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Driveclub Has No Clutch Support and No Horns; You can Drive With a Wheel from the Get Go

If you like to drive your racing games with the clutch or prefer to be able to toot your horn, the upcoming PS4 exclusive Driveclub is going to require a bit of getting used to. (Driveclub, Paul Rustchynsky, PS4)

KinjoTakemura  +   101d ago
Who in the hell has ever heard of a street racer using a horn?
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   101d ago
I sure haven't.

OT: i need a steering wheel for this. I would careless about using a clutch!
i like pedal shifters more.
xHeavYx  +   101d ago
That kind of sucks, the clutch makes you feel like a racer. Hopefully they will add support in the future
tbone567  +   101d ago
Holy jeez. Drive club is an unfinish mess of a game. Too focused on graphics not enough on actual gameplay or content. Smh. Should have been delayed another year.
Forn  +   101d ago
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Utalkin2me  +   101d ago

Really you have played the final retail of Driveclub? To say it is a "unfinished" mess of a game. There is other racers that offer half the content as Driveclub does.
InTheLab  +   101d ago
The game is an unfinished mess like Tbone said. Wonder what the next article will be about because these last few have killed all excitement for this game.

What's the point of having racing wheel support but missing the clutch? Why have manual at all?

Again, why was this game delayed a full year? What were they working on? Clearly nothing but graphics.
Giul_Xainx  +   101d ago
Only hardcore racers use clutchs. This game isn't gran turismo.

But what other game resembles a cross between outrun and need for speed.
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SilentNegotiator  +   101d ago
People are still complaining that Driveclub isn't a full on sim?
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r2oB  +   101d ago
I wonder how many people complaining about clutch support actual have, or intend to buy, the only compatible racing wheel that has a clutch which retails for about $600. My guess is not many. My other guess is that many people here are complaining just for the sake of complaining, about something not relevant to them.

I also wonder if people complain about a certain next gen racing game having clutch support, but no racing wheel available with a clutch to support it. So what's the point?
MysticStrummer  +   101d ago
I thought we already knew about the lack of a clutch. Either way, I've never used a clutch in a racing game, even in Grand Turismo.

I don't understand why people are still surprised that this isn't a sim.
Elwenil  +   101d ago
$600 for a racing wheel with a clutch? Try again.
badz149  +   101d ago
horns LOL!

F1 at the moment sure is in need for it I think!

clutch is important and would be a kick in the balls IF they've promised DC as a SIM but it isn't so, I think I understand.

btw, I've been driving AT cars since I got married and have kids, so I kinda take "no clutch" for granted now. but I sure am missing MT cars. AT with pedal shift alone just doesn't cut it.
cannon8800  +   101d ago
@ tbone567

You're such a freaking xbox fanboy. Just reading your comments-all you have to say is negative things about sony and glorifying the xbox. Grow up.
Tempest317  +   101d ago
@ r2ob
Well originally we were all assuming that driveclub wpuld support logitech wheels, and afaik they still havent 100% confirmed the list of supported wheels. And I indeed would be using one if they are supported. Therefore clutch support would have been nice to have
r2oB  +   101d ago
@ tempest

so you are disappointed because you assumed something? Even IF Drive Club supported clutch there is only one racing real PS4 compatible that has a clutch. So you are saying you would have bought that wheel for clutch support? You would have shelled out upwards of $500?

That's my point. People are complaining about no clutch support, but most of them wouldn't not have been able to utilize it anyway. Let's be real, only the hard core racing fan or rich people are going to spend $600 for something they can only use for a handful (or less) of games. The average gamer will not benefit from clutch support for this game.
Elwenil  +   101d ago
The G27 can be had for less than half of what some of you are claiming a wheel with a clutch can be bought for. No, it's not the best wheel available, but it does work well and is plenty for the average console racer.
shinrock  +   100d ago
So your preference should be a reason for palyers who like to use clutch and horns in their racing games to be ok with this? Ego much?
r2oB  +   100d ago
@ elwenil

I'm not sure it could be put in simpler terms. As the article stated, THERE IS ONLY ONE RACING WHEEL WITH A CLUTCH THAT IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE PS4. Guess what, it's not the G27. So your point of it being inexpensive is irrelevant since IT DOES NOT WORK WITH THE PS4.
FanboyKilla  +   100d ago
My home boi always talking about a clutch. Really, it is good for street racers. But i bet alot of you are like me who gives a flying one about a clutch. And a horn wtf. Beep beep lol
tommygunzII  +   100d ago
You really only use the clutch for stopping and taking off. Most racing gearboxes have dog-engage, straight cut gears and drivers will usually "straight shift" since there is no delay.

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The_Infected  +   101d ago
No clutch kinda sucks but no horn? Who cares lol
shinrock  +   100d ago
I do.
theXtReMe1  +   101d ago
Not good news for the hard core, though only one wheel will a clutch anyways... and that wheel is $500. Even more with the clutch at over $600. So, it would take the hard core to even notice it missing. Its good they put their resources into something else for the moment and can patch it at any time. I dont know of one person who ever used the horn, in any racing game. So, its understandable they left it out. Again, if there is a large request for it, they can always patch it in.

