Destiny’s Beta on Xbox One Is 12.63 GB, Almost Twice as Big as the PS4 Alpha

The leak of a couple gameplay videos from the Xbox one version of Destiny‘s beta also led to finding the hidden marketplace page of the beta on Microsoft’s console.

While of course the download isn’t publicly available, it does show the size of the beta, which is 12.63 gigabytes.

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KendrickLamar1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

Let me repeat, alpha
Beta twice as big as....alpha
Well news is news, now we know the beta size

Kingthrash3601171d ago

I think this was a comparison for the sake of comparing.... Why this is news is beyond me....should have just been about destiny alpha vs beta sizes. We all know it would be bigger...and the final product will be even bigger than the beta....may as well say the ps3 final version is bigger than x1 beta.

AutoCad1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

Guys dont buy the game or download it because its twice the size

ThinkThink1171d ago

The Beta is twice as big as the alpha. Sounds about right.

HacSawJimThugin1171d ago

I have a 105mbps connection...bring it. On a bad day I get 40, the fastest I've gotten is 111.

RosweeSon1171d ago ShowReplies(1)
ramiuk11171d ago

152-174 here :)
not sure if the networks can make most of that speed though,dont seem it on ps4

GoPanthers9991170d ago

Only 54mbps here, so your speed is rockin. I do not get the negative and off color comments about your comment.

HacSawJimThugin1170d ago

Me either and that is why I haven't replied to them.
I went through he'll to get Comcast to fix my connection, three tech can out in the span of a month before it got there and I'm little proud about it that's all.

Shakengandulf1171d ago

Don't worry guys n girls, it just means you're getting twice the love.. Embrace it and love it back.

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The story is too old to be commented.