Is Forza Horizon 2 Geared For The Competition?

"Is Turn 10 ready for competition from promising titles like DriveClub and Project CARS? HecG gives his thoughts on Forza Horizon 2" -Play Legit

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Axios21445d ago

Looks great, and it's not on rails.

Magicite1445d ago

The Crew looks more promising.

bacrec11444d ago

I need to see more from The Crew.

RichardDawkins1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

It not being on rails... How does that make it geared for the competition?

RichardDawkins1444d ago

6 disagrees and no response?? Butt hurt at it's finest.

mhunterjr1445d ago

Of course they are ready for the competition. Where else are folks going to get their open world, real time weather having, socially oriented, drivatar powered racing fix? This game has way too much amazing content to be ignored.

mcstorm1444d ago

I agree I have always liked the Forza game but Horizon for me was tone best racing game I played last gen in terms of how long and how often I want back to it. Horizon 2 looks to build on that and this along with Halo collection are the two games I'm most excited about on the Xbox one this year.

daBUSHwhaka1444d ago

Spot on.Best forza game last gen.Nice to get away from the track racing.

MeliMel1444d ago

Oh man I hope this game turns out great. The first one was awesome.

MysticStrummer1444d ago

The competition is offering different experiences. As always it will depend on what each gamer wants. From what I've seen The Crew appears to be the most comparable title to FH2, but it has it's differences also.

It's like looking at Arma, Battlefield, and Call of Duty. The most rabid shooter fans will play and love them all, but each will also attract it's own particular fans.

Batt1eRatt1e1444d ago

FH2 is gonna blow DC out of the water

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