New Everybody's Gone to the Rapture PS4 Screen Out, Old Screens Were Undoctored, Unphotoshopped: Dev

Another stunning looking in-game screenshots of upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive title, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. Indie title on PS4 powered by CryEngine looking much better than Ryse: Son of Rome? This is a perfect example of what developers can achieve on PS4 with CryEngine.

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Arkardo1378d ago

Oh my!

Love the art style and light, one of my most anticipated titles for sure.

Graphics looks so good, untouched, with Santa Monica helping I have no doubt about it's graphic fidelity.

GarrusVakarian1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

These screenshots look amazing, I look forward to seeing more on this game.

Also, what's with wrongly calling games indie titles these days? This game is published by SCE, it's not an indie. Before we know it, we will be calling everything that isn't a AAA blockbuster 'indie'.

vishmarx1378d ago

its bizarre how unhyped this game is.
for a fan of atmospheric ,non-gory horror games this thing looks godly

GribbleGrunger1378d ago

Hopefully, one day we'll just be calling them 'games'.

MysticStrummer1378d ago

People seem to misunderstand both terms.

AAA and indie.

thorstein1377d ago


Graphics Upgrades?

Sorry haters!

bouzebbal1377d ago

If we follow people's new strange logic then Crash Bandicoot was an indie title cause it was made by less than 8 people.
indie games are a lot better than many AAA titles, but yeah we should call them all games.

Bathyj1377d ago

It's being developed by an indie isn't it? It doesn't really matter who publishes it.

ITPython1377d ago

Calling a game an indie in a condescending way is just so those on the other side of the fence can downplay all of the amazing games coming out for the PS4. It's really quite sad, and only shows how insecure they are about their own software lineup.

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DoomeDx1378d ago

Well..its CryEngine. An engine that doesnt need an photoshop to look good.

Cryengine is the most underrated engine imo. Frostbite has nothing on Cryengine.

vishmarx1378d ago

actually its games like these cryengine should get.
its not a very -high on action - kinda thing.
but its creates some amazing environments

Arkardo1378d ago


I don't know either, but I'm more worried about the fact that people says Indie always in an insulting way.

GarrusVakarian1378d ago

Good point, also. Only the ignorant think calling a game an indie is insulting, there are indies I've played this gen that I've enjoyed more than full retail releases.

Many AAA games are garbage these days, anyway. Lack of creativity and risk.

Spenok1377d ago

Yeah that never made any sense to me.

This title looks pretty amazing. Hell. look at No Mans Sky! That game looks and sounds brilliant!

Indies are who are pushing the industry right now!

user56695101377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Indies only mean a bad thing if its not on a PS platform

nosferatuzodd1377d ago

L j hit the nail on the head I love warframe and that a indie game I play warframe with my friends way more than any game on ps4 its so much fun with youre friends

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Angrymorgan1377d ago

Reminds me of a classic countryside oil painting..looks good

bennissimo1377d ago

I'll be impressed when I see characters in these environments running around and doing stuff.

Until then, just pretty pictures.

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1OddWorld1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

So the housekeeper is swiffering all the dust but leaving the clutter and the trash. Consuela gets no more lemon pledge.

BX811378d ago

Don't know what I'm supposed to get from this but looks great. Lol. Reminds me of Alan wake

Kavorklestein1377d ago

I don't think these simple screens of what looks like a more gray than usual Cryengine game deserve anywhere NEAR as much praise as they are getting.

But, it's for PS4, so best believe it's got a Lore and Backstory that Nobody knows yet, yet still is gettin more attention than if Half-Life 3 was confirmed.

The game could be great, but these screens look nothing special whatsoever, and the reaction on N4G is shocking considering it looks like worse than Crysis 3 and looks like it has a lot less color.

LKHGFDSA1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

lol this guy's profile is filled with xbot ranting.
I guess he's upset that this game is PS4 exclusive.

Kavorklestein1377d ago

Keep your stupid game bitch. I'm still puzzled about how this represents anything significant ... especially on a PS4. Like I said, I'm trying to figure out what you fools see in a few scenic screen shots with little to NO relevancy to ANYTHING. What is SOOOOOOOO interesting about these screens? Especially when we factor in how hard you douches would be trolling xbox fans if THEY were excited about the same thing........

MasterCornholio1378d ago

Wow I like the look of this game.


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