PS4 Exclusive Driveclub's Gameplay vs Real Life Comparison Shows Striking Similarities and Realism

One of the best elements of the graphics of Driveclub are its environments, which is quite peculiar for a racing game. The genre normally sees ultra-realistic cars and rather lackluster vistas around them. Yet, Evolution Studios went to great lengths to put their cars in a world that doesn’t pale when compared with its beautiful supercars.

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Applejack926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Reminds me of when this was done for Infamous second son. This game is nothing short of amazing in the visual department.

@Abriael Thought it might of been you, great comparisons as usual!

Abriael926d ago

Oh I do remember, I was the one that did it :P

MasterCornholio926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

That chewing gum wall looked so real.

PS4 exclusives are really pushing the boundary's of visuals on consoles.

Abriael926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

haha that wall is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in a game :D

TheGreatAndPowerful926d ago

I'm just going to leave this here

Don't Do That Chris - 100 Foot Gum Wall Licking

Evilsnuggle926d ago

I was disappoint that Driveclub is going to be in 1080p 30fps . But I can see why it's run at 30fps. Driveclub is the most photorealistic racing game I have ever seen. ThIs game looks amazing . Driveclub is easily the best graphic in a racing game . Yes it looks better than Project Cars and Project Car looks incredible . The is a great time to be a racing game fan with Project Cars and Driveclud or forza H2 .

MysticStrummer926d ago

The Crew is another one to look out for. Lots of racing goodness incoming.

MysticStrummer926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

@spicelicka - Sorry but I honestly don't see how you can think that looks better than this…

eferreira925d ago

@spicelicka That looks amazing but it could be a PC build. I hope the game turns out that nice on consoles.

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badz149926d ago

the power of 1 million trees!!

Magicite926d ago

A first true next-gen racer! (this and project cars)

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chrissx926d ago

Really nice. Ps4 will push the boundaries on video game visuals, no doubt. We aint seen nothing yet

Volkama926d ago

Typical Sony always copying. Can't think of anything themselves so they just copy real life. Way to be creative.

(Just to confirm, yes this is a joke).

WeAreLegion926d ago

It's one thing to copy Nintendo or Microsoft, but Sony chose to copy God this time. They went too far.

pyramidshead926d ago

Wonder how much GDDR5 real life uses.

MRMagoo123926d ago

its still using ddr3 at the mo

AnEwGuY926d ago

Realism?? Where's the clutch then, like the one in my real-life Subaru WRX?

Nekroo91926d ago

Maybe it was made for americans because they dont know how to use that.

MysticStrummer926d ago

If you really don't understand that realism refers to the environment here, I don't know what to tell ya man.

Breaking News… It's not a sim.

Spotie926d ago

I can't help but wonder if you guys aren't serious when you say dumb things like this. There's no way I'd want to intentionally look as silly as you do by asking about a clutch in an article about the accuracy of a location's recreation.

MRMagoo123926d ago

dont be silly, that would mean they would have to read the article first and aint nobody got time for that

kayoss925d ago

Don't be silly, that would mean they would have to use their brain to read the article and nobody got time for that!

IAM926d ago

Realism in a racing game? Lmao. If you never drove a car before.

hugogs926d ago

I think the article its talking about the visuals...which everyone understood except you.

kayoss925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

Here's are some facts for you to get through life.

Game: you can drive a $100,000 - 1 million dollar car.
Real life: you can only dream of driving a car that expensive
Game: you can drive a car at break neck speed on a public road
Real life: you can break your neck driving break neck speed on a public road.
Game: you can crash your car racing and start over
Real life: you will crash your car racing and will be buried six feet under.

That's a start. Now be smart and don't be dumb.

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