4 Things about Titanfall that turned a hater into an eager pilot

Gamecupid's Simon Squire talks about how he went from being skeptical of Titanfall to a fan, and lists some of his favorite features.

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tgunzz1408d ago

Titan fall is an absolute blast for me! My only difficulty at playing is conflicting work schedules with my son, and friends... We love the team aspect (communicating/strategy) of the game. I do play solo when they are not available, although still great, it's better when you can work together. Too bad there is no optional map indicators (with numbers 1 to 6, or 6 different color arrows) shown on your team map to allow for quick identification when running with random squads. This would save on trying to remember names in such a short time... All, and all what a great game...

OpieWinston1408d ago

"If you let one of these guys kill you then you should probably hang your head in shame"

I've died to Spectres twice...Once was because of a glitch and the rocket went straight for me and killed me (No Titans around...)

Second was after me gunning down 4 Pilots and I was on the brink of death reloading and the spectre is just like "LOL I shot you in the foot..."

Needless to say I wasn't bragging about the Overkill because I wouldn't want anyone to see "Spectre killed you".

GodGinrai1408d ago

The first time I pulled a pilot out of his titan...I was hooked. Wall running and traversing the maps becomes second nature. At first I sucked at withdrawing back to the drop ship...but when I pull It off I feel like the villain at the end of an 80s cartoon.."You foiled my plans...but Ill be back!".

objdadon1408d ago

I'll probably get back on at some time to get to gen 10, I stopped playing at gen 8 because I just didn't feel the competitiveness with bots. I did have fun for a while though. It just feels like something is missing on the competitive side.

GodGinrai1408d ago

It just feels like something is missing on the competitive side.

I agree...more players and a larger selection of weapons! Never a dull moment imo. but maybe a little more in the way of weapons, gadgets and pilot/titan customizations....and more titans!

With all that said...I still love this game!

Pinkdolphinyfg1408d ago

The multiplayer imo is better than anything recent. I play daily and love this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.