Cant wait for this game, the graphics look insane and if it is anything like Project Gotham Racing 1, Im going to be playing it for a long time to come. I just hope we get some cities thrown in to the mix, possibly mixed in with the countryside tracks weve seen.
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iamnsuperman  +   101d ago
They really should have clutch support at launch.
Death  +   101d ago
But did you see the realistic rain? ;)
iamnsuperman  +   101d ago
And that should also be available at launch
GTgamer  +   101d ago
Lmao Death always shows his true colors ;)
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Death  +   101d ago
The rain effects on Driveclub were hands down better looking than Horizons which looked out ofplace since they were static. Moving rain will add much more immersion. A working horn is always that button you accidently hit while checking out to see what each button does that you never hit again. As for a working clutch, that's kind of weird and I'm not sure what to make of it. In real life I prefer manual shifting. In games I need every competitive advantage I can get. I'm the a-hole running the Viper Competition Coupe against the stock FWD 4 cylinder cars.
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Oner  +   101d ago
Death ~ "I'm the a-hole running the Viper Competition Coupe against the stock FWD 4 cylinder cars."

Yeah...your description of yourself sounds about right.
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toddybad  +   101d ago
What racers do you imagine would use a clutch shift in real life?
Tempest317  +   101d ago
Ever heard of heel-toe shifting? That was developed for shifting in high performance situations...so at least someone uses a clutch. I've watched hundreds of youtube videos over the years of racers with a proper clutch. Just because most high performance cars today have paddles is hardly indicative of racing as a whole, where clutches have been used for decades
jukins  +   101d ago
is clutch support really that important for something thats not a full on sim?
UbiquitousClam  +   101d ago
Its just a weird decision, If there going through all the effort of allowing people to use proper racing wheels why would they not just allow clutch support.
InTheLab  +   101d ago
Dude...go to a bowling alley or anywhere that has arcades and look down at the floor of any of the racers there. There's almost always a clutch. Games from 2 decades ago have a clutch....
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jukins  +   101d ago
yea but in those type of games it just kinda feels like its there its not realistic just something else to do to "complicate" the process so you throw in more quarters. besides as the article said only 1 racing wheel supported has a clutch. At least there's hope for later support.
marlinfan10  +   101d ago
kinda wish there was clutch support but its not a big deal.
Bonkerz  +   101d ago
The horn i dont care, but 50 cars at launch, no customization, no clutch support, this game truly is launching half baked.
r2oB  +   101d ago
So clutch support is important to you? Please tell me how that's working out for you considering there is no racing wheel with clutch pedals for the xbox one.
Enmson  +   101d ago
Does it support the G27 Wheel? :(
shuuwai  +   101d ago
I hope so. and 900 deg turn too. =_=
CoTton_MoUtH  +   101d ago
No 60 fps, No manual trans option, Forza Comes with over 200 cars and i'm not saying all those are super cars but come on theres still that option. More and more D.C. Devs are shooting themselves in the foot in comparison to the other racing games on the market

Seems like a B+ or A- IMO This was 1 of the reasons I bought PS4 to begin with when it was announced as a bundle and its like there just throwing a racing sim out there just like KZ:SF
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Immorals  +   101d ago
It's an arcade racer, if you expected a sim, you're only going to be disappointed
MRMagoo123  +   101d ago
They have said from the get go its not a sim, people saying its a concern either didnt care enough in the first place to notice them say its not a sim a few times or are just pretending it matters to make it seem bad.
porkChop  +   101d ago
No, it's not a sim. But it is supposed to be a hybrid according to the devs. A hybrid needs to have features and aspects of both sides. However, aside from the realistic weather and graphics, there doesn't appear to be any real "sim" features for it to be considered a hybrid at all. Just seems to be an arcade racer, which would be absolutely fine just that it isn't what the game was said to be.
Cryptcuzz  +   101d ago
Why would anyone use/care for a Honda Civic or Ford Focus (no offense to anyone that drives those cars) when you can use the likes of Pagani Zonda's and Lambos, etc.

In real life I understand, MPG, cost of ownership, insurance, maintenance, etc. But in racing games (even on Gran Turismo, I can't wait to get out of the entry licenses and use more exotic cars that are faster/better.

"...and its like there just throwing a racing sim out there"

FYI, this game isn't a racing sim. It never was advertised as one to begin with.
CoTton_MoUtH  +   101d ago
Doesn't matter if a sim or arcade racer still doesn't take away from issue or lack there of the game has.
1nsomniac  +   101d ago
I hate it when racing games leave out clutch support!!

