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Former Valve VR Dev: “VR Is Bad News. I Want Out.” Should We Heed the Warning?

Twinfinite: As it stands today, virtual reality is the next “big frontier” in gaming. With projects as large in scope as the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus going on, it’s hard to not be excited for what it all could bring to the gaming table. And yet, it seems as though not everybody is as jubilant about it as you may assume. (Fabian Giessen, Oculus Rift, PC, PlayStation VR, PS4)

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Nitrowolf2  +   454d ago

He wants out because it would be less social, and damaging to Multiplayer games. This couldn't be further away from the truth TBH. Sure, it'll start with little to no MP games (Although isn't that EVE spaceship game Multiplayer?), but those are called hurdles that'll eventually be gone. The way we play right now, in terms of what games offer, won't just magically disappear. Devs will make games as they see fit.

VR is just a head display with the TV screen in front of you basically with motion controls (although controls are optional)

I'll wait before judging, but the reason he gives just aren't good enough IMO. If he had mentioned that the tech just doesn't work, or it's just not ready then I'd understand, but to say it will limit social aspects in games today. No
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-Foxtrot  +   454d ago
Does anyone really care if it harms multiplayer games, I mean we've come to a point where online stuff is shoved into nearly every game. Newer gamers should be reminded that you don't need an online mode for a game to be good.

Honestly if it did ruin multiplayer then I wouldn't care at all. I'd see it as a good thing.

I do think Valve's social, online approach is a little annoying to be honest. I hope to god Half Life 3 hasn't got a co-op mode or something.
Prime157  +   454d ago
I think the lesson to be learned is still: everything in moderation.

I believe he's looking at those of us out in social areas who aren't actually socializing, but on our phones or other devices... there is a thing as gaming addiction; I, like many others, was addicted to WOW. In fact, people have committed suicide over online gaming.

It's a new issue developing from new technology. The difference is that his efforts would be better used in teaching moderation rather than just quitting.
BattleN  +   454d ago
It will cause anti socials to become even more anti social, as there will be no need for them to interact with others or go outside!
Debaitable  +   454d ago
Wow you guys both miss the point of the letter. It's about be less socially active in real lifr. Watch the Bruce Willis movie Surrogates as to where he thinks VR is going.
UltimateMaster  +   454d ago
"VR headsets are anti-social"
When's the last time we've got offline multi-player game beyond Nintendo?
Tales RPG addict  +   454d ago
agreed and besides while were on this topic you make a good point that games aren't always about online. The major problem is that for many games like COD the MP part of the game is over 90% of the purchase, and once said game goes offline you just lost a majority of the game you spent money on.
Fluchtpunkt  +   454d ago
In 1995 VR was the new shit....til late 1995 and it died.
Avatar said: 3D was the new shit and companies tried to sell us that
shit...that was a failure too.

That was VR in 1995....looks the same.


Why should I believe any company now?
Wheres the difference to 1995?
b163o1  +   454d ago
Ok ^^^ this guy just made no sense. Like asking whats the difference between FatBacks and HD Flat screens. Tech has made leap and bounds sense 95.
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TheDivine  +   454d ago
Its coming and its not going to be a passing gimmick. Gaming is great but VR will be a revolution like the PC was back when it launched or the smartphone was. Everyone will eventually use it for movies, games, social networking, porn, and the Internet itself will be reinvented as something you can explore and be in.

It will steal some people's lives away like tv, Internet, and gaming has done before it but imagine the possibilities. Those people who let their life get sucked away are weak and need to learn restraint and moderation. We may be heading away from actually LIVING our lives but there's always a choice. This is exciting tech and will take a long time to develop into something where you could live out a digital life that would seem real.
UltraNova  +   454d ago
I say swift death to this relentless online social integration of games! I mean isn't Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc enough? Do you need to do that to games as well??

Hell No! Bring great games back with local multiplayer, that's real socializing!

