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Submitted by SwiffEpics 579d ago | podcast

The Co-op Podcast #81: Should Companies Try Harder To Secure 3rd Party Exclusive Titles?

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: Welcome back to The Co-op podcast. This week Jakejames Lugo, Richard Bailey Jr. Charles Singletary and I are joined once again by Austin Conway and Michael A. Our main discussion, which turned out to be a debate, was based on hardware manufacturers such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo securing exclusives from 3rd party publishers.

Should these companies try harder to secure games like Titanfall, Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid and keep them exclusive? Does going exclusive with an I.P mean the game will be better? Be sure to add your thoughts to our intense discussion. (Industry, PS4, Xbox One)

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rbailey  +   579d ago
If anyone needs to try harder, it's Microsoft. I think Sony has more than enough exclusives already and truth be told they will always have more until Microsoft decides to actually invest in the Xbox One more. Now of course I'm not saying that every Sony exclusive is great, but I am saying that they have a diverse lineup that can cater to several type of people. Microsoft needs to instill the exact same philosophy into their own titles now to keep things interesting.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   579d ago
Sony does have more than enough 1st party studios to not even have too bother with 3rd party exclusives, which is why I can't understand why they invested so much in destiny when that money could go to Santa Monica, naughty dog or gorilla games instead for advertising or something...
kreate  +   579d ago
I think console manufacturers should create their own games instead of throwing money around.

use that money to make games instead of making a game thats already in development to be exclusive to ur platform.
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SolidDuck  +   579d ago
Whatever money they would spend on a 3rd party exclusive I would rather seen be put twards developing a new ip. With that said there are some awesome 3rd party exclusives I'm looking forward to. Mainly quantum break, and bloodborne. But again those games would be just as exciting if they were multiplatform, and that money to make them exclusive meant that Sony and Ms each had another internal exclusive they were working on.
otherZinc  +   579d ago
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