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4 Things about Titanfall that turned a hater into an eager pilot

Gamecupid's Simon Squire talks about how he went from being skeptical of Titanfall to a fan, and lists some of his favorite features. (EA, PC, Respawn Entertainment, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

tgunzz  +   204d ago
Titan fall is an absolute blast for me! My only difficulty at playing is conflicting work schedules with my son, and friends... We love the team aspect (communicating/strategy) of the game. I do play solo when they are not available, although still great, it's better when you can work together. Too bad there is no optional map indicators (with numbers 1 to 6, or 6 different color arrows) shown on your team map to allow for quick identification when running with random squads. This would save on trying to remember names in such a short time... All, and all what a great game...
OpieWinston  +   204d ago
"If you let one of these guys kill you then you should probably hang your head in shame"

I've died to Spectres twice...Once was because of a glitch and the rocket went straight for me and killed me (No Titans around...)

Second was after me gunning down 4 Pilots and I was on the brink of death reloading and the spectre is just like "LOL I shot you in the foot..."

Needless to say I wasn't bragging about the Overkill because I wouldn't want anyone to see "Spectre killed you".
GodGinrai  +   203d ago
The first time I pulled a pilot out of his titan...I was hooked. Wall running and traversing the maps becomes second nature. At first I sucked at withdrawing back to the drop ship...but when I pull It off I feel like the villain at the end of an 80s cartoon.."You foiled my plans...but Ill be back!".
objdadon  +   203d ago
I'll probably get back on at some time to get to gen 10, I stopped playing at gen 8 because I just didn't feel the competitiveness with bots. I did have fun for a while though. It just feels like something is missing on the competitive side.
GodGinrai  +   203d ago
It just feels like something is missing on the competitive side.

I agree...more players and a larger selection of weapons! Never a dull moment imo. but maybe a little more in the way of weapons, gadgets and pilot/titan customizations....and more titans!

With all that said...I still love this game!
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   203d ago
The multiplayer imo is better than anything recent. I play daily and love this game.
Ghost_Nappa  +   203d ago
I like listening to the attack on titan theme while playing ctf. Listening to that while dodging titan fire and avoiding enemy pilots is truly an epic experience.
TRD4L1fe  +   203d ago
been playing this since day one and have yet to get bored of this game. it'll continue to be my game of choice till Destiny
ThichQuangDuck  +   203d ago
Glad people are enjoying it. I played the Beta and it felt as though it was missing something of longevity whether it be slightly more tactical gameplay, more weapons, more titans or allowing mods I don't know what it was. I winded up feeling the same way about Battlefield 4 unfortunately that was after I got premium.
strangeaeon  +   203d ago
Same here with BF4, got premium on PC and Xbox (friends on both) and just stopped playing. Was fun at first and then just became frustrating.
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ThichQuangDuck  +   203d ago
Bad Company 2 had more of a unique feel. Probably variety in map design and level of destruction. I just can't fully immerse into Battlefield 4 thus far. Have been missing a multiplayer team focused game that is more than "My team sucks look at their K/D"
edwick  +   203d ago
agreed/. i never can put my finger on it, but it seems like i should absolutely love this game. force me to get kills in ways i am not accustomed to doing, or something, and i'll keep playing. it just seems like at a certain point, it's not rewarding enough. that may just be me, and i hope this game continues to do well, but maybe i'm just fps'd out or something.
strangeaeon  +   203d ago
At gen 4 level 50, trying to get my last 15 critical hits with the charge rifle,not the easiest task. I also have 15 auto pistol kills to go. Still having so much fun with this game, especially with the new Titan burn cards, the amped 40mm is perversely powerful.
Slick81  +   203d ago
Same as you gen 4 level 36 have a feeling the charge rifle is gonna be a bitch to use
BEASELY  +   203d ago
Now imagine large open maps, 32 players, and addi
ng wall running to the stryder titans so they can dash between sky scrapers. Or ad a hover mode to other titans. Flying/gliding titans anyone? Sooooo much potential.
Deathdeliverer  +   203d ago
I feel like Titan fall has a lot of potential and that the inevitable sequel will be excellent if it goes the direction I'm thinking it will. Currently though, it just feels like something is missing. It's fun for sure, but the crazy thing is that the fun dies so quickly to me. I can only play 2-3 games before I'm bored as hell. It's hard to explain. I start it and I'm like Shit why don't I play this more. By the middle of game two I'm like meh. If game 3 gets started at all, I'm just pushing myself through because I hate to abandon games. Personally, I think bots need to go. More players and more variety between titans. Imagine a lot larger maps with titans that are in Titan fall currently. Now add in titans that transform like in starhawk and fly around or ones that turn into tanks or such like transformers. Leaving the beach so my idea is cut short.
strangeaeon  +   203d ago
I can keep playing for about 10 matches, but I start getting sloppy and have to take a break. You definitely have to be super aggressive to do well. But I can see where some people might get bored, different strokes.
Deathdeliverer  +   203d ago
I agree. You really have to have that aggressive mood going. And like you said different strokes for different folks. Good to see someone that does not go crazy over a difference in opinion. We should play sometime. My tag is the same as in here. DeathdelivererX also. If you have a ps4/3 or Wii U I'm Deathdeliverer on them as well.
HacSawJimThugin  +   203d ago
This game has giving me show much fun and wow moments. It's had to pinpoint my favorite things about it because it so well designed. I'm not blind to the fact that the game has a lot of room to improve but made they really hit the nail on this outing to me. I'm not let down by the lack of single player or player count or any of the standard criticisms. I have nothing but faith that Respawn will continue to improve this game over time.

I reached Gen 10 a few weeks ago and there is nothing like playing with everything unlocked and not having to compromise my play style just to regen. I've done to much talking time to get back to the action. I hope to run across some of you in game. If you happen to see me in a lobby BEWARE!!! Good luck pilots!!
Slick81  +   203d ago
I love titanfall.playing since day one ,ordered the dlc and haven't looked back since.only wish there were a few more weapons But i can still get down on titanfall for hours
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MasterChief84  +   203d ago
I just love this game.... I'm a bit disappointed that not every XB1 owner has this game... Respawn will undoubtedly make the sequel cross platform... Which will be a real bummer for Microsoft!
Yetter  +   203d ago
Yeah, but at least more people will get to play it and it won't suffer from the same Sony fanboy hate. Personally, I kind of wish it was multiplat just so it would be recognized for the amazing game it is
Yetter  +   203d ago
Can't get enough of this game, Gen9 lvl 40. I'm not sure if it will still have any lasting appeal after I've hit the level cap but I've put well over 100 hours into it so it was well worth it IMO

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