How 8 games crawled through ‘development hell’ — and what they found on the other side

Venture Beat: Here’s what we know about Team Ico’s game The Last Guardian (pictured above): It’s the follow-up to the developer’s well-regarded Ico and Shadow of the Colossus; it stars a boy and a puppy dragon; it has been in development for seven years, and nobody knows if or when it’s going to come out.

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christian hour1351d ago

This was a great article, well written and an even mixture of failed and successful games that went through dev hell.

Still have faith in The Last Guardian.

crazytown991351d ago

Come on, Last Guardian ...

deantak1351d ago

You should keep on adding more game stories to it. Or do part 2.Like StarCraft Ghost.

Agent_hitman1351d ago

Oh, The last Guardian, I'm still hoping that one day Sony will announce it's release date... <3

ColManischewitz1351d ago

I had no idea that Gwen Stefani was involved with a game.

SolidGear31350d ago

Wait.. this article makes it sound like The Last Guardian is already out.

Bluebird81350d ago

It is?, bought it just yeasterday.