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Bungie Weekly Update - 07/11/2014

Bungie: "This week at Bungie, we hosted more people on our website than we have since the days when our community stopped by to see how much ass they were kicking in Reach. This is an exciting time. Like a rocket with a favorable trajectory, the energy (and the server traffic) rises every day. We’re so close to a moment we’ve been dreaming about for years – some of us more years than others." (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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-Foxtrot  +   321d ago
It's multiplatform....MULTIPLATFORM

Come on man

Xbox fans had Halo 1-3 and Reach by them. You see more Xbox fans being ticked off over this then Sony fans being ticked off over Insomniac Games and they are making an exclusive.
SuperBlunt  +   321d ago
Maturity differences. Its pretty stark isnt it? Patience is a sony fans virtue and for it they are finally getting rewarded
ArchangelMike  +   321d ago
To be honest with you I blame Microsoft. Children usually grow up with the behavioural norms of their parents. Xbox kids behave as their Microsoft parent brought them up last gen. Playstation kids behave as their Sony parent brought them up last gen.

Microsoft last gen behaved as if they were entitled to every single piece of DLC, exclusive content, time exclusive, marketing space etc etc. They passed that message on to their fanbase.

It is no surprise to now see their fanbase believing that they too are entitle to every single piece of DLC, exclusive content, timed exclusive etc etc.

I blame the parents...
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