Harrowing Valve Resignation Letter Leaked

Hardcore Gamer: Fabian Giesen, a contractor who had been working on Valve's virtual reality team, recently resigned from the company. While people resign from jobs all the time, this particular instance is of great interest as it pinpoints the biggest concerns with the virtual reality movement.

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Ripco_Keller1412d ago

Some of us like to game in order to, you know, escape all of the people we have to deal with every day. Nothing wrong with a bit of solitude once in a while.

Aside from that, the reason interaction is so hampered in MMO's and such these days is because of limitations of the interface, who's to say advances in VR won't allow a broader and deeper level of communication between participants?

This guy is free to leave the project for moral reasons, but I think they're unfounded and blown out of proportion.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1412d ago

Not really unfounded since there are many people that are addicted to MMO's and they make it their whole life. Doing nothing really but play whatever game happens to be their choice and nothing else socially really. They may work and if they do they only do that to feed their addiction.

VR while a cool concept still has many hurdles to go through. Though in our opinion we doubt that it can or will be all that big. Or at least that widespread due to various issues.

JsonHenry1412d ago

The only way to save people from themselves is to lock them up and force your way of life on them.

The rest of us want a fun escape once in a while. And VR looks promising.

dcj05241412d ago

Come now, they are a minority. That's like saying "Cheeseburgers ruin people's lives because people become so addicted to it" or coffee, or gun collections, anything really.

DLConspiracy1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I don't know it's a perspective though. Something to consider. I mean look how we interact with each other on a daily basis these days. Texting next to one another while hanging at a "party". CONSTANTLY on our phones and less and less out in public.

Either way this whole thing reminds me of the end of that movie "eXistenZ".

dcj05241412d ago

I just come prepared to talk. Half of the time the phone is just to break up the awkward science.

starchild1412d ago

Silly. VR is inherently no more, or less, anti-social than any form of gaming.

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XtraTrstrL1412d ago

I don't understand all this, if it's the same guy that put the letter out in 2012, then ok. If this is recent though, it doesn't make sense. Sony already made it clear that Morpheus is gonna be pushed as a social VR, with the ability to output the screen to TV simultaneously and do local co-op. They already were talking about online play too, which was obvious with it being for PS4. It seems VR is set to be social out the box.

Razputin1412d ago

Did you even read the article? WTF are you talking about.

He is saying, while AR/VR is going to be great, the direction it is heading is going to turn gamers into more anti-social nutcases.

We have people literally dying from binge playing MMOs. They get so intertwined with them that making them better with AR/VR is going to make it worse. This is the point he is getting at.

Sony and their direction, well they just want you to sit on your couch all day and circle jerk your friends with their AR/VR glasses since you know technically its a girl doing the work. That is going to be their social aim, you know how those Asians are pervs.

XtraTrstrL1412d ago

Well, if someone gets addicted to it, sure. If you're talking WoW type MMO fans though, that are already anti-social misfits - they'll stay the same with it. I mean, most of those worst case gamers are at a level they can't go beyond anyways. If it's just replacing regular gaming for someone though, and they play it the same amount of time as they usually play - it should be no different.

IcicleTrepan1412d ago

The guy sounds like he has limited vision of what this can become. How about I'm watching a movie on my VR headset. I turn my head, and my friend from across the world is sitting in a seat next to me in a virtual theater. I can see all of his facial reactions to the movie and we can talk to each other about the movie without bothering anyone.

level 3601412d ago

Only working as contractor anyway..

..his views should only be taken lightly honestly.

Gamers' are the ones who will decide for themselves ( along with their pockets ) whether they want to play solo or be with the community at their own leisure.

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