Neversoft Never Got a Chance to Shine

Neversoft got a bum rap. They were connected with two of the most popular series of their time, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Guitar Hero, pumping out game after game for series with feverous followings. But that assembly line of skating and music games earned them disapproval from gamers that condemned the lack of improvements and changes to the series’ respective formulas.

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ValKilmer1254d ago

I think had they kept the Tony Hawk series progressing as a yearly franchise without the addition of the stupid CKY stuff, it would still be alive today and well-respected.

3-4-51254d ago

All downhill after Tony Hawk 2

pompombrum1254d ago

Yup, I loved the Tony Hawk series, the original came out when I was 12 and as the series progressively got towards the jackass/stupid stupid, the older I got, I less amusing I found it.

hiredhelp1254d ago

They could of done were Akklaim left off in the BMX series after all many of the skaters now do bmx and snowboarding

SonyStyled1253d ago

never got a chance to shine? imo they sure as hell where shining from THPS1 to THUG. from then on its started getting a bit gritty, which i kinda did like but overall the games just weren't as good past THUG. i think my last one was THAW

Codewow1253d ago

I am forever indebted to them for bringing me Guitar Hero.