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How to download the Destiny Beta now

PS4 Daily is here to help you download the Destiny Beta so you won't have to wait come July 17th. (Destiny, PS4)

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Nitrowolf2  +   417d ago
neat, wish pre-download would come for us with codes
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   417d ago
I believe it says somewhere in the TOS that if you cancel your pre-order after downloading the beta, you are still liable to be charged for any features attached to that pre-order (the beta).

I'm not 100% on this though, you might wanna check beforehand.
Nitrowolf2  +   417d ago
thing is though, no credit card is even needed to pre-download it or pre-order
Lukas_Japonicus  +   417d ago
Oh, really? I never knew that.

Disregard my above comment then :D
choujij  +   417d ago
Just did this. Can confirm its working and no credit card is needed. :D
Kingthrash360  +   417d ago
Awesome...but I'll wait.
Same wait anyway otherwise.
Vystrel  +   416d ago
The confirm pre order button is grayed out for me
Rearden  +   417d ago
That's just lawyer speak, Bungie would never charge you for playing a beta. It's just the lawyers putting in the TOS to cover their asses "just in case"...
Rockefellow  +   417d ago
What would they be able to charge for something that doesn't have a price attached to it in the first place? A company retroactively charging for something that doesn't have a fee is a way bigger issue than something like this that people have been doing for years.

TOS are full of clauses that don't really add up to anything, and I've never heard of an issue resulting from people using preorder codes after cancelling (and Amazon has been doing this for quite some time now). If you "weren't sure" and are telling other people to check for themselves, maybe you should have just checked yourself or thought for a second about it before fearmongering.
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Rockefellow  +   417d ago
Considering this method is ran entirely through Sony's PSN and not Amazon, I don't really know how their TOS works and if they're greedy enough to charge you (EU doesn't charge up front like U.S., so that's a plus). Still, I assume it's relatively similar-- don't be worried some lawyers will come a-knockin' if you try this out.
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vickysud  +   417d ago
No preload yet for US :(
captain_slow82  +   417d ago
have mine downloaded :D
DaylightChris  +   417d ago
When I downloaded it,it just downloaded 179 MB,did the same thing happend to you too?

Edit:Ok nevermind,I found out that it is still Downloading.
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Mr-Dude  +   417d ago
I thought the same as you. But press options and you see it still downloading in the background
captain_slow82  +   417d ago
yeah its still downloading in the background
Drasill  +   417d ago
I pre-ordered from the PSN store almost two weeks ago and never received a code...
Mr-Dude  +   417d ago
Look into your download library. Most people think you"ll recieve a mail. But in fact the beta is there. This goes for the PSN preorder...
Drasill  +   417d ago
It isn't there. I see the actual game but no beta.
tracyllrkn  +   417d ago
Did you register at Bungie.net?
Mr-Dude  +   417d ago

yes I did. But friends of mine did not. Still could download it
captain_slow82  +   417d ago
ya dont need a code if ya pre ordered from the psn store
manchesterman22  +   417d ago
Got mine downloaded too will play this until the xbone version comes out and ill try that too
manchesterman22  +   416d ago
wow disagrees just because im gonna try both versions. How old is this community?
Chaoticmoon  +   417d ago
When will it be possible for USA preorders to predownload the beta???
CannonB8  +   417d ago
Downloaded mine and it is now listed as "playable".
If only....
LANCISTIG  +   417d ago
Are 12gb really?
Menkyo  +   417d ago
Ps4 is 15 xbone is about 13
jay2  +   417d ago
Got mine, thanks.
ThichQuangDuck  +   417d ago
No PS4 or Xbox One for me yet,but enjoy those who can preload. Should be a good Beta
Menkyo  +   417d ago
The beta is for ps3 and xbox 360 too
ThichQuangDuck  +   417d ago
sold both of those when I moved to PC to save on online cost and thought I would be getting Next gen sooner. I can wait on the games for now
HollywoodLA  +   417d ago
*Heavy breathing*






