Project CARS - Unofficial FAQ Sheds Some Light On WiiU Delay, Unveils Pre-Release Demo

Project CARS’ Authorized Facebook Fan Page has posted a new FAQ regarding the release date of Slightly Mad Studios’ racer.

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ritsuka6661413d ago

Too late already. pre-order cancelled.

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aliengmr1412d ago

While being upset at the delay is understandable, what exactly are you hoping to teach them by not buying the game? (assuming you really wanted it to begin with.)

Lets say WiiU owners rage cancel their pre-orders en mass, what then? That certainly wouldn't look good for anyone, especially the WiiU.

It sucks, but the reality is, not buying it won't hurt them as much as proving the WiiU isn't worth developing for if you have to delay. Its not an enviable position I know, but what's more important showing your platform is worth it or waiting?

Chrischi19881412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

What is understandable? That an indie developer starts its whole project funded by PC and Wii U gamers? That they had a build for Wii U, before PS4 and Xbox1 were even showed at E3 2013? That they first used the money to make a Xbox360 and PS3 game, then stopped and went to PS4 and Xbox1 instead? That a game gets delayed on a plattform, were the game shouldve actually been done by now? You guys act like something changed big time in game development. Last generations all the consoles had different architectures and still they managed to make all the version and released them simultaniously. They need more time because of the architecture... they already had more than a year headstart. You really want to tell me, that the difference is soooo big? What did they do back in the day?

Not buying it proves a lot, because it will most definitely show them, what they did by screwing their original funders over. You think a not sold Wii U version means 1 sold on another plattform, but this is not how it will go, many just wont buy it at all.

Why would it not look good for the Wii U? SMS is in a bad position. On other plattforms, it is not an awaited title like on Wii U. They have strong competition on the other plattforms. What you said makes no sense.

aliengmr1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


This game wasn't entirely funded by PC and WiiU owners. SMS put something like 20% into its development.

Also, the backers are still going to see a return on their investment regardless what system it sells on. So a boycott would, in fact, apply to them as well.

See, I'm not saying WiiU owners don't have a right to be upset, just that maybe they stop and think about their options before having a knee jerk reaction.

Instead of blindly boycotting, maybe they could prove to many developers that its a platform worth developing for and buy the hell out of the game.

Point is, there isn't a lot of options here. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, the game is still delayed because its not ready. Believe it or don't, that is the reality. Raging (or rather, acting on that rage) about it may end up doing more harm than good.

ritsuka6661412d ago

I was going to buy this game just for the effort they apparently put into it, but now I'll probably skip it.

R00bot1412d ago

Sure, it might take longer to code it on the wii u, luckily they had longer! They had been working on the wii u version for about a year before starting work on the other console versions. The wii u dev logs just stopped after they started working on the ps4 and Xbox one versions, suggesting that they haven't touched the wii u code since then. This has nothing to do with the wii u being slower to code for, and everything to do with them screwing wii u owners over.

Concertoine1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Wow, never thought of it like that. I assumed they delayed a close-to-finished product to avoid Smash Bros. competition or wait until the owner base was bigger.

This would explain why we have yet to see a single image of the Wii U version... they put all those resources into what they saw as more viable platforms, regardless of what they promised. I understand these devs have to make money (although this is extremely counterintuitive upon even slight scrutiny), but they need integrity, too.

I gotta say, between the needless tension on this site and the dickishness of even small time devs these days, to the withering imagination being put forth in games as a whole... im at my breaking point. Wii U might be the last console i own, and i'll just stick with my ps2, dreamcast etc. from here on out.

randomass1711412d ago

That's really saddening to hear, if only because I've become more and more invigorated in the world of this industry. And yet I can't even blame you. Gaming is becoming more and more business-centric. And I know these companies need to make money, but they can do that and still have integrity. They can do their work without burning bridges with fans of their work. I'm sorry that you're thinking of avoiding future consoles. Either way, I hope you keep gaming and have fun. At the end of the day, THAT is what's most important. :)

Kennytaur1412d ago

Do yourself a favour and start using other sites for your gaming-news, this place is full of crazy people.

And I can assure you that the dickishness of devs have likely always been there, it's just that the Internet happened.

Activemessiah1412d ago

Not buying it either... on any platform.

bobsmith1412d ago

awesome theres gona be a demo!!

stripe8141412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

hey dear slightly mad.

.i just loss my interest on your game because of your bull$hit you know most of your next gen market for ps4/xb1 happen to have a wiiU(like me), and falling to this crappy trends make me hard to stomach supporting developers like just not happy you ignore the people who supported you and funded you because of so called next sad and disappointed..

P.S. dont live a life like EA, Ubisoft, and Activision..please dont be a-holes, you wont survive that route...

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