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The PS4′s Interface Could Have Been Similar to the PS3, but Sony Opted for the Challenging Route

This week, during a keynote at Develop Conference Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House explained what determined the choice of the current interface of the PS4, which was pitched against another option much more similar to the PS3′s Cross Media Bar. (Andrew House, PS3, PS4)

URNightmare  +   19d ago
I gotta say, the XMB is simply awesome! Simple yet so perfectly fitting for everything. I prefer the PS3's XMB to anything else.

I'm hoping for a "Games" tile where you can see all your games just like there is for all tv apps where you find Netflix, Vidzone, etc. With the last game played being the first tile in the main menu just as it is now. Not sure if I made myself clear here =S
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Abriael  +   19d ago
I honestly prefer the PS4's, if any because the PS3 always had this small sensation of sluggyness coming with it... it just feels a bit laggy in a way.
URNightmare  +   19d ago
Wouldn't the XMB be much quicker and overall better on PS4? I think it would, not sure about it though but seems logical.

They could add simple navigation options like the one I mentioned for games which would be just like it was on the XMB, that would be cool at least for games.
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Abriael  +   19d ago
Possibly, but we'll never know lol :D
OpenGL  +   19d ago
The XMB was laggy on the PS3 due to the amount of memory / CPU resources dedicated to it while in-game. The PS4's in-game OS is way more resource intensive but a lot smoother because Sony dedicated something like 3GB of RAM and 2 CPU cores to it. The XMB running on the PS4 would be lightning fast.
EeJLP-  +   19d ago
I feel disconnected from buddies on PS4; having to go through extra menu(s) instead of being right on the main line. Also how you can not see when they were last online on PS4.

I prefer PS3's XMB, along with the 3x3 keyboard option for much faster typing with the controller (PS3's triggers were definitely a factor in making typing faster this way also; much easier for quick taps, which also made it good for switching through weapon wheels like on R:FoM; not saying PS3's triggers are better than PS4's, just that it had its pros and cons).

They need to bring the 3x3 on-screen keyboard back (the one that looks like a telephone setup and works similar to old-school texting) and make fixes to the friends list.
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CervantesPR  +   19d ago
Nah the PS4 OS is much better and efficient IMO but still needs some work.
liquidhalos  +   19d ago
Yeah i prefer the PS4 OS too, it would however be much better with customisation options and a home page
Seraphim  +   19d ago
I have to agree, XMB is great. My only 1 complaint still is that we never got an option to alphabetize downloaded titles. In terms of everything else, XMB trumps the new. Not to mention it was nice being able to change themes. Since the new layout likely isn't going anywhere I have to agree, hopefully something like the TV Apps for games or a Folder option to place games in by both grid and/or single list would be a nice start. I hate seeing that list of all the games n stuff at start up...
Kurisu  +   19d ago
I like the XMB on PS3. I haven't had hands on time with the PS4 interface yet but from the videos I've seen it looks smooth.
liquidhalos  +   19d ago
Yeah its butter smooth, you're going to love it when you get it.
Abzki  +   19d ago
I prefer the XMB but I don't mind the ps4's interface either. Now if only they would add folders and themes...
Clown_Syndr0me  +   19d ago
The PS3 interface is leagues ahead of the PS4.
Where the hell are the updates Sony? Surely it wouldnt be that difficult to implement folders? Customisation? Themes? Anything?!