As for VR I say Hell yeah!!
inveni0  +   454d ago
I would use VR for every game that supports it. I've been waiting for this technology to reach its current point for 25 years.
IcarusOne  +   453d ago

Why would you link an article without even reading it? If you had, you'd know it actually disputes your claim that 1995 VR is the same as today's VR.

And then you say 3D is dead? Have you noticed how many 3D movies are in theaters RIGHT NOW, let alone how many are released yearly and how many 3D blurays can be found on the shelves of Target or Best Buy?

I honestly don't understand you.
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Ares84HU  +   453d ago
If it hurst multiplayer games, than I'm all in. I'm so tired of online multiplayer games and that every game has to have online mp.
extermin8or  +   454d ago
I think you've misunderstood him, he's saying there will be lots of games where people are interacting yet that the actual social elements will be effected negatively. He seems to be mainly concerned about the idea of MMO RPG's where people could put on VR and interact but then likely would stop bothering to interact with other humans in ordinary ways however this already happens doesn't it? (Look at cases of addiction to world of warcraft.
morganfell  +   454d ago
Since when did Social aspects require people to be in the same room with you? Most social interation among players occurs with gamers that are totally alone at home or at the very least alone playing a particular title and their interaction is with other players that are 10s, 100s, or 1000s of miles away.

VR does not preclude social interaction in games. It makes the game experience deeper, more immersive and as such will serve to enhance the social aspect.
extermin8or  +   454d ago
Never said I agreed with him... Morganfell your asking the wrong persib ask this dev lol
morganfell  +   454d ago
If you look I am actually agreeing with you in many ways...

You didn't agree with him you explained his point of view with which I do disagree.
wannabe gamer  +   453d ago
if anything this is a compliment to the technology, hes basically saying its so immersive you will forget about everything around you.
joab777  +   454d ago
He watched alot of WALL-E. Who knows...this may very well be the beginning of the end!
lfc_4eva  +   454d ago
Instead of saying he's wrong about limiting the social aspects of gaming today, why don't you provide a counter argument that promotes the positives of VR for the social aspects of gaming?

I for one miss the multiplayer of 3 or 4 mates over your house, playing at the same screen. Yet I fully appreciate the online multiplayer scene that allows me to play and keep up with friends who live far away.

I can understand his point. VR totally cuts you off from the world around you, preventing social interaction with people immediately near by. Yet I can see how being part of an engrossing world could enhance online play with friends, again who live far away. Hopefully bringing all closer together while immersed in the gaming world.
Haki1112  +   453d ago
Sword Art Online lol
kingtroy  +   454d ago
No i still wanna try out project Morpheus before i give a verdict
gamerfan0909  +   454d ago
VR is going to tank so hard. The only company I truly see doing anything major with it is OR and that's if they get a system seller and push it outside of gaming as well. Otherwise I don't see people paying 250 bucks for a VR, extra money for a camera and potentially 400 bucks for a PS4 or another external machine.
Utalkin2me  +   454d ago
You're looking at it the wrong way. Will people buy a PS4 and VR and a camera just for VR, probably not. But for the people that already own a PS4 it will be a small investment to get VR. Or what about the people that are on the fence about a PS4 and Xbox1. Having VR could sway more people to pick up a PS4 cause of it.
ibrake4naps  +   454d ago
Agreed. I have the camera and move sitting around. I'll definitely buy day 1. Looking forward to it! :-D
lfc_4eva  +   453d ago
I really don't see VR being a small investment on PS4. This thing is not gonna be cheap!

