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Why does Watch_Dogs run so Badly on the New Consoles?

"At the beginning of this year, very shortly before Watch_Dogs was released, Ubisoft announced that the game will run at 30FPS in 900p on Playstation 4 and at 30FPS in 792p on Xbox One.

Not to mention that the game was downgraded from the planned quality." - GamersPost (PC, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox One)

KDaniel  +   203d ago
Hmm, interesting, I haven't seen that coming. AC Unity will be well-optimized. Cuz it would be a disappointment if not.
DoomeDx  +   203d ago
"AC Unity will be well-optimized. Cuz it would be a disappointment if not."

That makes zero sense lol
ShinMaster  +   203d ago
Watch Dogs wasn't that bad on PS4 for me. Frame rate was steady. Resolution could've been better I guess.
My friend was having more issues on his PC with an AMD card for some reason.
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ZodTheRipper  +   203d ago
It definately ran acceptable on PS4, many PC's had more issues with it.
Sevir  +   202d ago
I thought the PC and the last gen versions ran poorly because they weren't properly optimized?

The PS4 version had pretty steady. and I didn't experience any game breaking bugs or nasty screen tearing issues
MonstaTruk  +   203d ago
Because Ubisoft has a track record of making highly-optimized games on their respective platforms... :-/
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TekoIie  +   202d ago
Only decent one I can think of is Far Cry 3. That was a good port but then you have games like AC3... I'll leave it at that.
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mysteryraz11  +   203d ago
because it was a cross gen game and ubisoft lie about stuff
GamersPost  +   203d ago
I have to disagree, Ubisoft has not lied one time before, and they are not able to say that "we have decreased the graphics quality" because people used to be very arrogant about these tings in the past.
The team had to release the game, for sure they could waste another 2 years, but that would have been just for optimization.
EDIT: I am sure that they won't disappoint us anytime soon.
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mysteryraz11  +   203d ago
it doesnt even look next gen, now if it was ps4 x1 and pc only it would have looked and ran alot better,infamous ss is open world is 1080p and lots far better then it, I dont really care though I dont got the game
TheWackyMan  +   203d ago
"Ubisoft has not lied one time before" uh sir I think you need to reconsider everything about this comment.
Volkama  +   202d ago
@TheWackyMan: No, not everything about the statement. In fact only 3 words of it really need to be chopped.

"Ubisoft . has lied .. before".
Alex_Boro  +   203d ago
There are cross gen games that run well. Watch Dogs was just poorly optimized due to the possibility of the lack of effort from the developer or because of the brand new engine watch dogs had.
Dirkster_Dude  +   203d ago
Watch Dogs is crap for a lot more reasons than just how it runs. The characters are one-dimensional, the story is flat, and the game play even when it works right is not that fun.
elhebbo16  +   203d ago
Its also a hog on PC, and there are other (better looking) games that run much better.
JsonHenry  +   203d ago
Because it was made primarily for older consoles and the X86 platforms (X1, PS4, PC) were all given the shaft.
user5669510  +   203d ago
From what I been hearing on this site only the PC version was bad. I wonder why ;-)
Th4Freak  +   203d ago
I'd love to know who's the source, because even though i'm pro AMD this seems like bs to me, if what this guy says was true, PC's running this game with Nvidia video cards would look like the 2012 trailer and thats not the case.

Gaming "journalism" people, you gotta love it.
Spotie  +   203d ago
You know there's no need for a source in gaming journalism.
GamersPost  +   202d ago

This is not "gaming journalism" and the main source is Robert Hallock.
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LordMe  +   203d ago
Cross gen, the old systems do not use x86. So it makes them a completely different style to optimize, thus wasting team resources.

I don't expect AC:Unity to be 60fps on consoles (no AC game has been iirc) so I don't see that changing now. But as long as its a steady 30fps then I am fine.

EDIT: Watch_Dogs shudders on a high end PC, so it is more of a general optimization issue then anything else.
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CloudRap  +   203d ago
Because they focused all their resources on providing lame jokes for Aisha Tyler
DaBeatSpecialist  +   203d ago
Jrmy84  +   202d ago
Here's a bubble for that one, ROMFFL:-)
josephayal  +   203d ago
WD was built for PS3 and 360, IMHO Watch Dogs is not a next gen Game
cyclindk  +   203d ago
Agreed, not at all. At first i thot they spent the time getting the last gen versions up to snuff, but it really seems like it was the other way around now, and the current gen versions were on the back burner, at least certainly not the forefront of development.
ape007  +   203d ago
it's badly optimized, even the PC version stutters and only look like 5%-10% better than ps4 version on max setting

anyways other than that, the game is very solid, im surprised by it, this is the best non gta city i've seen, all other open gta copies have the same generic/bland world, these devs are good, im seeing good future for the title
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sprinterboy  +   203d ago
We the gamer would have kicked off if they delayed again, that's why they released it. Tbh though incident have many problems apart from frame drop when level 5 police chases
swishersweets20031  +   203d ago
i laugh at all the lemmings that bought into the hype machine. if your going to blame someone.. blame yourselves.
MonstaTruk  +   203d ago

THIS, sooooo much...lol
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Aquariusgamer  +   203d ago
watch dogs runs badly on consoles? It runs perfectly fine on my ps4. I haven't had a single issue. Should the game be 1080p? Well yes, but 900p still looked perfectly fine to me, and 30fps is the standard for consoles.

Anyway, I had fun with the game, and it pretty much never had technical issues for me.
firefly69  +   203d ago
The game is boring,every thing about WD is average at best,Ubisoft hyped this game and lots of gamers fall for it !Somepeople give too much credit to Ubisoft and they dont deserve half of it!WD was made to be a cash grab,more than a game that was going to show what the new consoles can achieve fact .
Ghost_Nappa  +   203d ago
Solid 30fps. Runs fine, just not fun.
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TomahawkX  +   203d ago
It bugs me that this game sold a crap load on hype alone. AAA marketing = AAA sales. I'm glad I didn't buy it and never will, GTAV Next-gen for me thanks.
LamerTamer  +   203d ago
Because the new consoles have slow CPUs and low end GPUs. They have the advantage of being fixed hardware to be optimized but that only gets you so far. I would have thought at least they could do 1080p on the PS4.
Sokol  +   203d ago
Runs bad on new consoles? I have absolutely no issues with my PS4 copy.

Enjoy the games and stop worrying about resolution and frame rates.

There are more important aspects in life to lose sleep over. :)
urwifeminder  +   203d ago
Shame DX 12 was not ready may have had more options to tweak textures and lighting, tessalation changes on dx11 were amazing hopefully its a lot more efficient now
Dustinf11  +   203d ago
I love watch dogs.. gamers are too hard to please. Seriously all they do is whine. This isnt your world, and you dont have to play games... find a hobby that makes you less b*tchy. Dislike all you want, it'll just prove my point.
Slick81  +   202d ago
And yet 8 mil. Sold,damn
HumanatPlay  +   202d ago
I hate many things about watch dogs but how it ran on my PS4 isn't one of them.
j0ncap125  +   202d ago
Same reason why Vista ran like shit on top of the line hardware when it was first released. Poor optimization.

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