Sony: The Future For The PS Vita Remains Unclear

We may not see any more Western triple-A titles for the handheld.

Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House has admitted the future of the PS Vita is still up in the air following the launch of the PS4.

Speaking to IGN at this week's Develop Conference in Brighton, House responded to concerns about whether the handheld's days as a portal for triple-A titles are behind it by explaining the company is waiting to see how things progress.

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3-4-51384d ago

* If you go Art Style > Realism, then the graphics don't have to be as mind blowing and you can just worry about the fun.

Nintendo has no problem selling 3DS games even though almost NONE of them look better than Vita games.

* Colorful Art Styles
* Wide Variety of Games
* Fun games that appeal to lots of people
* Variety in genre

3DS does this well, and it helps sell units.

Just follow the blueprint's already there and you have the bonus of being the more powerful handheld anyways.

Vita has games.....the "problem" is that the games it has only appeals to like 5% of gamers.

KonsoruMasuta1384d ago

Sony isn't even pushing the Vita graphics like they once did. Yoshida even said that graphics will become less of a focus on the platform.

Derekvinyard131384d ago

Problem is that bonus of being more powerful doesn't mean a thing without games to show it off, reason I bought a PSP was because of the gta series which in my opinion are the best games on it, I will never buy a vita because it has nothing like that. San Andreas stories, infamous spinoff then I'm in but that's looking highly unlikely

user56695101384d ago

That makes me a sad panda

XiSasukeUchiha1383d ago

I also feel your pain, Naruto my ninja!

Off topic: by the way how's Iruka?

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nidhogg1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

"We may not see any more Western triple-A titles for the handheld."

I'm pretty sure there will still be Western AAA Vita games in the future. Only haters tend to be pessimistic about it. The headline of this news, like many others about the current issue regarding the Vita, is just another heavy statement in order to be click-bait. Journalists -- how they love to exaggerate.

KrisButtar1384d ago

As a Vita owner I highly doubt there are Western games coming. There isn't any triple A's that are even TBA for the system(could be wrong though). Which is a shame as I bought it in hopes for the Western triple A's. If Gamescon goes by without any big news, I myself will consider the system dead or just some accessory to my PS4.

I still recommend the PSP to people over the Vita. I love the Vita hardware but it has not released games that a lot people expected and they seem to be going further away from that as well.

Soldierone1384d ago

On the show floor of E3 there were no new western games. It was all Japanese games or indie stuff. Heck the focus of the Vita section was Disgaea.(Not complaining about that game at all, I want it really badly)

Also the studios that made the Vita exclusives so far are either gone (Resistance studio) or working on PS4 games (Bend and GG) As of this moment, besides a few Japanese studios, there is not a single studio making a Vita title. Not even third party ports.

If GamesCom doesn't change that I may attempt to sell my Vita.

KrisButtar1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )


That is really disappointing about the E3 showing. Disgaea franchise is good and one I like but its not that popular. My Favorite PSP game is an Eastern one but its niche, which is in the same boat as Disgaea.

There was a rumor that there was a Bethesda game coming during the launch window but it never happened. I bought my Vita for AC3L and was hoping for more to come.

Indie games I guess are fun, I've play a number of them but I'm more drawn into games like Assassins Creed, Skyrim, Fallout, RDR, GTA, FarCry Darksiders, MetalGear

The best games on the Vita are ports, so its no wonder the thing is not selling as most will have those games on consoles. Who would buy a Vita for a for a port? Like who's bright idea was to fill the system with ports. It needs spin offs, new spins on franchises, good exclusives etc.

GamesCom is going to decide if I continue supporting the Vita or selling it also.

Edit: kinda went on a rant there didn't I? lol

Darkstares1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

"Only haters tend to be pessimistic about it."

Oh, so IGN are now haters are they? Sure thing.

Mind listing all those AAA western games that came out in 2014 and are coming this year?

Killzoner991382d ago

IGN is the most anti-Sony gaming site there is. Don't believe this crap.

ArchangelMike1384d ago

I thought the answer is obvious - cross platform games. So I buy a game for the Vita and know that I can also play it on my PS4. Simples. But still keep making games for the Vita dammit!!!