I like my PS4 as much as the next person, but cant help but feel like they released it and then forgot about it. Unless youre a deluded Sony fanboy, anyone can admit the PS4 is far from perfect and missing alot of basic features even the PS3 has - sort it out Sony :) Its minor details, but together they make a big difference!
TKCMuzzer  +   19d ago
People wanted next gen consoles and we got them. This will always come with slight downfalls. One of these is that Sony would have had to make a decision on what could have been ready for launch on the software side. So, they would have gone with the simplistic and most stable version of the OS for release.
I don't imagine it's as easy as you make out to add this and that, as everything would have to be tested every time an alteration is made to make sure it effects nothing else.
I'm sure we will get what we need in time but I don't want it rushed and effecting other parts of the system in doing so.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   19d ago
7 months is more than enough time to implement simple features like folders.
Microsoft has managed to release monthly updates for all the stuff they failed to include at launch, successfully (for the most part).
Also Im always looking out for news about future updates, either Sony are very quiet or there isn't any news.
Im not sure how quickly or often PS3 updated as I only got one a couple of weeks ago.
sprinterboy  +   19d ago
As long as a ui is not complicated to use I don't mind what they look like, enjoyed ps3 ui and enjoying ps4 ui, the ps4 ui will have updates over time I am sure.
Smokeeye123  +   19d ago
Look, I love my PS4, but the UI needs major work.

The tiles is completely cluttered and looks horrible. I shouldnt have to scroll right for five seconds to find a game.

Their should only be like 5 tiles, Games, Apps, PS store, Movies, and Music. condensing it would be 100000000x better.
BitbyDeath  +   19d ago
I'd rather if they let you pick which tiles you can place on that page but still have access to others elsewhere. eg. The library section.
iamnsuperman  +   19d ago
They need a folder option. Currently it isn't too bad but as the amount games increase it will get more cluttered
Gore-Content  +   19d ago
Wise choice. I'm loving the interface.
thebudgetgamer  +   19d ago
The only problem I ever had with the XMB was it could be super slow at times. Otherwise it's my favorite ui of any console I ever used.
Sm00thNinja  +   19d ago
I like the PS4s interface but it's still sluggish and needs work! Can we get folders sometime this generation!!? anyone who thinks the PS4 interface is perfect has a screw missing. Can we get a fix for music unlimited I'm paying $10 bucks a month for something that doesn't work half the time!
ReBurn  +   19d ago
Serious question: If it doesn't work then why are you paying for it?
Sm00thNinja  +   19d ago
Final fantasy 14 with tunes makes it worth it when it does work
Software_Lover  +   19d ago
I don't understand why these manufacturers (Sony/Microsoft) can't make a games tab, then make that tab list your games like steam does with the tiles. I love how Steam displays their games, especially when you have over 200 games (as myself).
SpinalRemains138  +   19d ago
I'm not that keen on the new UI.

I love the XMB too.
ReBurn  +   19d ago
My only gripe about the new UI is that I can't pin things to the front or back of the line of stuff. I'm ok with the one line, just let me organize it the way I want to.
EverydayGuy  +   19d ago
I guess writing code to utilize the GDDR5 for software applications has it own hurdles.
itisallaboutps  +   19d ago
I much rather have XMB no recording feature. And not multitasking and more power to graphics!

Wish their was an option were you could choose between the two
PS4isKing_82  +   19d ago
It's just a ui. All I care about is the amazing games this beautiful console will bring me over the years :) Although I do miss the smooth almost hypnotic interface of the ps2. Felt so futuristic at the time. If anything, Sony should bring an updated version of that.
gamer7804  +   19d ago
As my collection and apps grow. The library needs to be fixed, Every thing is lumped together
Agent_hitman  +   19d ago
imo I think that XMB is much better. They should have revolutionized it for PS4 rather than to use new OS tile-based..
MAULxx  +   18d ago
What about an option to create our own folders underneath highlighted Tiles? Adding a game tile & having all your games there. You could scroll down through them with the option to create folders & sort them how you want.
The XMB would have been nice on PS4. It was very functional & sleek with some nice options for your Games, Videos & music. It did need an option for creating folders within folders. My PS3 Game folder is kind of crazy. I have my games sorted by format. PS3 folder, PS2 folder & a PS1 folder & it auto sorts when I download games which is nice. I just wish I could create a folders within the PS3 folder to sort PSN games & PS3 Games. That would be better than a big long line list of PS3 & PSN games.
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   18d ago
Like Naruto's path of the shinobi believe it!

Good job for going on the challenging route, Sony!

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