What the hell is the point! surely if you've already added pedal support you can take an extra 2 seconds to add a clutch option as well!!
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Jag-T1000  +   101d ago
Don't worry guys, just buy Forza 2 instead. I know you all are considering it now.
waltyftm  +   101d ago
Forza 2, retro horn action confirmed.
KinjoTakemura  +   101d ago
Who in the hell ever heard of a street racer using a horn or driving a super car on dirt roads or through fields?
bigbic  +   101d ago
photo realism vs cartoon, just because of clutch support?

We don't even know, Drive Club may get glowing reviews at launch like it did at this years e3. I can use a foot pedal to shift, no big deal to me.
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ginsunuva  +   101d ago
Forza 2 on sale for only $13:
LAWSON72  +   101d ago
By no clutch do they mean no manual shifting or just no clutch+shifting. If they mean no manual option I would not touch this game with a 10ft long pole. No manual shifting in a racing game = no buy. Tell me it is not important I do not care, ever since Forza 2 I require shifting to enjoy racing games
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marlinfan10  +   101d ago
they're only talking about using the clutch. manual should still be in it if I'm not mistaken. I'm the same way though, its not nearly as fun using automatic IMO
eferreira  +   101d ago
no clutch for steering wheels that have it
amnalehu  +   101d ago
No airbags either... deal breaker.
objdadon  +   101d ago
So far ps4 or xbox has yet to release a wheel with a clutch. I have a whole fanatec setup with everything and can't use it on next gen so this is not news! Stop bitching! I already made my mind up to play driveclub with the controller anyway. If I get forza horizon 2 I'll do the same. Those games aren't realistic for wheels. Only grand torismo and forza motorsport. Maybe project cars. Tell Microsoft and Sony to support the damn wheels!
Consoleslateagain  +   101d ago
This article will either end with 50 or 300 comments
MRMagoo123  +   101d ago
no way I am thinking 49 or 301 /s what the hell does that even mean ,what does it even have to do with the article? and who cares?
Spid3r6  +   101d ago
Of course it doesnt support clutch...All they are focusing is graphics nothing else.
Jamaicangmr  +   101d ago
So who expected these things? It's an arcade racer no need to have simulated clutch?

I just want my DFGT to work and i'm ok. I would hate to have to buy a new wheel.
porkChop  +   101d ago
It's not an arcade racer, it was originally said to be a hybrid.
Jamaicangmr  +   100d ago
I hear you but in all honesty for me it's either Sim or Arcade. I never really liked GRID for that reason because it never really seemed sure what it wanted to be.

For that reason i hope DriveClub is more arcade than sim.
ninjagoat  +   101d ago
For me Ive been looking forward to a real good arcade racer with realistic graphics. Actually can't think off many games that are Arcade racers that had Clutch support off the top of my head -_-.
creeping judas  +   101d ago
Does an aracade racer really need clutch support? I could see if this was a sim racer like GT7.
jay2  +   101d ago
I'd rather buy GT 6 or whatever number they're on now on PS4 than spend £50 on this joke, what I played in the london cafe dissapointed me.
windblowsagain  +   101d ago
When did you play it?

As for GT6, graphically it's worse then GT5, but has better physics.

But driveclub is an arcade game, I do wish ppl would understand this.
Haki1112  +   101d ago
At least they got melting ice and nice rain lol.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   101d ago
Oh damn im gutted I always use the clutch in every... oh wait what am I babbling on about I never use a clutch in a racing game. Next Article!
DirtyPimp  +   101d ago
im buying this game for the graphics because im a graphics whore. pure honesty.
WeAreLegion  +   101d ago
I still don't see the point in using the clutch or even manual, for that matter.
Haki1112  +   101d ago
Quite honestly having a clutch and manual trans I feel like I have better control over my car (in real life at least) than an automatic. Just because you don't see a point doesn't mean it should be lacking that like a basic feature along with the horns. I'm surprised the Sony camp is taking this well because this game was suppose the be THE RACING GAME THAT KILL ALL RACING GAMES according to them and before someone pops up and says this not racing sim nobody was saying that before they started cutting out features from the game..But at least you got that rain and ice.
AnEwGuY  +   101d ago
Wouldn't it be simpler for them to just announce the features that the game DOES have?
Haki1112  +   101d ago
they did nice rain and melting ice lmao
SpinalRemains138  +   101d ago
No clutch?

What kind of driving game doesn't support a clutch?

That's weak!
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QuickdrawMcgraw  +   101d ago
If there is anyone who likes to toot their own horn it's Xbox fanboys...I changed my car horn to gunshots...People get out of the way much faster now...Speaking of car horns...Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of Ford vehicles that are funny when you put anal in front of them...Like Anal Expedition or Anal Explorer...Also there is Anal Fiesta and Anal Escort...Good night...And God bless...
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mogwaii  +   101d ago
Seems odd not to have these features, lets hope its beat features isnt only the graphics.
Flames76  +   100d ago
Just keeps getting worse for this game.bargain bin game within a few moths

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