Why does Watch_Dogs run so Badly on the New Consoles?

"At the beginning of this year, very shortly before Watch_Dogs was released, Ubisoft announced that the game will run at 30FPS in 900p on Playstation 4 and at 30FPS in 792p on Xbox One.

Not to mention that the game was downgraded from the planned quality." - GamersPost

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KDaniel1415d ago

Hmm, interesting, I haven't seen that coming. AC Unity will be well-optimized. Cuz it would be a disappointment if not.

DoomeDx1415d ago

"AC Unity will be well-optimized. Cuz it would be a disappointment if not."

That makes zero sense lol

ShinMaster1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Watch Dogs wasn't that bad on PS4 for me. Frame rate was steady. Resolution could've been better I guess.
My friend was having more issues on his PC with an AMD card for some reason.

ZodTheRipper1415d ago

It definately ran acceptable on PS4, many PC's had more issues with it.

Sevir1415d ago

I thought the PC and the last gen versions ran poorly because they weren't properly optimized?

The PS4 version had pretty steady. and I didn't experience any game breaking bugs or nasty screen tearing issues

MonstaTruk1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Because Ubisoft has a track record of making highly-optimized games on their respective platforms... :-/

TekoIie1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Only decent one I can think of is Far Cry 3. That was a good port but then you have games like AC3... I'll leave it at that.

mysteryraz111415d ago

because it was a cross gen game and ubisoft lie about stuff

GamersPost1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I have to disagree, Ubisoft has not lied one time before, and they are not able to say that "we have decreased the graphics quality" because people used to be very arrogant about these tings in the past.
The team had to release the game, for sure they could waste another 2 years, but that would have been just for optimization.
EDIT: I am sure that they won't disappoint us anytime soon.

mysteryraz111415d ago

it doesnt even look next gen, now if it was ps4 x1 and pc only it would have looked and ran alot better,infamous ss is open world is 1080p and lots far better then it, I dont really care though I dont got the game

TheWackyMan1415d ago

"Ubisoft has not lied one time before" uh sir I think you need to reconsider everything about this comment.

Volkama1415d ago

@TheWackyMan: No, not everything about the statement. In fact only 3 words of it really need to be chopped.

"Ubisoft . has lied .. before".

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Alex_Boro1415d ago

There are cross gen games that run well. Watch Dogs was just poorly optimized due to the possibility of the lack of effort from the developer or because of the brand new engine watch dogs had.

Dirkster_Dude1415d ago

Watch Dogs is crap for a lot more reasons than just how it runs. The characters are one-dimensional, the story is flat, and the game play even when it works right is not that fun.

elhebbo161415d ago

Its also a hog on PC, and there are other (better looking) games that run much better.

JsonHenry1415d ago

Because it was made primarily for older consoles and the X86 platforms (X1, PS4, PC) were all given the shaft.

user56695101415d ago

From what I been hearing on this site only the PC version was bad. I wonder why ;-)

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