Mighty No. 9's New Update Reveals Animations for Beck, Details Boss Design and Voice-Acting Fund

Mighty No. 9‘s latest Kickstarter update shows off some of Beck’s in-game actions such as climbing, dashing, absorbing and more. The update also details the voice-acting stretch goal and what additional decisions they’ve made. There are also plenty of level and boss details revealed as well.

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randomass1711409d ago

I hope people come to realize that the voice acting fund is essentially another stretch goal. Everything in the original Kickstarter campaign is still going to be in the game as far as we know.

XtraTrstrL1409d ago

Yeah, that's how I look at it, just a new stretch goal to make it even more polished.

Tiqila1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

whatever, this is a ripoff.

Asking for 900k and getting a little less than 4mio and then asking for more is just not cool. Another stretch-goal my ass, it should be included from the beginning (they have enough money to make it possible) or be available as a free DLC after launch, when they filled their pockets with money from the retail version of that game (in case the 4mil are not enough for whatever reason). It will be released on so many platforms and this has been made possible by loyal fans which they now try to soak.

It is so despicable. I have never witnessed stuff like this in the gaming industry before and you guys are still supporting it. Madness. And I said that _I_ have never witnessed such cheeky practices and not that there have been none (which is utopic).

XtraTrstrL1409d ago

@Tiqila, calm down you. Most people that backed the project paid just the amount to buy the game, so what is there to be upset about? Most people backing this new voice acting fund will also be paying just enough to buy their version also. They didn't lie about anything. The game was still gonna be made with all the stretch goals it reached. They just wanted to add another one, they setup their stretch goals realistically. So, they probably would be running low on funding for the rest of the last bits of polish if they spent the other stretch goal earnings on voice actors.

It's not like some Kickstarters that really got into hot water with spending the insane amounts of overfunding they got, then coming back begging for more cuz they miscalculated or went overboard on their game/project/whatever and spent all of it up too early and can't even finish the game without more funding. That is basically criminal and screwing over backers.

This isn't what is happening here. The game will clearly still be finished within the timeframe regardless of more funding or not. This is only if you want to see proper voice acting in the game. And again, alot of the backers will be new ones just paying to buy their copy of the game.

swice1409d ago

Listen Tiqila, how the hell do you know for a fact that they had enough money for this extra stuff? Are you their bookkeeper?

I donated $100 on the first kickstarter and feel like I've done my part. I don't HAVE to donate anymore, so why should I be pissed that they want more money for EXTRA stuff? I'm still getting the game I paid for, and if they reach more stretch-goals, I get a better game than what I paid for initially.

Why are you so quick to jump to the worst possible reasoning behind this?

Jonny5isalive1409d ago

I prefer their MM games without voices but, it seems like they shouldnt need more money to add voices to a game like this. Probably someone wanted a new pool to go at their new house.

3-4-51409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )


You need $50.

Somebody gives you $100, so now you have MORE THAN ENOUGH MONEY.......but now you ask for $25 more.

WHY ? You have that extra $25....remember, when they gave you the $100??

$50+25 = $75.....and you have that, because we already gave you $100, so you should STILL HAVE $25 left over right?



randomass1711409d ago

The final stretch goal in the original Kickstarter was $4 million. They made less than that off the Kickstarter. If they are going to add more stuff they need more funding. That's how game development works.

MEsoJD1409d ago

Am I the only one not feeling his character model? It's proportions and style is pretty bad compared to the character art... should have used 2s sprites.

Jonny5isalive1409d ago

yes I was hoping sprites and mega man x game type. thsi is more old school MM. They have another game coming out on 3ds that looks sick, like a 2d MMX game. I wish that was on all systems instead. I forgot what it was called, but its awesome looking.