Its gonna have the same issue as kinect now has. While kinect was part of the xb1, at least any developer who was considering creating a kinect based game, knew the device was always going to be there. Because of this, they might well have put more effort into creating a quality game and experience. Now its gone from the standard bundle, devs will not take that gamble and hope to get a return on their investment. This is the same boat VR will be in for PS4. Devs know they cannot count upon a decent install base of the device to warrant making top quality titles. This will lead to poor quality games or indie titles at best.
BitbyDeath  +   454d ago
Morpheus is going to be available on PC as well and it is not being made just for games. Games will likely get it started but outside of that is where the real sales will kick in.
wannabe gamer  +   453d ago
Iimagine your great grandfather said the same exact words about TV and radio
XtraTrstrL  +   454d ago
Well, things sure turned around. Sony is doing the opposite of what he was afraid of in 2012 with Morpheus. They are already copyrighting certain phrases that have to do with the social gaming with VR. They already mentioned the ability for Morpheus to output to the TV also, so people can play local co-op. Multiplayer online with Morpheus is gonna be a no brainer also. So, he may have been right to feel that way at the time. I'm sure he sees that the anti-social aspect shouldn't be an issue now though, with future social gaming plans from VR makers, mainly Sony.
desertpunk86  +   454d ago
its not a gimmick but its limited meaning it wont be implemented to every game and it will only appeal to a small group of people ala PS MOVE AND KINECT.

the oculus is the wii of motion gaming everybody preaches revolution only to be disappointed at how much the hardware is limited.

sony should be careful PS move failed,ps eye failed and wonder book failed one more fail and sony is going down.
Burrito26a  +   454d ago
One more fail and they're done? How so? Will they just be packing their bindle and hitting the road if it fails?
Tales RPG addict  +   454d ago
besides it's not like Sony is spending $10 billion on this. They said it's gonna be affordable so the manufacturing cost shouldn't be that high anyway.
SilentNegotiator  +   454d ago
"PS move failed,ps eye failed"

PS Move shipped over 15 million (And by extension, lots of PS Eyes sold as well). I'm not sure you know what a failure is, desertpunk86.
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gobluesamg  +   454d ago
Yeah Sony should stop trying to innovate huh. They should just play it safe with all their products so that they get lost in the mix. S/
SilentNegotiator  +   454d ago
"the oculus is the wii of motion gaming everybody preaches revolution only to be disappointed at how much the hardware is limited"

It's literally just watching the same view with more depth...how is that like the wiimote?
Eonjay  +   454d ago
There are always people who doubt a new idea or technology. That is to be expected and it is healthy to have other view points. You don't want everyone thinking the same thing.
SpinalRemains138  +   454d ago
Only its not a new idea.
turdburgler1080  +   454d ago
This is going to suffer from blue tooth syndrome. When Bluetooth ear pieces came out tons of people bought them and started walking around everywhere with one in their ear. The problem was now everyone looked like they were talking to themselves and that attracts wtf looks. Nowadays Bluetooth ear pieces are mostly relegated to cars and offices. When your gyrating your head all around on the couch yelling to your buddy with these on its gonna attract the same look. So when you take it off and you catch people looking at you funny you were warned.
extermin8or  +   454d ago
Hahahaha I remember about a year ago this really tall black guy gets on the train and sits next to me, he was insanely tall lol and bald looked like he belonged in some action film :P but he's sitting there on the train and he suddenly starts talking saying seemingly random things and then I can hear like a reply in a similar voice after he speaks. I spent 30 mins sitting on the train feeling uncomfortable wondering if he was stable or completely off the deep end :p I thought he was talking to his reflection in the window and muttering replies out the side of his mouth hahahaha so did other people I was with. Turns out he was just talking into a bluetooth headset, took me till he got up to get off the train to realise that he wasn't insane or high on drugs :P he was just on the phone hahahaha
lelo  +   454d ago
It's another gimmick like Kinect, Wii, PS Move or 3D. I'll wait, see, try it out to pass judgement.

"You've already passed your judgment by saying it's a gimmick."

Are you telling me it's not a gimmick?
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Burrito26a  +   454d ago
You've already passed your judgment by saying it's a gimmick.

"Are you telling me it's not a gimmick?"

Are you telling me you haven't passed judgment?
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lelo  +   454d ago
"Are you telling me you haven't passed judgment?"

No, I haven't.
I said it's a gimmick, so I automatically passed judgement? Are you serious?

Like I said, I'm waiting to see what comes out of it before getting excited or PASS JUDGEMENT.

BTW, I dislike people that respond to questions with another question.
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AgentSmithPS4  +   454d ago
"Are you telling me it's not a gimmick?"

