PS4's Easy Architecture Allowed Drifter To Be Ported In A Matter of Days

Prior to the PlayStation 4 launch, there were talks on how the new system will be easier to code for and how developers can program ports with less effort.

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NerdBurglars1348d ago

i think this applies to all consoles this gen. they are just PCs with the same hardware

XiNarutoUzumaki1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

PS4 isn't a PC. It is the Future, and the future is PS4.

annus1347d ago

If the future requires a downgrade in res, fps, and graphics then sure.

jaseo1347d ago

definitely easier than the PS3! PS4 is really developer friendly at all levels.

Clover9041347d ago

Lol, right! Cannot wait for Drifter and Metrico to drop on Vita :)

Tetsujin1347d ago

Says in the article before the end of the year, however wasn't specific on PC and PS4/Vita or just one platform.

pyramidshead1347d ago

That Cerny magic paying back in spades since launch.

miyamoto1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

That Cerny Magic is called "The Cerny Method" or simply "The Method".

This "magic" is exclusive to many PlayStation exclusives specially the ones made by Mark Cerny and the world's top developer, Naughty Dog.
Games like Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, and Uncharted then carries on to The Last of Us.
This "magic" is something I find missing on many games and other platforms like PC, Xbox, Nintendo no matter how powerful the specs are, no matter how high their production budget are.

You just feel this "magic" and no words can describe it.