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Submitted by john2 581d ago | news

Project CARS - Unofficial FAQ Sheds Some Light On WiiU Delay, Unveils Pre-Release Demo

Project CARS’ Authorized Facebook Fan Page has posted a new FAQ regarding the release date of Slightly Mad Studios’ racer. (PC, Project CARS, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

ritsuka666  +   582d ago
Too late already. pre-order cancelled.
XBisLIKEdeadANDstuff   581d ago | Spam
aliengmr  +   581d ago
While being upset at the delay is understandable, what exactly are you hoping to teach them by not buying the game? (assuming you really wanted it to begin with.)

Lets say WiiU owners rage cancel their pre-orders en mass, what then? That certainly wouldn't look good for anyone, especially the WiiU.

It sucks, but the reality is, not buying it won't hurt them as much as proving the WiiU isn't worth developing for if you have to delay. Its not an enviable position I know, but what's more important showing your platform is worth it or waiting?
Chrischi1988  +   581d ago
What is understandable? That an indie developer starts its whole project funded by PC and Wii U gamers? That they had a build for Wii U, before PS4 and Xbox1 were even showed at E3 2013? That they first used the money to make a Xbox360 and PS3 game, then stopped and went to PS4 and Xbox1 instead? That a game gets delayed on a plattform, were the game shouldve actually been done by now? You guys act like something changed big time in game development. Last generations all the consoles had different architectures and still they managed to make all the version and released them simultaniously. They need more time because of the architecture... they already had more than a year headstart. You really want to tell me, that the difference is soooo big? What did they do back in the day?

Not buying it proves a lot, because it will most definitely show them, what they did by screwing their original funders over. You think a not sold Wii U version means 1 sold on another plattform, but this is not how it will go, many just wont buy it at all.

Why would it not look good for the Wii U? SMS is in a bad position. On other plattforms, it is not an awaited title like on Wii U. They have strong competition on the other plattforms. What you said makes no sense.
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aliengmr  +   580d ago

This game wasn't entirely funded by PC and WiiU owners. SMS put something like 20% into its development.

Also, the backers are still going to see a return on their investment regardless what system it sells on. So a boycott would, in fact, apply to them as well.

See, I'm not saying WiiU owners don't have a right to be upset, just that maybe they stop and think about their options before having a knee jerk reaction.

Instead of blindly boycotting, maybe they could prove to many developers that its a platform worth developing for and buy the hell out of the game.

Point is, there isn't a lot of options here. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, the game is still delayed because its not ready. Believe it or don't, that is the reality. Raging (or rather, acting on that rage) about it may end up doing more harm than good.
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ritsuka666  +   581d ago
I was going to buy this game just for the effort they apparently put into it, but now I'll probably skip it.
R00bot  +   582d ago
Sure, it might take longer to code it on the wii u, luckily they had longer! They had been working on the wii u version for about a year before starting work on the other console versions. The wii u dev logs just stopped after they started working on the ps4 and Xbox one versions, suggesting that they haven't touched the wii u code since then. This has nothing to do with the wii u being slower to code for, and everything to do with them screwing wii u owners over.
Concertoine  +   581d ago
Wow, never thought of it like that. I assumed they delayed a close-to-finished product to avoid Smash Bros. competition or wait until the owner base was bigger.

This would explain why we have yet to see a single image of the Wii U version... they put all those resources into what they saw as more viable platforms, regardless of what they promised. I understand these devs have to make money (although this is extremely counterintuitive upon even slight scrutiny), but they need integrity, too.

I gotta say, between the needless tension on this site and the dickishness of even small time devs these days, to the withering imagination being put forth in games as a whole... im at my breaking point. Wii U might be the last console i own, and i'll just stick with my ps2, dreamcast etc. from here on out.
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randomass171  +   581d ago
That's really saddening to hear, if only because I've become more and more invigorated in the world of this industry. And yet I can't even blame you. Gaming is becoming more and more business-centric. And I know these companies need to make money, but they can do that and still have integrity. They can do their work without burning bridges with fans of their work. I'm sorry that you're thinking of avoiding future consoles. Either way, I hope you keep gaming and have fun. At the end of the day, THAT is what's most important. :)
Kennytaur  +   581d ago
Do yourself a favour and start using other sites for your gaming-news, this place is full of crazy people.

And I can assure you that the dickishness of devs have likely always been there, it's just that the Internet happened.
Activemessiah  +   582d ago
Not buying it either... on any platform.
bobsmith  +   581d ago
awesome theres gona be a demo!!
stripe814  +   581d ago
hey dear slightly mad.