dadz  +   417d ago
I've already pre-ordered the regular Destiny, will I have to buy the Guardian edition as well to get into the beta or is the regular game fine? Just wondering since I haven't received a code yet :\
Kcube90  +   417d ago
If you preordered via psn then you fine, you get the download automatically via psn on the 17th.
dadz  +   417d ago
oh, ok thanks!
RustEGearz  +   416d ago
The regular game is fine. You receive a promotional code via email with your purchase.
Afirmitive  +   417d ago
Can this be done on the ps3 version too?
jwk94  +   417d ago
edwick  +   417d ago
having the beta ready to go now on my ps4 would be torture for me. i still have the alpha on my...xmb? and i still try to log on every now and then. i can't wait.
KwietStorm  +   417d ago
The hell do you try to log on for?
edwick  +   416d ago
cuz it's just sitting there, and not thinking about it, i say, i want to play destiny, then click on it, then remember that it's not up.
NerdStalker  +   417d ago
Excellent this is why it pays to be a ps4 owner.
manchesterman22  +   416d ago
what!! to preload a BETA?
NerdStalker  +   416d ago
No just that everything is 1stclass on Ps4
manchesterman22  +   415d ago
really? i dont think everything is 1st class on my ps4, its a lot better than the ps3 was but still far from 1st class
KwietStorm  +   417d ago
So not only does EU PSN not charge pre-orders until release, but they also easily let you download betas early. Meanwhile...
RBdrift  +   417d ago
ok,so I downloaded the full 13gb beta through my European psn id. So could i cancel the preorder already or do i need to wait until the 17th when the servers are up?
isa_scout  +   417d ago
You can go ahead and cancel it now. Once the beta starts downloading you can cancel.
RBdrift  +   417d ago
cool thanks
kitt2112  +   416d ago
it wont let me cancel my pre order
LKHGFDSA  +   417d ago
misleading title, downloading the beta without being able to even launch it is near pointless.
KwietStorm  +   416d ago
Well, not only are you missing the point of pre-loading, but the title says "How to download the Destiny beta now," which is exactly what this is about. There is not a thing misleading about it.
RustEGearz  +   416d ago
I think you just mislead yourself
Baka-akaB  +   416d ago
Everything was in the title for once . ANd i suppose you'd rather be downloading the client , especially if servers are hammered , instead of just playing it as it starts ?
InTheZoneAC  +   417d ago
don't be too excited.

Just think the game is going to be average/generic before you play, maybe you'll enjoy it better than it is.

the controls are ok, the gunfights feel generic, almost like they pulled the animations/sounds from halo.

The graphics are bland, the loot system is like a cheap knock off of borderlands, overall the game didn't feel like it would last very long to me.

I was definitely looking forward to this since their first gameplay video, but this game feels nothing like that...just overhyped and overrated imo but when you guys play the ps3 version you can make that assessment for yourselves...
PsylentKiller  +   417d ago
How are people preordering this game without a credit card? I have a US account and a UK account and both ask for a credit card.

I think I'm just gonna go ahead and purchase the game through PSN. I was debating on which console to get it for. I wanted beta access for both systems. Or maybe I'll preorder through GameStop for PS4 and Xbox One and once I decide I'll put the down payment on one towards the other.
Jack_Reacher  +   417d ago
Probably a long shot here but has anyone p pre ordered this from website shopto. I looked at the section to get the beta code and it says if you activate the code you cannot cancel your pre order. Surely this is against your statutory rights.
DRambo  +   416d ago
I think the legal twist might be that the beta is not free. It is included as part of the full retail game. They are just letting you have a part of it in advance, so by using the beta, you have confirmed your purchase of the full copy.
asmith2306  +   416d ago
Anybody have any opinions on what this game is like judging from the Alpha? I know it's only an Alpha, but what is the potential like? I'm in the fence about pre ordering it but will pick it up at some stage. Just wondering do I do that sooner rather than later.
manchesterman22  +   416d ago
i enjoyed the alpha, some of it felt a little boring BUT it was the alpha and there wasnt much to do. I would class it as a Halo/Borderlands lovechild lol, im sure ill get loads of disagrees but this is my opinion. Give the beta ago see what you think
isa_scout  +   416d ago
I put over 20 hours in the Alpha with only 3 missions to choose from, and I didn't even touch the MP yet. If the thought of Halo mixed with Borderlands with some MMO elements tossed in excites you then you'll love Destiny. I suggest playing with a bunch of friends like I did.
kitt2112  +   416d ago
it wont let me cancel my pre order. there's nothing there? do you think my visa on record with my Canadian account will be charged?
Kcube90  +   416d ago
Did you go to setting, psn, account info, wallet, transaction history, click on the list then cancel. Did you try that?
T2X  +   416d ago
Have to laugh at all of the people on that forum giving all of this advice! Then, wondering if it will work and thinking they're getting away with something. LOL! Here: Pre-order the game anywhere and wait for your code. That's it. Even after you get the code, cancel your pre-order if you want. There will be no penalty. Everyone has been doing this forever. No big deal.
Madderz  +   416d ago
So I did all this.

Mine started a 14GB download, then it changed to 179MB. That's not big enough. Other people have said it continues in the background but it doesn't seem to be?

It says installed and it's on my game bar but 179MB is too small.
Kcube90  +   416d ago
On the tile of the beta, press options, then go on information and you will see that it is still downloading.
Madderz  +   415d ago
Ahhh nice one bud. Thank you.
MeteorPanda  +   416d ago
l am particularly fond of this line in the QnA

"Q. I live in a country that is participating in the Beta, but my country isn’t in the Americas or Europe. Which code region should I select for my platform/region?

If you are in Japan, the Destiny Beta is PS4 only. You do not require a code to participate.

For everybody else, select Europe as your region. And yes, we know Australia isn’t a part of Europe. Select Europe anyway. Love, Bungie."

at least they understand us aussies!

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