How to download the Destiny Beta now

PS4 Daily is here to help you download the Destiny Beta so you won't have to wait come July 17th.

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Nitrowolf21248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

neat, wish pre-download would come for us with codes

GarrusVakarian1248d ago

I believe it says somewhere in the TOS that if you cancel your pre-order after downloading the beta, you are still liable to be charged for any features attached to that pre-order (the beta).

I'm not 100% on this though, you might wanna check beforehand.

Nitrowolf21248d ago

thing is though, no credit card is even needed to pre-download it or pre-order

GarrusVakarian1248d ago

Oh, really? I never knew that.

Disregard my above comment then :D

choujij1248d ago

Just did this. Can confirm its working and no credit card is needed. :D

Kingthrash3601248d ago

Awesome...but I'll wait.
Same wait anyway otherwise.

Vystrel1247d ago

The confirm pre order button is grayed out for me

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Rearden1248d ago

That's just lawyer speak, Bungie would never charge you for playing a beta. It's just the lawyers putting in the TOS to cover their asses "just in case"...

Rockefellow1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

What would they be able to charge for something that doesn't have a price attached to it in the first place? A company retroactively charging for something that doesn't have a fee is a way bigger issue than something like this that people have been doing for years.

TOS are full of clauses that don't really add up to anything, and I've never heard of an issue resulting from people using preorder codes after cancelling (and Amazon has been doing this for quite some time now). If you "weren't sure" and are telling other people to check for themselves, maybe you should have just checked yourself or thought for a second about it before fearmongering.

Rockefellow1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Considering this method is ran entirely through Sony's PSN and not Amazon, I don't really know how their TOS works and if they're greedy enough to charge you (EU doesn't charge up front like U.S., so that's a plus). Still, I assume it's relatively similar-- don't be worried some lawyers will come a-knockin' if you try this out.

vickysud1248d ago

No preload yet for US :(

DaylightChris1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

When I downloaded it,it just downloaded 179 MB,did the same thing happend to you too?

Edit:Ok nevermind,I found out that it is still Downloading.

Mr-Dude1248d ago

I thought the same as you. But press options and you see it still downloading in the background

captain_slow821248d ago

yeah its still downloading in the background

Drasill1248d ago

I pre-ordered from the PSN store almost two weeks ago and never received a code...

Mr-Dude1248d ago

Look into your download library. Most people think you"ll recieve a mail. But in fact the beta is there. This goes for the PSN preorder...

Drasill1248d ago

It isn't there. I see the actual game but no beta.

tracyllrkn1248d ago

Did you register at

Mr-Dude1248d ago


yes I did. But friends of mine did not. Still could download it

captain_slow821248d ago

ya dont need a code if ya pre ordered from the psn store

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The story is too old to be commented.