What Madden Could Learn From NBA 2K

Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"Growing up a football fan and a gamer, I was all over the Madden football games. Whether it was on the Genesis, PlayStation 1, or PlayStation 2, I loved everything that EA was bringing to the virtual gridiron. As of late though, the Madden franchise has slumped and many of its former fans have turned on the franchise completely. Could EA Sports revitalize their franchise by looking at their competitor's basketball franchise? I sure as hell think so."

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thorstein1348d ago

Yes! How about, "What Madden can learn from NFL 2K5."

TomShoe1348d ago

Pffff just let 2K make an NFL game

EA only buys the rights because they're scurred they'll get smacked around like they did with NBA

yeah I said it

BillytheBarbarian1348d ago

Everything is about right. Get the core game play working first. Then add all the bells and whistles. Madden's commentary is so bad it could learn variety from Joe Montana Sports talk football on Sega Genesis.

badboyz091349d ago

Over the years why has 2K Sports been so quiet about the NFL License?

NinjaRichParty1349d ago

I would say they've been focused on their current projects. Especially with the jump into the PS4 and Xbox One versions hitting within that time. I'm sure they were busy as all hell working on that engine.

thorstein1348d ago

The reason for this is that EA bought exclusivity to develop for the NFL license. No other NFL licensed games could be made.

It came after the amazing success of the NFL2K series of games that were superior and about $30 cheaper.

They launched the games at $19.99!

NinjaRichParty1348d ago

Good God I remember those days. I still to this day remember going into GameStop at our mall and picking up 2K sports games and racking my brain as to why EA's were so much more.

Wish 2K would go back to those ways! Haha :P

gedden71348d ago

they can...??? but wont. plus you cant teach raw talent. they will never make a nba game better than nba 2k... they even make a game better nfl 2k 5....

Macdaddy711348d ago

I think if EA going to keep buying NFL every year, Madden games should only cost $29.99 every year, that's bout all the Add ons they do every year, OMG think what we would have if 2K had all the years EA has had to get football right!!! EA does not care bout the people that spend money, it shows in madden, BF, and other games,... They give you nothing to look for, it's always the Same Ole Same Ole

thorstein1347d ago

Or just make roster updates as DLC. Then, once every 3 years or so, release a new core game. This would allow for more innovation instead of being on a one year schedule every year.

Scumdog1348d ago

The sad part about Madden is that Madden 08 PS2 version was a masterpiece, It had several modes like this article is wanting ( barring the story line stuff, but it does show mock-up newspapers of weekly accomplishments/losses ). It featured create-a-everything, from the very ring you win to custom fans cheering in your stands, complete control of jersey style/color number & letter font/size, helmet/pad size, equipment/ect. It had a killer online mini-game - Rushing Attack, was f'ng amazing. You had control of ticket/food prices, marketing/free prizes for one home game, & eventually rebuild/renovate, or move a team to a different city ( yes you read that right ). On top of all this the gameplay barring some real football rules/live ball situations was as real & tight as any football game has been sry 2K fans it's true.

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