Are you telling me that you've been to the future and back and you know that it's a gimmick?

You want attention, I like 3D when it's done right, I think people that don't are weird or have some kind of other problem. I'll wait, see, and try to understand you before I pass judgement.
fermcr  +   454d ago
" I'll wait, see, and try to understand you before I pass judgement. "

Are you in kindergarten? Seriously dude, grow up.
Funantic1  +   454d ago
This will fail guaranteed. Virtual Reality headset vs big screen tv....you know who the clear winner is. Only the die hard geeks gonna be into this.
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TechnoSphere  +   454d ago
VR is the biggest "screen" you'll ever see.

VR is not just about the "3D" that's just an extra the parallax is the real kicker,what VR does it fill your vision and because your head movement is tracked your mind is tricked into thinking it's in this space.

VR is the biggest thing to happen since 2D to 3D transition.

This is not just some screen on your head with some '3D' effects like in a movie.

Just wait for the demo at your local gamestore (maybe even next year already).
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AgentSmithPS4  +   454d ago
I don't care how big your TV is, you're still looking through a 'window' at your game instead of being inside it. I can't wait to have sword fights with the move in VR.
wannabe gamer  +   453d ago
yea its pretty clear he doesnt understand what these headsets do. they arent just a tv strapped to your face. its much much more than that.
user5669510  +   454d ago
Well I Dont know about console gamers but PC gamers are use to buying things to better our gaming experience. 100 For a mechanical keyboard, mouse, gfx cards, sounds cards etc. Put we are the crowd that funded this to make it happen. I could see the price being a problem on console especially seeing how gamers make excuses about not wanting a more powerful console because of cost. If the experience is good it will do fine on PC, plus it has more application than games.

OT they could easily start making mp games once they get use to vr. SC will launch with ORift support so I Dont get what he mean. You could say games in general today are less social with the decrease in local coop. Talking to strangers online instead of face to face is not the same kind of interaction. We are seeing this more with kids today with being able to interact with other through social media but not in the real world environment. It sounds like he's worried about how this can further the problem, that could be fix by the parents intervention
PersonMan  +   454d ago
I can't see VR being a hit. It's going to turn out similar to how 3D did.
Mr Tretton  +   454d ago
VR will change reality as we know it. This is just the beginning.
BattleN  +   454d ago
Could be a bad thing!
Mr Tretton  +   454d ago
Everything could be a bad thing. 'Bad' is irrelevant. We will follow the Mechurge regardless, as we have since the beginning of tools.
Mr Tretton  +   454d ago
Gaming is already typically 'anti social.' But, so what? Do you need to be social 24/7? VR is inevitable regardless of how he feels about contributing to it. It will go on without him. I think his stance is quite pretentious and near sighted in fact.
jams_shop  +   454d ago
I fail to see how is VR more anti-social than playing games on your cellphone, handheld gaming device, listening to music with headphones, reading a book or just playing games in general.
Mr Tretton  +   454d ago
Yes. Even meditation is anti social.
TheEternalGamer  +   454d ago
He wants out because Sony Project Morpheus is going to kill Oculus Rift and any other VR Competitors.




















#SonyAllDayBaby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1nsomniac  +   454d ago

Blind loyalty is a mugs game!
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Give_me_head_strong  +   454d ago
@TheEternalFanboy- You forgot to add #SonyD!ckRiderForLife..
strangeaeon  +   454d ago
I thought Sony stopped making PCs, or am I mistaken? Anyway, OT, aside from being anti-social, it just isn't practical to wear a contraption like this for hours on end, even with breaks.Just because we can make something doesn't mean we should.
AgentSmithPS4  +   454d ago
I wear headphones for long periods of time and they sometimes feel annoying but I just adjust them and get over it. Many have said that the M VR is very comfortable and light so it's absurd to make a big deal about it.

