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Submitted by halocursed 577d ago | rumor

GTA 5: PS4, PC & Xbox One Release Date Potentially Leaked?

"A Danish retailer has posted a seemingly legit release date for GTA 5 on the PC." (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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Steven3657  +   577d ago
Still some time away
GarrusVakarian  +   577d ago
I really hope it isn't that far away from release.
MRMagoo123  +   577d ago
from what I have heard at eb they think october
GusBricker  +   576d ago
Of course, not like there isn't anything else coming out in October. Jeez!

Eonjay  +   577d ago
Of course I don't know but that is interesting given the insinuation that there was some kind of deal between Sony and Rockstar ala GTAV PS3 bundle. If it falls the same day as Halo MCC (obviously on the Xbox One as well) then that would be a decent competitive console match-up.

If I were playing chess against Sony, I would drop a Halo Xbox bundle to counter. I would price it at $349 to offset the price of purchasing GTA V along with the Halo bundle and sell that.

Then I would partner with GameStop offer GTAV for 49.99 when you purchase the 350 bundle. Can Sony counter that?
BiggCMan  +   577d ago
You care wayyyy too much about that man.
Eonjay  +   577d ago
LOL guilty. I love to strategize. I think you are witnessing my desire for a good RPG stat to keep myself busy.
extermin8or  +   576d ago
Factor your missing is just how much money are you likely to lose by doing this and would shareholders etc be angry or would the understand the cause.
sungam3d  +   577d ago
Oh boy.
Here we go again.

All aboard the rumor train!
wls1012  +   576d ago
I'am ready to ride the Red Dead rumor train.
--bienio--  +   576d ago
Ok for me, still got time for upgrade my
Pc and black friday sales is not far away:) just after sales I will be ready for Gta5!!;)
RAAMzilla  +   576d ago
Well, just as I clicked this link, I scrolled down a little on My Facebook newsfeed and Xbox UK have just put up a post about an Autumn release. So it's likely to fall in the late September/early October area, hopefully.

To be honest, seeing as the game initially released Sept. 17th last year, they may as well release the remastered versions on the same date, as a celebratory anniversary or whatever.
wannabe gamer  +   576d ago
i want!
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Hardcore_gamerxbox  +   576d ago
If they want to release iit same date as halo master chief collection they won't sell many copy on Xbox one most of Xbox one owner will buy halo
assdan  +   576d ago
These "leaks" are almost always wrong. It's funny. There were several posts for the potential release date of the xbox one because retailers "accidentally posted the true release date." I decided to go with the one potential date (a tuesday or a friday) that they had not yet picked. I guessed the right date by doing this.
Brooklynbully718  +   575d ago
Very bad releasing this game the same time as other good games release, bad enough a lot of people own it on the 3 , the sooner the better
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