The 7 Most Baffling Game Adverts that Somehow Got Made

It shouldn't be hard to make a videogame commercial. Show some footage of the game. Tell people the price. Maybe stick some dubious accolades on there. Or you could slap together some inexplicable madness that has nothing to do with the game you're selling, that's good too.

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1OddWorld1413d ago

I enjoyed these off the wall commercials, even if some were scarier than others. Cant make every commercial have bouncing jugs, Wait yes you can.

Why the hell do we not have bouncing jugs in every commercial? Please someone fix this very real world problem.

Godmars2901413d ago

No crying hell doll-baby?

Qrphe1413d ago

Don't we get these articles like every other month? It's always the ads anyway.

christian hour1413d ago

That alien head lady still haunts me to this day. I remember being 10-12 years old and very confused/terrified of Sony Mantis Women

SpiralTear1413d ago

Chris Cunningham is a mad genius.

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