.i just loss my interest on your game because of your bull$hit you know most of your next gen market for ps4/xb1 happen to have a wiiU(like me), and falling to this crappy trends make me hard to stomach supporting developers like just not happy you ignore the people who supported you and funded you because of so called next sad and disappointed..

P.S. dont live a life like EA, Ubisoft, and Activision..please dont be a-holes, you wont survive that route...
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XBisLIKEdeadANDstuff   581d ago | Spam
slivery  +   581d ago
I think that is a crock of shit when it was originally announced for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. I bet if that were still happening they wouldn't be saying the same thing releasing it on the Xbox 360 nor would it have been delayed.

The Xbox 360 uses the same PowerPC IBM architecture that the Wii U does, so if they have worked with the Xbox 360, then the Wii U is no more difficult to code for.

There is nothing substantially different or new about PowerPC, it has been around since 1992. So it is kind of odd they are struggling to code for something that most developers probably already know like the back of their hand by now.

What takes the cake is them building a kickstarter on platforms they aren't even supporting anymore. I can understand them wanting versions on PS4 or Xbox One but how are you just going to shit on all the people who only thought it was coming to PS3, Xbox 360? I am sure there might have been people who don't own a PS4 or Xbox One yet who donated to help fund their SMS's dream and what do they get in return? Nothing.

It is just really messed up what they did, they just backstabbed everyone besides PC users and the Wii U version being delayed so long when only makes it worse, we all know they were probably working on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U versions long before they planned to put it on PS4 or Xbox One but now all the suddent the Wii U is hard to code for, when I honestly never heard that with the Xbox 360 before so I don't know why I am hearing it now the PowerPC is hard to code for.
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slivery  +   581d ago
Ugh sorry for all the bad typos, browser was acting up and I couldn't edit it in time.
randomass171  +   581d ago
Forgiven because it was a great comment nonetheless. Bubble up.
aliengmr  +   581d ago
Regarding the PS3 and 360 versions; They took a poll last year (or so) asking if the should ditch the old gen in favor of the the current gen and everyone wanted current gen.

They couldn't do both generations, so they had a vote and current gen won. No backstabbing there.

WiiU delay is a different story.
slivery  +   581d ago
That doesn't hold any value when the Wii U version ranked highest in the most wanted poll but that is the version that is now delayed to be released last. Even when they claimed they were so far along and had been working on it so much longer than any other version, we saw nothing and now this explains why.

So obviously their polls don't mean much of anything. Even if a bunch of people wanted it on current gen which I have no problem with, it wasn't until a while after they chose to make that move. It still doesn't justify ditching the platforms you originally planned to put the game on that people funded it for. So I know they had been working with the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U versions already before any of that happened or so they claimed. Especially if they were already working on the Wii U version as much as they had been according to them, they had to be working on other versions also given that it was announced for those platforms first even when the PS4 and Xbox One were known to be coming it wasn't a goal to reach at the time for it to be on PS4 or Xbox One.

So I think that is wrong. They have the money and the support now to easily make the game for everything they originally planned to but apparently they aren't now. They just completely changed their tune all of the sudden, after all the updates we had on the Wii U version, they never said it was hard before but now it's hard since it has been delayed.

How convenient for them.
aliengmr  +   581d ago

What you think is right or wrong is irrelevant. Those are the facts. The the 360/PS3 version were dropped in favor of the PS4/XOne version. It was put to a vote. They did not have the funding for both gens.

Listen, you're mad, but you're wrong.
slivery  +   581d ago
What does that have to do with anything I said? Also when did I say you were lying and those weren't facts? I never denied that happened or it wasn't a poll that existed, I said it doesn't make sense and that funding had nothing to do with it.

To prove how effortless it has been, just think how quickly we saw gameplay on PS4 from when it was even announced to be on it, pretty damn quick. Yet we haven't seen anything of a version they have been working on far longer? Which again points to the fact they have had no trouble at all putting it on PS4 and Xbox One, hell putting it on those systems is a given and it's so easy to port games to them now that they are the same as PC's that it shouldn't even be a debate that they can't do both generations.

They simply don't want to put in the extra work anymore and them delaying the Wii U version this long proves that even further, a year delay is absolutely absurd for something they have claimed to be working on before any other version besides PC.

