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The best games of 2014 are actually from 2013 - and that's okay

If there was one key message to take from last month's E3, it was that 2015 is going to be a proper treat. The roll call of games coming out next year is just dizzying - Halo 5: Guardians! Bloodborne! Xenoblade Chronicles X! - and it's all so exciting that even some of what were set to be this year's biggest games didn't want to be left out, with the likes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Batman: Arkham Knight slipping back to get involved in the throng.

2014, though? Well, that's a slightly different story. It's not exactly going to be short on spectacle - I've found myself pining for Destiny's space-scapes so much they've begun to enter my dreams; Far Cry 4 is everything I'd wish for from the increasingly absurd series and Alien: Isolation looks set to be a nightmarish delight - but it's lacking a little in sparkle, and in drama. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered, Xbox One)

ritsuka666  +   257d ago
Nope. Not even close of this...
ArchangelMike  +   257d ago
Well one of the GOTY contenders this year is a game from last year, so...
FlameHawk  +   256d ago
The Last of Us is an amazing game and it was my 2013 game of the year but it's not going to be my 2014 game, not even in the list.
ArchangelMike  +   256d ago

I did not mention which game was released last year and was deserving of GOTY this year!

The fact that you immediately thought of The Last of Us is your assumption, and is very telling about how well you rate the game. :)
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BillmadeAGate  +   257d ago
Agreed, Shodow of Mordor an The Crew are my vote for GOTY
Outlaw1986  +   256d ago
How can those be your choices if they aren't even out yet?
BillmadeAGate  +   256d ago

Because dude I played both floor demos for these games at e3.. I was also really impressed with Alien an Sunset Overdrive but wouldn't consider them GOTY material.
fermcr  +   256d ago
So many articles trying to justify all these remastered games editions. Unbelievable!

Most gaming journalists are corrupt. With money you can buy reviews and stupid articles like this. Everything's allowed just to sell more copies of games and consoles. Eurogamer... shame on you.
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showtimefolks  +   256d ago
in no particular order i will enjoy these games as they come

Middle Earth
Drice club
Farcry 4
Dragon age

HD remakes have their place in gaming so instead of complaining just don't buy those games. NO one is forcing people to rebuy TLOU or GTA5

also to people who say no new games in 2014 besides my list:

Halo collection
forza horizon 2
Sunset overdrive

so how is it that we have no new games when we will be jammed pack for fall 2014?
ArchangelMike  +   256d ago
Destiny is the only real GOTY contender for me this year, all the other may be great games, but c'mon the best game releasing theis year is Destiny hands down. In my humble 'NG4' opinion ofcourse :)
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DoomeDx  +   254d ago
LittleBigPlanet 3 for me! Cant wait to play that game. The amount of hours I put into LittleBigPlanet 2 are just..embarrassing lol. Over 900 hours.
Xof  +   256d ago
Silly console gamers. Divinity: Original Sin is one of the best RPGs in decades, and even it looks to face some decent (maybe?) competition later this year in the form of Pillars of Eternity.
Master-H  +   256d ago
cool story bruh
edqe  +   256d ago
Not only Pillars of Eternity but Wasteland 2, Civilization: Beyond Earth, Xenonauts and many others.

I very much agree that D:OS is one the best RPGs for a long long time. It doesn't help - big titles like DA3 will score better and get more attention no matter of what. Big publishers, AAA-titles and console games gets most attention and highest scores by default.

Articles like these are quite funny at best. They shows me quite nicely how far mainstream gaming is from my preferences of gaming; 4X, simulation, complex RPGs, grand strategy, etc.
Bigpappy  +   256d ago
Divinity has been around for a very long time. I hope you are right about it a great RPG. Those before this release were simple and boring to play. Hopefully the series has a new lead game designer.

But yeah. People are getting way too excited at play old games on their new console. I want new experiences. I have plenty of old games on my old system. I want to play old games there is no need for me to rebuy them with a new coat of paint. Remakes should be very cheap, but these money grabbers want almost the same, or the same price of new games. Some gamers seem to think they are worth it, but I am yet to buy a remake. Lets see in the Master Chief collection changes that.
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HeWhoWalks  +   256d ago
If you don't want "old games" to play on your new console, don't buy them. Simple.
Volkama  +   256d ago
Not only that, if a PC gamer wants to play their favourite PC games in a higher resolution and framerate they are not asked to buy that game again.

Or in a more fair example, Metro 2033 Redux is adding more than just better performance. Owners of the first game recently had the opportunity to upgrade that edition to the redux for £8. And that's forgetting the fact that most of them bought that original for about £2.50 in the first place!

Remakes are a rip, perhaps excluding the Halo MCC (because 4 full retail console games is undoubtedly better value than 1).

But as Tedakin said below, people would be less bothered and less vocal about remakes if they were served alongside fresh new games, which there still aren't enough of on either console.
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Xof  +   253d ago
Well, we are occasionally asked for that, but it's a lot easier to pony up the money for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition or Rise of Nations HD when you can still install the game off the original discs or d/l it from GOG whenever ya' want.
Tedakin  +   256d ago
It's not okay if you already beat them all last year and have no interest in re-buying and replaying them, and there are hardly any great new games coming this year.
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Locknuts  +   256d ago
The hype around TLOU remastered is making me want to blow the dust off my PS3, but not buy a PS4.
Tedakin  +   256d ago
Yeah Last of Us is obviously a great game, but I just beat it less than a year ago. And I still have it and my PS3...
bloodybutcher  +   256d ago
It is ok, because nobody is forcing you to buy them, duh. You always have a choice, don't act like it's a horrible thing.
BattleAxe  +   256d ago
It's ridiculous to see all these articles trying to justify remastered games not even a full year into the new console cycle. The gaming scene is going down hill fast.
bjshepp  +   256d ago
The irony is, the same people who whine about how last gen is holding next gen back are the main ones hyping up and justifying these remasters of last gen title from barely a year ago.
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Agent_hitman  +   256d ago
Is it not wrong to say that Remastered games ruined the Current generation of consoles??.. Rather than to make entirely new IPs and games, most of the developers and 1st party were just remastering all the games that they had released.
MysticStrummer  +   256d ago
So many time travelers on N4G, and so little useful information brought back.

: /

OT - It's been a generally slow year all around so far, and the remakes are helping to fill the space. Within a couple of months things will start looking up at least a little, and next year looks bright indeed.
stavrami-mk2  +   256d ago
Tbh game of a year is always quite a personal thing for me just because the game industry votes a game the "best" it means absolutely zero to me. The last of us didn't really appeal to me, i am buying it when it releases for ps4 but I'm more excited about the mp on it than single player.even though I've not played diablo 3 yet as I've waited for ps4 version I can honestly say without even playing it that there's a 90% chance it's gonna be my game of the year. With witcher 3 or maybe division stealing it for me next year. Of course after playing them things could change but as it stands that's my guess
theshredded  +   256d ago
Not only 2013.TOMB Raider,Oddworld,TLOU,Metro,Hal o,GTA, & maybe minecraft .All of those already wipe the floor with all games of 2014
Imalwaysright  +   256d ago
MK8, Wolfenstein, Child of Light and later on SSB. Imo there are alreay plenty 2014 games deserving of the GOTY award.
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ghostface9  +   256d ago
why i do like games getting remastered so I can have them for next gen and finally get rid of my old console but way too many good games for ones from last year remastered to beat them out for game of the year.

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