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Are Betas Starting To Lose Their Appeal?

There was a time when getting into a beta test was a momentous experience. Now, it's so commonplace that the novelty of a beta has worn off. (Culture)

corvusmd  +   385d ago
Well, I don't know if I can say that they have lost their appeal, but they definitely aren't as exclusive as they used to be. I remember when it actually took something to be part of a BETA...now it's just a PR way of saying demo. Very rarely are they used to make major changes to games anymore...almost no one reports bugs...it DOES give them a better idea of network issues and loads...but there are still "real" betas going on that actually do things.

They are fun, but we should really be calling them demos.
ArchangelMike  +   385d ago

Back in the day, to get into a Beta you had to be part of a very select group or forum. Now it's just a great marketing strategy to get everyone to buy your game.

Sell it as a 'limited time only' beta and everyone and their dog will want in on it. Sell it as a 'pre-order bonus only' and you've got the pre-orders of everyone and their dog. And everyone's happy!!!
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   384d ago
Just like in February when IGN was giving them out and Twitter was trending "Titanfall beta key" social media completely took over.

I suspect the same thing will happen with Destiny. Social media taking over and the game practically selling itself.

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