bit disappointed that games on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One hardware are running at 30 FPS.

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JBSleek1344d ago

60 fps is a better gameplay experience than 30fps period.


MysticStrummer1343d ago

Not really. Depends on the game.

JBSleek1343d ago

What?? Name a game that doesn't benefit from a higher frame rate?

Dudebro901343d ago

Every play Gears of War in 60 FPS on PC. Its far too fast.

Asuka1343d ago

Agreed. A good example is Dark Souls 2. Because of the way the engine works 60fps actually increases weapon degradation and hitboxes suffer as well. This is why weapons such as ultragreat swords degrade much faster on PC because technically the weapon is spending twice as much time colliding with objects causing it to degrade twice as fast. So lock fps to 30 to fix this

Spotie1343d ago

Candy Crush.

What do I win?

Seriously, for some games, it just doesn't matter.

clouds51343d ago

60fps is always the better experience. It's just way smoother. Look for 30 vs 60fps comparison on google...

For me there are certain games that require 60fps, like first person shooters or side scrollers - everything based on reflexes. And other games where it's nice to have but not required. Like slower paced adventure games, strategy games and stuff like that. RPGs.

What I find extremely funny as a PC gamer, for years consoleros told me that high quality textures and 1080p/60fps is just nice to have and not required to have fun etc etc. And now EVERY game needs to be 1080p/60fps or its crap. People are even hyped for rereleases of games like TLOU just because of higher fps/resolution! What I'm trying to say: on PC this stuff is included in EVERY game since 10 years. We always have high resolution and up to 120fps and YOU choose if you want it or not or if you're happy with medium textures and high fps or rather have 30 fps but ultra textures.
What you guys are hyping atm is stuff that is a standard for gamers since a looong time. So chill, it's not that big a deal.

clouds51343d ago

@dudebro/Lance lionheart: that is just lazy programming/lack of optimisation. If they would have targeted 60fps this wouldn't be an issue.

MysticStrummer1343d ago

@JBSleek - Chess.

I win.

; )

Like cloud said, slower paced adventure games, at least some strategy games.

Vegamyster1343d ago

The only games you could possibly argue are ones like Hard Rain or Beyond which are quick time event based gameplay, any game which requires you to move the camera around will indefinitely benefit from a higher framerate. The only person who would argue against this hasn't benefited from trying multiple genres of games with it, many games prior to the PS/N64 era were 60 fps.

memots1343d ago

60 fps is a better gameplay experience than 30fps period. < --- that is a fact but if the game is built and locked at 30fps and there is no detriment to the controls/gameplay then 30 is fine , Always

ABizzel11343d ago


A cinematic Adventure games like Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead, and others IMO. I hate watching movies outside of their native 24fps, and for games similar to that I don't think having 60fps is a worthwhile improvement on something that's suppose to be "filmic".

Now I agree with you on just about any other genre.

BX811343d ago

Why would they need to target 60fps if it's not needed for that game?

Volkama1343d ago

@Abizzle it isn't the same as watching movies outside of native 24p at all. In that case you are watching a film with interpolated "made up" frames, and it is bad.

A game's native framerate is whatever it is running at, and 60fps is always absolutely better than 30fps (a bug in Dark Souls 2 doesn't change that).

Hving said that, 60fps still needs to be weighed up against the other things that could be achieved instead. There are definitely times where the resource is better spent elsewhere.

BitbyDeath1342d ago

COD: Ghosts.
If you do not remember PC and PS4 had over 60FPS when it had launched and this caused all sorts of frame issues with the game.

Honestly though the benefits of 60FPS are greatly exaggerated. Sure it may provide a slighlty smoother experience but nothing overly game changing.

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Whatever4Ever1343d ago

100% agree with you on that.

Silly gameAr1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

@JB sleek

No offense,but are you the new Sasuke? Have to be first on every article? No offense but not the route you should go.

Anyway, the framerate and resolution bs feels like when xbox 360 only owners ragged on ps3 owners about this last gen.

JBSleek1343d ago

It's not hard to be first you just look on the pending stories.

Also I am very careful what stories I comment on due to this site being very volatile to certain viewpoints.

combatcash1343d ago

A locked 60 fps frame rate is better than a locked 30 fps frame rate. However 30 locked vs 60 variable imo in most cases is better.

d3nworth11343d ago

Basically any game that doesn't require quick response time. Devil may cry vs Demon Souls. DMC is a much faster game so you would need a quick response time to react. Demon Souls is a slow paced game, both your character and the enemies are slow moving. So 60 fps wouldn't do anything to the gameplay. I played Assassin's Creed 2 on Ps3 30fps and PC 60fps. At 60fps the gameplay didn't feel any different. All it had was smoother looking animation.

MasterCornholio1343d ago

Pretty much. But in no way is a rock solid 30FPS a bad experience.

tee_bag2421343d ago

Agreed. Under 60fps is always better than 30fps. In 2014 every game should be this standard. To my surprise and disappointment with the new consoles, that's not the case.

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PurpHerbison1344d ago

How many of those games actually ran at 30FPS? Yes 60FPS is better but 30FPS isn't that bad if it is actually locked at 30. I can't tell you how many consoles games I played that were supposed to be 30FPS but averaged much lower than 30.

Ghost_Nappa1344d ago

Far cry 3, so.....much......tearing

Vegamyster1343d ago

Before i bought the PC version i picked up the 360 version during Boxing day, i don't recall a single reviewer mentioning how bad the framerate was on the console versions.

Ghost_Nappa1343d ago

@vegamyster reviews are idiots not to

cpayne931343d ago

Screen tearing on fc3 is awful. Had to trade it in, will get it on pc at some point.

Master-H1343d ago

Dragon Age Origins ps3, made me quit the game actually.

SilentNegotiator1343d ago

For the graphics and what went on, DA:O ran like crap on Ps3. Awful, awful optimization.

Master-H1343d ago

@SilentNegotiator i know right, the graphics looked straight up like ps2 era, but it wasn't a deal breaker, and i liked the game's story , dialogue system and everything but just couldn't stand the damn framerate fluctuations and screen tearing anymore, so i sold it after about 2 hours in.

memots1343d ago

i would say about 95% of game last gen were 30fps and people were not so L33t about it.

Its a combination of the entitle syndrome and the all or nothing mentality. Why was i fine to game at 30 fps for almost 8 full gen ( yes yes i am old and started on console on atari 2600 )

wtopez1344d ago

What's there to debate?

BattleAxe1343d ago

Exactly, just buy a PC or forever hold your peace.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1343d ago

I really don't care about framerate at all. What I hate is people who say they aren't buying a ge just because it isn't 60fps. Me personally I still can't tell a difference.

dumahim1343d ago

Watch this. It's full 1080p/60fps and minimal compression.
Heed the warning below the video though, you need a fairly strong PC to run it flawlessly.

You can watch that and say you don't see a difference?

Fluchtpunkt1343d ago

its funny...because i bet most of the ppl on here cant tell the difference in movies shot on 24 fps / progressive vs. 50i (interlaced).... ;)

but all the 15yo say of course: 1080p is better....without knowing what the p realliy means haha

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