PS4 games coming out in the month of August

The top-grade Sony’s PS4 is fairly impressive with the high-phi specifications compatible with next-generation PS4 games. The beginning of 2014 was just like a big explosion that readily influenced the gamers with the revelations of big-budget PS4 games and huge surprises. However, it seems like the upcoming month of August is going to be Throwback Thursday with some old titles with a new and fresh outlook.

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ifistbrowni1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

The list seems to be missing Diablo 3 Ultimate Edition.

Once July 29th (TLOU) comes, there will start to be an influx of games and the gaming drought will be over.

So many interesting games releasing this holiday.

The_Hero1410d ago

So there will be The Last of Us at the end of this month, also First Light coming out next month, we'll get a few hour worth of game play there.
Helldivers looks like a lot of fun, coming out this summer.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1409d ago

Totally forgot about First Light. Cant wait to dive back in that beautiful city if Seattle Sucker Punch created. Im interested in hearing Fetch's whole story.

kingdom181409d ago

First Light is coming out in August?

Magicite1409d ago

As of now, these games got confirmed dates:
08/19 - Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare;
08/26 - Madden NFL 15, Metro Redux.

And Im sure theres at least dozen more with unconfirmed dates.
Personally this summer Im waiting for Tales of Xilia 2.

theDivision1409d ago

garden warfare seemed entertaining.

lsujester1409d ago

"... with indefinite graphical improvements and adjustments just the way EA does. It undoubtedly will look fantastic with the new reconciliations."

What does that even mean?

stavrami-mk21409d ago

it means buy it and you can get the new reconciliations for a mere dlc price tag added on top of the game

kingdom181409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

August......? Cripe.... Tales of Xillia 2..... need to beat the first......

The Swapper looks interesting.

GeofferyPeterson1409d ago

I just wanted to comment on how cool that PS4 logo look in the pic. It's cool looking.

SynestheticRoar1409d ago

Never played Metro Last Night. I'm purchasing that one.

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