Battlefield 3 Map Recreated In CryEngine Is All Kinds Of Epic

"One of Battlefield 3's most popular maps has been remade in CryEngine 3."

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kingtroy1416d ago

Cryengine is the best hate to see it go.

Mariusmssj1416d ago

It's good for tech demos but that's about it.

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GundalfDeGrej1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Can't say I'm very impressed even though the content itself isn't badly done. I don't want to discredit the creator but I think he should have chosen a different map. Containers and boxes just aren't that interesting to look at.

Ninjatogo1416d ago

The materials were too clean and shiny. Without the lens flare(s) and the heavy image filters it looks just vaguely like it does in BF3.

Soldierone1416d ago

If the purpose was to showcase how the engine looked, then I would have chosen a different map. Or at the very least showcase the base up at the top that is in the forest area.

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