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Submitted by gundamtanaka 582d ago | opinion piece

Watch Dogs Isn’t as Unique as Ubisoft Wants You to Believe

GeekParty writes: "When I decided to pick up Watch Dogs, I was fairly sure it was going to be a home run. I’d been following the game since its unveiling way back at E3 2012, and my excitement only grew as its release date grew closer. When it was finally released, I did the responsible thing — because I’m wicked responsible — and waited four days before giving in and buying it." (PS3, PS4, Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

logan_izer10  +   582d ago
This guy nailed it right on the head. Watch Dogs literally just ripped code from other UBI games and make a frankenstein. Splinter Cell shooting and cover mechanics, throw in some Assassins Creed parkour and free running, and Driver San Francisco mechanics and BAM! You have Watch Dogs
JBSleek  +   582d ago
People are really critical of this game but I don't know why. They say hype but that's really the fault of the media and gamers themselves.
cyclindk  +   582d ago
I think Ubi is guilty of a pretty good bit of hype on this one, otherwise I would tend to agree with you.

This game is fun, but nothing special at all and even falls short in many "standard" game areas. Just a shadow of the triple "A" game it could have been.
Douchebag696  +   582d ago
In many ways I felt it was too similar to GTA. Was just boring.
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porkChop  +   582d ago
The game isn't bad, but essentially it's just GTA's open world gameplay mixed with Assassin's Creed's bell tower synchronizing, and Splinter Cell's cover mechanics. AC, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs all play very much the same way with the same overall structure. It's very samey feeling. This game felt very pieced-together and didn't feel very coherent at all. It's a good start for the franchise though, and the sequel should improve a lot on the issues. But Ubisoft really needs to move away from this overall structure that they're using for all their games.

I will say though that Watch Dogs managed to do something no other open world game has successfully managed yet- the game world actually feels alive and the civilians felt much more real.
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Douchebag696  +   582d ago
Agreed. It did feel like a real place. That was one thing that really didn't jump out at me but now that you mention it, I couldn't agree more. The other thing about this game is vehicle control. Maybe it's just me but I always feel that the vehicles are harder to control than they should be. Although, the motorcycle was a lot of fun.
Gore-Content  +   582d ago
No sh't, Sherlock. Everyone with a brain who's played this game knows that besides the hacking there isn't much else going on that makes it unique.
Immorals  +   582d ago
Been playing all day.. The story hasn't grabbed me but I'm enjoying the gang hideouts, and the digital trip 'alone' is pretty awesome, a bit creepy too!
realdeal  +   582d ago
When i found out this game was being developed by ubisoft i refused to buy it. They have an excellent marketing team cause they hype their product to the heavens and the end result is s#!t.
Summons75  +   582d ago
The hacking IS unique (right now) and the people in the world don't feel like robots like a lot of open world games. The thing that makes Watch Dogs a great game is that it's FUN, you know what games should be instead of being super anal about every little detail....
jagermaster619  +   582d ago
It's almost like an expansion for gta4 but without plains it was a decent game but lacked everything it promised for me I have learned my lesson on preordering a game thanks to ubisoft so ya that's my opinion and everyone is untitled to there's I give it a 6 out of 10....💩
SH1ELD  +   581d ago
I think Ubisoft will become the next Capcom in this gen.

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