'Madden NFL 15' to put players through "The Gauntlet"

EA Sports has revealed a new gameplay mode for Madden NFL 15, releasing Aug. 26 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Tuxmask55744d ago

Wow. Looks and sounds terrible!

Ghost_Nappa744d ago

This just in, gamers will "not care" about madden 15.

ThichQuangDuck744d ago

The new defensive stuff looks interesting,but this does not. Wish this was coming to PC,but can wait since it is Madden and it chooses to not have competition

SactoGamer744d ago

Not only does this look not interesting, it's annoyingly presented.

ThichQuangDuck744d ago

Obnoxious narrator in this makes them seem like they feel they "know" their demographic when they don't

Kevin26385744d ago (Edited 744d ago )

ThichQuangDuck - It's Cam Newton...

Rainstorm81741d ago

So much hate for this to actually look good........but then again how many on this site really knows football