If you want anti-social go play BF4, BF3, etc it is very rare when joining a random 64 player CQ game to find ANYONE using the mic on any squad (even though the PS4 comes with one!), even if you try joining all of them. Even if you find some and join a party with them and their friends they will rarely work together as a team, you'll mostly hear them complaining or being quiet but rarely making plans. Sometimes it makes you want to go play by yourself since you're basically alone anyway.
MegaRay  +   454d ago
So that what they call a blind fanboy...
1nsomniac  +   454d ago
I can't wait to try VR but in all honesty lets face it, it's a fad, as the hardware to really push a substantial gaming experience is a long, long way away!
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Scatpants  +   454d ago
If anything VR will revolutionize the way we socialize in games not damage it. Think Sword Art Online.
HaveAsandwich  +   454d ago
Does everything these days have to be uber social? Sometimes I like to just get lost in an awesome game. Personally, I'd like the same for VR.
Give_me_head_strong  +   454d ago
Although I think eventually VR will be mainstream once all the kinks are worked out, it probably won't catch on until the experience is truly immerssive. For instance, when you wave your hands in front of your face, you should also see a virtual representation of your hands/body in game. Also, VR displays need to be ultra HD to be convincing. 960 x 1080 pixels just looks bad in VR.
urwifeminder  +   454d ago
Maybe 3D VR will take off lmao.
spartanlemur  +   454d ago
Seems like this guy takes sci-fi movies too seriously.
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RAAMzilla  +   454d ago
I feel we shouldn't even be discussing Virtual reality until the year 3000.
jnemesh  +   454d ago
Didn't people worry about the same thing with radio? And with TV? Didn't people demonize PINBALL as "potentially addictive"? This just sounds like another Luddite. "FEAR technology! The end is neigh!". Just another fear mongering anti tech idiot. If anything vr has the potential to let humans connect with each other in ways never before possible! I think it will make us MORE social, not less! And who really care if our interactions are virtual or " real "?
MonstaTruk  +   454d ago
Not doubting the guy's insight/experience with the VR Tech, I'd just...liked to of have had some direct examples of where he was coming from besides "It's bad, and will promote extreme anti-social behaviour." Especially since he does condone/support AR...
XSpike  +   454d ago
The guy is a fool, VR is awesome but its not going to overtake the home TV, it'll be up the player to decide unless its a VR only game like an awesome MMO or could be a first person shooter or something, it still isn't that anti social.. Only people who find online gaming anti social are the people who just don't know how to be social without being next to a person IRL.
Mexxan  +   454d ago
Sounds like his vr project was ditched for being shite.
I've been a gamer for decades and my goal? Immersion. That's what vr can finally realise. Multiplayer and social elements are the focus in the industry but it should not be what gaming revolves around even though were brainwashed into thinking so.
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MAULxx  +   454d ago
Steam is bad & I did get out.
windblowsagain  +   454d ago
Yeah couldn't give a rats ass about steam.

I don't like any of them.

Origin is just as crap, but i needs it to run BF4 when it works.

I think Valve should either do HL3 or just piss off.
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wannabe gamer  +   454d ago
LOL social interactions??? wtf is he babbling about. I play games to get away from people not be forced to interact with them even more
Hanuman  +   454d ago
Lol, I almost pissed my pants..
GotHDGame  +   453d ago
I am not so excited about VR. I think it will be a good 10 years before it will be worthwhile.

I also think that the effects on the eyes with long periods of playing will not be good. I foresee headaches, eye strain, and eye damage over time.

It would be like wearing 3D glasses for hours and hours. I like 3D movies, but I would not want to watch them for six straight hours every day.
eXclurel  +   453d ago
So why do games have to be shared social experiences? A game is like a book to me. It is something I do when I want to be by myself.
Bryan574  +   453d ago
VR in the long term will turn the willing into anti social zombies living in a false reality. I love my PS4 but you can see the frightening potential this has.
BX81  +   453d ago
I agree 100%. The idea of more immersive gaming is interesting but look what cell phones have already done.
Emme  +   453d ago
The VR headsets are doomed. No way to get rid of the nausea, You can overcome it a bit better by constantly wearing the HMD, but that would mean hours every day. HMD-less VR is still decades away. And I mean affordable solutions.
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