Destiny PS4 Beta Already Available for Pre-Load for Some: 13.2 GB Download, 14.3 GB on Hard Disk

Apparently quite a few user are reporting on Reddit and NeoGAF that the PS4 beta of Bungie's Destiny is already available for pre-load for them.
Apparently, that's true for those that pre-ordered digitally on the PSN, and only in some regions so far.

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GarrusVakarian1381d ago

I received an email from Bungie that links me to the Destiny site asking me what region I'm from and what platform i want my code for, but when i select both of those things it says something along the lines of "codes aren't available at this time, check back on July 17th".


Abriael1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

that happens for PS4/Europe. They said they'll solve before the 17th.

For other regions you still have to wait for the 17th to get the actual download code. Apparently only digital preorders on the PSN get to pre-download.

JackOfAllBlades1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I really wish I could pre load.. Then I could jump right in

Paul_JC1380d ago

I preordered on PSN and can't pre-download it. I'm Canadian eh.

christian hour1380d ago

Just checked there, I have a ps4 digital pre-order and I'm based in Ireland, couldnt pre-downlaod the beta. Will keep people informed if and when this changes.

ZodTheRipper1380d ago

The pre-load is (of course) only for the full version.

fei-hung1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I have some Destiny codes to be entered on the Bungie site in the redeem codes section. Apparently it will be revealed later what they will do.

Crap it wont let me upload them. Ill type them out:

1) MVD 4N3 NKH
2) 3DA P4X F6A
6) 473 MXR 3X9
7) JMR LFN 4A3
8) HC3 H44 DKC
9) 69P KRM JJA
10) 69P VCH 337
11) 69R CKD X7L
12) 69R DDD FCP
13) 69R F99 AXG
14) 69R VL7 J6A
15) 69X DJN 74V
16) 6A7 7NP 3X7
17) 6A9 DTG YGN

CaEsAr-1381d ago

these codes aren't for beta, they only give you cards.

fei-hung1381d ago

The codes came from limited edition trading cards, but what they do and how they will work with the game,that info has not been released.

If you go to the redeem codes section under your Bungie profile, it tells you further information will be released at a later date next to each code you have entered.

Crazay1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Whelp...looks like I won't be trying the demo any time soon. With my paltry 100GB of data per month, this would very likely destroy my bank account with overages. That's a bummer

christian hour1380d ago

data limits? In this day and age?! That's insane man, sorry to hear that. I've been with my ISP for over ten years now and they've never had a data limit on any of their packages thankfully. And they love themselves a free upgrade, when I joined I was on 2mb connection, their basic package at the time. Now I'm on 100mbps, which is now their standard package :D Thanks UPC, thanks for not being nazis like Eircom.

Crazay1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Data caps run rampant in canada and I'm a rural customer so we get doubly pumped. High cost, low data caps and low speed.

What I love is that I got disagrees that I won't be downloading the demo because of my's not speculation that's fact. Some people who frequent this site need to be sterilized to curb stupidity.

monkey6021380d ago

Fine and well if you're in a UPC territory. Can't get it in wexford and like you said eircom are a disgrace so I'm stuck with WiMAX of all things

christian hour1380d ago

@monkey602 Ah yes, I hear wiMax is spreading across the nation, though I have been lied to through song before so I take that with a grain of salt :P I was living in an eircom zone for 6 months bout 3 years ago, worst 6 months of my life haha. Tell Wexico I said hello!

Some people just disagree for the hell of it on this site. I was trying to point out once or twice that I don't get charged for digital psn pre-orders, even posted a screencap for proof, still got a good amount of disagrees :) Fully agree on the sterilization. You should have to add a reason for agreeing-disagreeing like you do when approving articles, stop people from mass spamming it (to an extent)

GarrusVakarian1380d ago

Lmao, 7 disagrees for simply saying you have download limits. crazy.

Crazay1380d ago

My guess is they don't know if their uncle is their brother or father.

Rob_Ko1381d ago

doesn't work for me, and I pre ordered on EU PSN


try now I am downloading it now

Kal8531381d ago

I have an unused code. First come first served.


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