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League of Legends LCS 2014 European Summer Week8 Day1 + EUCS Summer 2

LCS Preview Show – 1:00:00
Roccat vs SK Gaming – Picks/Bans – 1:42:20
Copenhagen Wolves vs Gambit – Picks/Bans – 2:55:27
Supa Hot Crew vs Fnatic – Picks/Bans – 3:55:40
Millenium vs Alliance – Picks/Bans – 4:50:54
H2K Gaming vs GG Call Nash – Game 1 – Picks/Bans – 6:05:36
H2K Gaming vs GG Call Nash – Game 2 – Picks/Bans – 6:52:16 (League of Legends, PC)

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Stevefantisy  +   171d ago
So awesome that you post these.
ROQFrost  +   171d ago
Come on Roccat!
Magnus701  +   171d ago
Not as good as DOTA
JoeIsMad  +   171d ago
Not NEARLY as good.
il-JumperMT  +   169d ago
Sorry I cannot hear you over 10mil+ prize pool DOTA2 Interational Tournament 2014

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