GTA 5: PS4, PC & Xbox One Release Date Potentially Leaked?

"A Danish retailer has posted a seemingly legit release date for GTA 5 on the PC."

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GarrusVakarian1198d ago

I really hope it isn't that far away from release.

MRMagoo1231198d ago

from what I have heard at eb they think october

GusBricker1198d ago

Of course, not like there isn't anything else coming out in October. Jeez!


Eonjay1198d ago

Of course I don't know but that is interesting given the insinuation that there was some kind of deal between Sony and Rockstar ala GTAV PS3 bundle. If it falls the same day as Halo MCC (obviously on the Xbox One as well) then that would be a decent competitive console match-up.

If I were playing chess against Sony, I would drop a Halo Xbox bundle to counter. I would price it at $349 to offset the price of purchasing GTA V along with the Halo bundle and sell that.

Then I would partner with GameStop offer GTAV for 49.99 when you purchase the 350 bundle. Can Sony counter that?

BiggCMan1198d ago

You care wayyyy too much about that man.

Eonjay1198d ago

LOL guilty. I love to strategize. I think you are witnessing my desire for a good RPG stat to keep myself busy.

extermin8or1198d ago

Factor your missing is just how much money are you likely to lose by doing this and would shareholders etc be angry or would the understand the cause.

sungam3d1198d ago

Oh boy.
Here we go again.

All aboard the rumor train!

wls10121198d ago

I'am ready to ride the Red Dead rumor train.

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The story is too old to be commented.