They have commented on why they moved to PS4 and Xbox One but that comment had nothing to do with money or the extra work needed to put into other versions. Think about it this way, the PS4 and Xbox One are PC's now basically with the same exact architecture in a work sense. Why would that be hard to put Project Cars on PS4 or Xbox One? Why would they even need extra money or more people working on something that should easily be ported from PC to these new x86 systems, they have even said they run very close to how the PC game will run, so that makes it even more apparent porting the game to these systems has been almost effortless for them as it should be, that is why they have x86 architecture now.

Again makes no sense when you think about it and it makes even less sense when you know that was their original plan to put it on those older systems, so clearly they knew what they were getting into and more importantly they already knew how much funding it would need hence why the kickstarter launched with those platforms originally announced in the first place.

I also make two comments (make this three) about this entire debacle and somehow I am angry about it? Okay, I guess you're psychic and can see my every emotion through your computer screen right? Not angry at all just being sympathetic to others and how they may feel about this.

Sorry I am more articulate than most, I like to actually write something with more depth to get my point across but it doesn't mean I am angry just because I write more than most people do here. I guess I should just talk in text speak and use made up acronyms for everything I say, then I will appear less angry or crazy I suppose.
Chrischi1988  +   581d ago
The ones that voted, were not necessarily the ones who funded. Not all who own a Xbox360 or PS3 bought a next gen system.

Then again, they say its harder to develop for, like devs did not use that architecture the past generations, without such problems, no IBMs PowerPC architecture was the prefered one. There the Cell processor made problems, but that was also completely new to the market.

They did not have the funding, but they did have it for Wii U, they also had more than year longer for the Wii U version and praised it, it only uses one CPU core and so on and now all of a sudden it is hard to develop for, they need more time, that they already had, what else is there?

I know it is funny, for a fanboy of other plattforms, but if somebody looks at it logically, there is no way to actually think that this is right.
DanielGearSolid  +   581d ago
The WiiU version preorder statistics probably just suck.

So they don't think the 10 sales from Wiiu owners is worth a delay across all platforms.
randomass171  +   581d ago
Consumer interest was in the Wii U version though. This reminds me quite a lot about the reaction to Rayman Legends getting delayed.
deafdani  +   581d ago
Wii U owners are a big reason this game even exists, as a matter of fact, because they financed the development of this game, along with PC owners.

And Slightly Mad made a poll to see which console version was the most desired, and guess what? Wii U won, beating PS4 and Xbox One by quite a margin.

Look it up.
DanielGearSolid  +   581d ago
That's fine and dandy, but... Look at it from a business standpoint...

If your most demabded SKU was taking alittle longer than the other versions, would you delay it? Ofcourse you wouldn't.... Which leads me to believe the WiiU version, while loved on the Internet, was not doing well enough with overall demand.

I'm not say SMS is right for what they did... Just sharing my theory as to why they did it
randomass171  +   581d ago
Here's how I see it from a business standpoint. Wii U has no racing sims with which to compete. This game was making a name for itself as being a game with a very good port on Wii U. Wii U owners also had great interest in the game and therefor helped fund its development. Logic stands that it would at least be a moderate success on Wii U. Now by delaying the game, they have angered those fans and now they want nothing to do with the game on. On the other systems, they are now competing with bigwigs like Forza and Gran Turismo. I can only see this really succeeding on PC now, and even PC has its own racing sim games. Just wanted to add that if they wanted console parity, they could have taken the time to improve upon the other versions while finishing up the Wii U version like how Ubisoft claimed they improved the Wii U version when they delayed it.
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randomass171  +   581d ago
Sorry, I meant when Ubisoft delayed Rayman Legends. Silly me. :[
mysteryraz11  +   581d ago
its a big middle finger to wiiu owners
Moonman  +   581d ago
Everyone should be mad, regardless of console. Karma is a bitch so anyone having a laugh at Wii U, your version could be getting sharted out their ass so they can get quick holiday
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vengeance  +   581d ago
Im sure someone has already made this point and correct me if I'm wrong but aren't there similar racing games being released on ps4/xbone around the same time as project cars? Games that have an established fanbase, that's gotta hurt sales since this is a new IP, where as theres zero competition on the wii u.
Brettman2008  +   581d ago
PS4 - Drive Club. New IP.
Xbox One - Forza Horizon 2. Sequel to Xbox 360 game.

Project Cars is a sim, quite different to these games which are more arcade racers. The only other sim coming to these consoles is F1 2014 which won't have widespread appeal. I think Project Cars will sell well on PS4 and Xbox One. Sucks for the WiiU version though, sounds like it would sell quite well.
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fatneal  +   581d ago
isn forza a sim too? its always been MS answer to gran turismo
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