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Next Week on US PSN: July 15, 2014

If you’ve been lucky enough to snag a Destiny beta code, the fun will start on Thursday, July 17, but you do have to head over here and select your console and region to make sure you get a PSN code on time.
- PSLS (Abyss Odyssey, Battlefield 4, Crimsonland, Destiny, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

sanosukegtr123  +   506d ago
Give us something good.
GamingSinceThe80s  +   506d ago
Luck has nothing to do with getting a Destiny beta code.All you have to do is put $5 down on it and you get a code whether you end up buying it or canceling it and getting your $5 back.Thats why I have XBO and PS4 codes just to see the difference between the two.I even have an extra code from when I reserved the $100 L.E for PS4 yesterday.
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leogets  +   504d ago
Id love that extra code bro ✊💦
GamingSinceThe80s  +   503d ago

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