Anon19741384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

You don't hear that much on here, but I couldn't be happier with my Vita. I enjoyed games like Uncharted and Gravity Rush, but to be honest, when I'm on the go I much rather prefer smaller indie games that I can jump in and out of. When I'm using it it's because I usually have a bit of time to kill in a dr's office or the like. And people act like multiconsole releases somehow don't count as games but of course nothing could be further from the truth. I skipped Rayman and Walking Dead on the consoles and I'm loving the hell out of them right now on my Vita. If there wasn't a single game that released from this point forward I'd still probably have 2-3 worth of games that are out now I want to play out of the couple hundred games on the system.

And the fact that I can now use it as a PS4 extender is just icing on the cake. I was stuck in a hotel room a few weeks back away from my family and passed the time by playing Assassin's Creed 4 on my PS4 at home via remote play. I used it to Skype with my family first and hey...if I got really bored I could always fire up Netflix.

For me, the Vita's been great, and a great value when paired with PSN+. All these Vita doom stories just make me shake my head. Considering Sony's now pushing out new Vita hardware in the form of the PSTV, it's not like they're going to be pulling the plug anytime soon. If anything, as the hardware install base grows between the latest sales surge and the PSTV, I'm sure we'll see more games as more developers take notice. A strategic price cut on the Vita hardware before the holidays and to me I think the Vita's poised to take off. But even if it doesn't, doesn't change the fact that I'm enjoying the hell out of mine.

SuperSquirrel1384d ago

I'm the same. Skipped The Walking Dead and Rayman on PS4 and got them for Vita and am really enjoying them. I've had the Vita for going on a year now and there are some big highlights for me. Good for the kids too with the Lego games etc.

BX811384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I really enjoyed mortal kombat and uncharted on the vita I thought the rest were crap. Sad they didn't focus on the vita like I thought they would. I'm sure Sony is content with the amount they will sell as a secondary screen for the ps4.

Anon19741383d ago

The rest of what? The other roughly 198 games out on the system currently? You've played all those and can attest to the fact that aside from the two games you mentioned, the rest are all crap?

Ok there...

JBSleek1384d ago

"You know, if you can play your PlayStation 4 content at will on Vita, then does that obviate the necessity of having Triple-A content or not?"

Scary statement for Vita owners.

URNightmare1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

It's a PS4P. That would be good for those of us who own both a PS4 and a PSV. It would drive sales of both systems it seems.

TheGrimReaper00111384d ago

a PS4P = PS4 Portable?

If that's what youu meant, then no. No no no no no no!

Last time I checked, portable means literally ANYWHERE! Unless you have some great internet, you aint playing your ps4. Besides, is that their plan?

So they are basically saying : we give up on vita. Please buy ps4. thank you :(

joeorc1384d ago

on the very same token, any and every Game that is AAA budget has always been coined ie: "a Watered Down PS3 port" or "why play a liveing room console game on a 5" screen"

So Sony has taken that to heart, because the majority of the Media and games see it that way by default! when Uncharted GA, or Gravity Rush came out one of the very 1st complaint's, was ..i would rather play this on the PS3!

So Sony is doing exactly what many gamer's complained about, the fact that the gamers that may want those living room console experience on the go are far outnumbered by the gamers that just want a living room console experiences.

Thus to Sony it makes more viability to move the Playstation Vita priority of a Mobile platform to be that of a Micro-Game console platform. It does not mean that there will be no AAA exclusives on the PSVita it just means as of right now its not really worth increasing the number in development.

its beter to go with the Playstation TV is the priority "Vita" development 1st and PSVita mobile 2nd since they both play the same games its not really a problem other than the camera and back touch pad support not getting priority treatment in PSVita game development now.

Spotie1384d ago


Film at 11.

TheDivine1383d ago

Idk why Sony thinks people would rather play their ps4 games on a small screen with less controller input options than on a big HDTV. Handhelds sell to people who either want portable gaming (usually no internet around) or people like me who want more original unique exclusives. I buy handhelds because they have games not on consoles, not to play console games through the web with a crap resolution and tons of choppy lag.

Give me stuff like GOW, MGS, FF, Persona, Jeanne D'Arc, Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, GTA Stories, Valkyria Chronicles, Syphon Filter, Kingdom Hearts and the other games that made the psp a huge success. Indies are great as an appetizer but not the main course. Remote Play is a novelty that doesn't actually work well enough to anything other than a novelty. The controls aren't as good, the text is unreadable, and it lags up and is too glitchy. Make more games period. Approach third parties, Publish ports others won't fund. Localize stuff yourselves. Look at Nintendo who published tons of third party games that the dev or publisher didnt want to like Dragon Quest, Bravely Default, and others.

Do anything other than make excuses.

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